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Research on Privately-Held Companies Basics

Finding information about any company can be tricky at times, but it's even harder to research privately held companies. This is because, unlike publicly-held companies, privately held corporations aren't required to divulge their business information or file with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Research on Privately-Held Companies Education and Training

Get research on privately held companies education and training to maximize search results and establish yourself professionally as someone who can dig out details. Learn different programs and other resources that assist you in your research.

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Mar 20, 2014 ... Unless they willingly provide annual reports or information, or are the subjects of news articles, research on private companies will be ...

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Jan 10, 2013 ... Consequently, researching private companies often requires considerable creativity. After exhausting some of the more basic directories like ...

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Apr 17, 2014 ... In researching a company, first determine if the ownership is publicly held or a private company. Researching private companies is more ...

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Company Research. ... Researching Private Companies: How to Find Information About Private Companies, Washington Researchers, 2002 HD2771 .H695

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This Guide is designed to help researchers and activists gather essential information on any type of U.S.-based company, whether small or large, privately held ...

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Mar 19, 2014 ... A private company is a company that is not traded on any stock exchange. Private companies as a general rule do not have to file any ...

Research on PrivatelyHeld Companies Companies:

Finding information about any company can be tricky at times, but it's even harder to research privately held companies. This is because, unlike publicly-held ...

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... LIFO Tax under IFRS. 7. Other IFRS-GAAP Issues Important for Private Companies ... About the Author and Financial Executives Research Foundation, Inc. 20 ...

Research on Privately-Held Companies

If your company has a product or service to sell, you must be able to quickly and efficiently locate information on privately held companies, which will point you to the most likely prospects for your goods and services. Among other things, this will help you build viable mail and call lists. So in addition to finding out who your prospects are, you'll also need to locate valuable, yet often well-guarded, financial and contact information for those prospects.

While privately held companies are often quite secretive about their business information, there are ways to penetrate the corporate "wall of silence." Private company research can be done in various ways. Yet the greatest boon to researching the privately held company has been the advent of the Internet, which places all the information you need right at your fingertips. Some places you'll find information on privately held companies online include:

1. Company websites

2. Online business directories

3. News sites

4. Online trade or professional journals

5. Online business journals

6. Websites specifically intended to help you research privately held companies

Use reference sites that offer information on privately held companies

Some of these websites offer information only for companies within a particular industry, while others take a more comprehensive approach, providing research on privately held companies in a broad range of industries.

Visit how-to sites that take you step by step through the company research process

Some websites will lead you through the entire process of finding information on privately held companies, providing links to many different resources that you can use in your research.

Try sites that aren't aimed specifically at business to business research

Many individuals have reason to research privately held companies. Two examples are job seekers and investors. So, be sure to take advantage of the private business research information you may glean from these sites, as well as those aimed at business-based researchers.

Check websites that provide data on the largest privately held companies for comparative info

Many websites rank the top 5,000, 500, or 50 privately held corporations or companies. These sites provide info that can help put things in perspective for you as you seek information on the medium or small privately held businesses you need to research.
  • When you research privately held companies, be sure to use a number of different online resources. Doing so will help you build the most comprehensive informational profile for the business.