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Sales Rebates

Sales rebates increase sales -- if the rebate is simple for the customer to participate in.  Designed to entice customers to buy either a certain product or to buy a product while frequenting a specific store, rebates are a powerful selling incentive, especially when sales and rebates are combined.

Making the Most of Sales Forecasting

Sales projecting can be broken down into a marketing science for many professionals. With new software products and sales forecasting techniques constantly being developed, you have to keep up with the vast amounts of information to make sure you're utilizing every advantage to increase sales.

Sales Forecasting Key Terms

Sales forecasting provides a statistical method for you to determine the probability of your sales. Whether you want to establish your bottom line, or you want to determine your average monthly sales, you can use sales forecasting.

Sales Negotiation Strategies and Techniques

You don't have to be a born salesperson to excel in the sales arena. By developing your negotiating skills, you can improve your ability to close more and better deals.

Sales Strategy | The U.S. Small Business Administration |

If your business involves selling a product, you are probably looking for ways to improve sales. A sales strategy will focus your efforts on your most important ...

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The Most Effective Sales Strategy is a Great Message | Corporate ...

This article explains why the most effective sales strategy is a great message - and offers three keys for successful sales strategies.

10 Easy Sales Strategies for Small Companies -

Dec 14, 2011 ... Selling for a small firm is harder than selling for a large one. Your customer may never have heard of your firm, there's probably not much sales ...

5 Keys to Successful Sales Strategies - Small Business Trends

Nov 21, 2011 ... Sales requires a strategy, a process, a way to proceed that you can measure and monitor. Sales is something you have to commit to on an ...

What Is Sales Strategy? |

A sales strategy consists of a plan that positions a company's brand or product to gain a competitive advantage. Successful strategies help the sales force focus ...

Sales Strategies, Process, Tactics, Management and More

Sales strategies and selling techniques that can benefit anyone in sales, plus tips for sales managers. How to sell effectively, whether you are working for ...

Five Things Top Sales Leaders Do Differently -- and What You Can ...

Feb 6, 2013 ... Lisa Earle McLeod's research shows five ways top sales leaders think differently. Why are ... What are your top strategies for sales success?

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies

2 days ago ... Get fresh sales strategies from Jill Konrath. Discover how to crack into new accounts, speed up sales and win more business.

Business Guide to Sales Strategies Solutions

In a competitive business environment, every business organization needs to have clear and focused sales strategies in order to survive the market challenges. Sales and marketing constitute the backbone of any business. Even the best product may not succeed in the market, unless it is backed up by a well-defined marketing strategy to promote it. Customers are inundated with a wide choice of products and services in almost every business segment. Therefore, it becomes critical to catch the attention of the customers and connect with them through an effective sales and marketing campaign.


Marketing solutions for each business will be different, and will largely depend on the nature of the business and the characteristics of the target market. The sales strategy must be tailored according to needs of the business in order to achieve its desired goals. This strategy involves successful communication of the message of the business to the customers and clear product positioning and brand identification. Effective sales strategy solutions that help to devise and implement a strategy include market research tools, sales planning tools and software, and hiring professional sales consulting services.



Comprehensive Sales Approach

Sales strategies enable a business to develop a comprehensive sales solution from scratch. Depending on the turnover goals of the business, the solution can help to estimate the sales and marketing budget for a given period.


Sales Budget Allocation

Advanced solutions assist the sales managers to evaluate how much of the sales budget must be allocated to different sales channels. These solutions can include allocation for both the traditional media channels and online media, depending on the needs of the business.


Time Saving

Automated software solutions can make the strategizing and implementation process highly efficient. Time is of the essence in most sales strategies, and automated solutions can help to meet product launch and media publicity deadlines.


Cost-effectiveness and Accuracy


Automated solutions are typically more cost-effective and usually produce more accurate market projections and data analysis. Both primary and secondary market research can be made easier, faster, and more reliable with the help of professional solutions such as marketing consultancy and custom sales planning software tools.



Legal and Regulatory Issues

Many times, sales strategies are standardized in order to reach a wider market at a low cost. However, they may not be tailored according to the local regulatory and legal requirements of different products and services in different markets. This can cause difficulties for the business, unless care is taken to make changes to the solution according to the local laws in a specific market for a specific product or service.


Technical Issues

Automatic sales solutions may sometimes face technical issues that may take time to be resolved. This can cause loss of crucial time for the sales team during a sensitive product promotion period. Some solution providers may fail to offer adequate service back-up to address these technical snags promptly. These challenges must be anticipated by the business as far as possible and back-up solutions must be put in place.


Interactions with Other Products

If a company sells multiple products and services, a sales solution may not necessarily accommodate specific issues, unless it is a customized solution. This may lead to cross-competition among different products or services offered by the company.


Length of the Implementation Cycle

Many products and services are seasonal and may require implementation of the sales strategies within a fixed timeframe. If the solution is designed to achieve the sales goals over a longer timeframe, it may not be of much use to the specific needs of the business.



Type of Solution

Sales strategy solution products may vary in cost, depending on whether the solution is standardized or customized, and how complex and detailed the solution may be. The choice of a solution must be made in accordance with the scale of the business, the estimated sales revenues, and the potential effectiveness of the sales solution.


Return on Investment

The return on investment must be reasonable and should be able to justify the expenditure made on a particular solution. If the solution may be utilized repeatedly over a period of time, or across product lines and market territories, a higher investment in the solution may be justified.


A business must be able to understand the significance of sales strategies solutions in a complex and dynamic market environment. It is worthwhile to make the best possible effort in choosing the right solution. An appropriate sales strategy is critical to the long-term success and survival of any business. Great products need great sales planning and strategizing in order to dominate the markets and reach out to the maximum number of customers at the lowest possible cost. This goal becomes more feasible when the right type of sales and marketing solutions are available to the business.