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Promotional Stuffed Animals

Few people can resist the cuddly cuteness of stuffed animals. From aardvarks to zebras, there's just something about little plush toys that makes them endearing to young children, older adults and everyone in-between.

Promotional Stuffed Animals Types and Styles

Promo stuffed animals are wonderful to use to get your business' name and logo out into the world. They have a very high perceived value yet are relatively inexpensive, especially if you buy them in bulk.

Promotional Stuffed Animals Key Terms

Promotional stuffed animals are usually the promotion of choice for child-related businesses and organizations, but people of all ages love stuffed animals. Have you ever considered making your two dimensional drawing of a mascot into a three dimensional custom-made stuffed toy? Bean bag stuffed animals can be a smaller, more cost-effective choice.

Stuffed Animals: Games & Toys Promotional Products | Promo ...

It's a dog's day! This plush promotional product can bring your business to life and provide a memorable connection to your company or brand. Benjamin.

Promotional Soft Toys | Custom Stuffed Animals | Logo Teddy Bears ...

163 products ... Promotional stuffed animals are soft toys that win the heart of an audience. Custom stuffed animal toys are ideal for quiet play or as a team mascot.

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Custom Stuffed Animals & Bean Bag Promo Stuffed Animals | ePromos

1-20 of 66. Promotional Plush Bear Custom Stuffed Animal - 8 ... Available Colors : Promotional Wild Bunch Promotional Plush Animals - Lion with Logo.

Promotional Plush Animals | Custom Stuffed Animals | ePromos

Get promotional plush animals personalized or embroidered by ePromos. We can make custom stuffed animals for a great corporate gift or a marketing ...

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Promotional stuffed Animals are well known as the cute little plush chotchkies crowding our desk. Today however, they are ubiquitous due to mass production ...

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Promotional products supplier of stuffed animals with outfits and accessories, plush novelties, games and toys.

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Put a smile on their face with Custom Stuffed Animals, toys, Bears at Garrett Specialties. Your source for clip on animals, promotional items and stuffed animals.

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The premier source for  Promo Plush  product purchases. Â.

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Shop Custom Stuffed Animals with your Logo at Free Samples & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Call 877-272-6337 today!

Pricing and Costs of Promotional Stuffed Animals

Custom stuffed animals are a great way to promote a business, especially if that business caters to moms or children. Stuffed animals with logos make great giveaways at many types of promotional events, from trade shows to conferences. Promo plush toys come in a variety of sizes, shapes and characters. You will also find you have a lot of flexibility to customize logos on plush toys.

The pricing and costs of promotional stuffed animals will all depend on the type of animal you choose and how you want the logo imprinted. Customizable options for corporate plush toys and logos include:

1. The size of the animal.

2. The species of animal you want to promote your brand.

3. The promotional plush's clothing, where your logo will be printed.

Determine the best size for your promotional stuffed toys

The size of promotional stuffed animals has the biggest effect on cost. Sizes range from a 3-inch mini-plush to giant 8-foot tall animals. The smallest promotions only cost about $3 to $7 per animal, while larger promotions can cost $15 or more per unit.

Pick a species of corporate stuffed animals for promotions

The type of animal you want to represent your brand is another factor to consider. Teddy bears are the most popular promotional plush, but many others are available, including cows, giraffes, monkeys, birds and dogs. You should carefully consider the type of animal you use, so you don't choose one that portrays your company in a negative light. Prices vary slightly depending on the species of animal, and teddy bears are often the cheapest. You can find bears as low as $4 for an 8-inch plush.

Choose the type of clothing your promo stuffed animals wear

Most manufacturers of outfit promotional plush animals with some type of clothing and print company logos on that. Promotional plush fashions include t-shirts, scarves, handkerchiefs and even hats. While size determines the price of the promotional toy, adding a larger space for the logo will often add $1 or $2 to the price.