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Quickly find resources on publicly-traded companies. Browse companies offering information on public companies. Identify firms offering public business research services to find profiles of publicly traded corporations.

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Research on Publicly-Traded Companies

When doing research on a publicly-traded corporation, check various sources to get a complete profile. The Internet is full of good and bad information on public companies, so be sure to know the reliable sources.

Making the Most of Research on Publicly-Traded Companies

Deciding to invest in publicly traded companies is a decision which takes a considerable amount of research. Some investors read only basic information about the company.

Research on Publicly-Traded Companies Basics

Taking the time to compile thorough research on publicly traded companies involves gathering numerous records. Every aspect of a company, including its practices, corporate composition and financial habits, plays a part in its success or downfall. | Researching Public Companies Through EDGAR: A ...

Jul 18, 2007 ... The SEC's EDGAR database provides free public access to corporate information , allowing you to quickly research a company's financial ... | Company Search Page

Search for the company's official name rather than its common name. Company Name ... How to Research Public Companies Learn how to quickly research a ...

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Using EDGAR - Researching Public Companies |

The system allows you to research a company's activities, registration ... Analysis and Retrieval) database provides free public access to corporate information.

List of Publicly Traded Companies -

The Stock List is a comprehensive collection of publicly- traded companies with links to company homepages, and research information via ...

Public Company Research - Library of Congress

Jan 10, 2013 ... The directions below are geared to finding information on US public companies, foreign company research is treated as it's own topic later in ...

List of Public Companies Worldwide, Letter - Businessweek ...

Browse the Public Company Directory with over 33000 companies worldwide. Find a list of private companies by business name, industry & location.

The Top 20 Small Public Companies In America - Forbes

Oct 19, 2011 ... Then there are the 100 impressive outfits on Forbes' annual ranking of America's best small public companies. The list features firms with ...

Hoovers | Company Information | Industry Information | Lists

Search the world's largest database of company and industry information. ... new markets and conduct successful sales calls; Industry Research Subscriptions

Morningstar Document Research: SEC filings

Morningstar Document Research streamlines public company research by providing navigation tools for its global and SEC filings database. Users can choose ...

Research on Publicly-Traded Companies Key Terms

All investors, whether individuals or businesses, should do research on publicly-traded companies before buying stock. Research on publicly-traded companies can come from a number of reliable resources, including the company itself, the federal government and a host of independent financial organizations. A research report on a publicly-traded company will take time to compile, but will give investors a clear picture of the stability or volatility of any publicly-traded company.

Publicly-traded company

A publicly-traded company offers shares of common stock to the public. Investors are able to purchase these shares; the buying and selling process is completed in organized exchanges. Publicly-traded companies are also regulated by the SEC.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

The Securities and Exchange Commission is the federal regulatory agency for all securities and stock exchanges. Since a publicly-traded company provides shares on exchanges, the SEC regulates these companies.
Securities and Exchange Commission website. The commission provides annual reports, IPOs and registration statements for these companies.

Annual report

An annual report is a statement prepared by a company to share information with customers, shareholders and the general public about the financial status of the company, future projects and information on management. A more detailed annual report is filed with the SEC.

Company ownership

Company ownership refers to the actual owners of a company. Many smaller companies are owned by larger companies, so this information is valuable when compiling research on a publicly-traded company.

Earning estimates

Earning estimates are the monthly or quarterly estimates of a company's profit. They are based on the average of the highest and lowest estimates from analysts.

Stock performance

Stock performance is the information provided by the daily trading price of a stock. Stock performance can be tracked over a specific period for research purposes.

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