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As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search ...

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization? - Search Engine Land

Also well worth checking out is Moz's “Beginner's Guide To SEO,” which you'll find here, and the SEO Success Pyramid from Small Business Search Marketing.

SEO Marketing 6 Things to Understand |

Sep 19, 2012 ... In the world of online marketing, misinformation abounds--and it gets ... some of the myths you need to move beyond to get smarter about SEO.

Mainstreethost: Affordable SEO & Search Engine Marketing ...

Get your website found and start converting traffic into business! Mainstreethost specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), paid search marketing, website  ...

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Cardinal Web Solutions

Cardinal is dedicated to growing businesses online through search marketing strategies. We provide SEO, SEM, Social Media, and Web Design services.
Geek Powered Studios

Austin & San Antonio internet marketing firm that works exclusively with only one client per industry/area.
Search Factory

Search Factory is a leading SEO agency, located in Brisbane, Australia.
Riverbed Marketing

A Vancouver SEO company dedicated to driving client results through high level SEO, natural link building, inbound marketing strategies, & PPC.
Houston SEO

Industry-leading Houston SEO marketing and website promotion services for greater Houston & surrounding areas; making businesses more money online.
BusinessCreator-Local Search Marketing and Lead Generation

You know how local companies are always looking for new customers? We have solved this problem. Call us today at 1-855-943-8736 and find out how.
Kymodo SEO

Grow your business like never before with powerful Brisbane SEO strategies at Kymodo.
Search Engine Optimization Inc

SEO Inc. is an all-inclusive online digital agency with a focus on SEO Marketing, PPC Management website development, and social media.
LAD Solutions

A Professional SEO Company from Los Angeles. Serving Nationwide, we specialize in PPC Management, Social Media Marketing & Web Design / Development.
Colorado SEO

Providing SEO services in Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder.
Shout Agency

Shout Agency is a premium digital marketing agency that is passionately driven to perform. We don't make noise about what we do, we just deliver.
Search Marketing Group

Innovative search marketing solutions from our UK based team. Google Certified Partner.
Emarketz India Pvt Ltd

India's best digital marketing agency with expertise in website optimization and search marketing
Seo Services Experts

Search engine optimization company focusing on getting higher rankings for clients. Full service Internet Marketing company based in Fort Lauderdale.

Provides rankings of the leading local SEO companies in the U.S.
Orange County SEO Company

Orange County SEO Company with a range of internet marketing services including social media marketing and paid search marketing campaign management.
Orange County SEO

Orange County SEO Company with affordable search engine optimization services for Orange County small businesses. Website design and optimization.
Reload Media

Stop searching! You've found Australia's leading SEO, PPC & Social Media strategists. Call 1300 714 146 for a custom digital solution!

Business Guide to Selecting the Right SEO Marketing Service

The Internet revolution has had a major impact on the way business is conducted. Most businesses are compelled to consider the power of online marketing and online exposure through Internet search engines. This has led to the development of innovative internet marketing techniques with an aim to maximize exposure of the business online. Search Engine Optimization involves legitimate ways to promote a Web site so that it achieves top page rankings with a leading search engine such as Google.

SEO techniques are particularly useful for small and medium businesses that cannot afford traditional electronic and print media advertising to promote their business. However, SEO can be a highly technical area requiring the services of a specialist firm. The SEO firm must understand all aspects of search engine technologies and must be equipped to exploit the power of search engines to the client’s benefit. SEO is a dynamic and continually emerging field because search engine technologies continue to evolve to make an Internet user’s search more relevant and refined. Choosing the right SEO marketing service can be critical to the success of the online marketing strategy of a business.


Low-Cost Marketing

Search Engine Optimization can be the cheapest form of marketing for a business. The primary cost involved in an SEO campaign is the fee or commission charged by the SEO specialist firm for its services. SEO campaigns usually do not rely on paid online advertising, but aim at promoting the client’s Web site by making it a favorite of the search engines. This effectively means that an SEO campaign can achieve high online exposure for the business at a very low cost in comparison to conventional methods of business marketing and promotion.  

Targeted Exposure

An experienced SEO firm will focus the entire online marketing strategy on driving targeted traffic to the client’s Web site. Merely achieving high traffic that is irrelevant to the company’s business does not serve the purpose of a professional SEO campaign. The business needs localized exposure so that potential customers of the business actually visit the company’s Web site. Smart SEO marketing firms understand this need of the business, and use appropriate keyword and content strategies to enhance the company’s targeted exposure.

Global Reach

A Nielson survey found that top-ranking search links are clicked by 42 percent of all people searching for a particular keyword. A professional SEO marketer will develop an SEO strategy that focuses on the local audience, but at the same time achieves global exposure for the Web site. The Internet provides immense power to a business to reach out to potential customers in any part of the world at a negligible cost. This power can be harnessed by hiring an experienced SEO consultancy service with proven capabilities.

Long-Term Benefits

It is important to choose the right SEO service to promote a business because of the long-term impact of such an online campaign. Once a Web site achieves high page ranks with leading search engines, it can continue to maintain that privileged position for a long period of time. As long as the SEO service firm continues to provide backup services to update the Web site and offers continued technical assistance, the business can reap the benefits of an SEO campaign for a very long time.


Lack of Technical Prowess

SEO marketing is a complex and highly technical field. Many SEO service firms claim to have an in-depth understanding of SEO, but in reality they fail to deliver the promised results. An inexperienced SEO marketer is not likely to achieve any significant promotion benefits for the company’s business.

Inaccurate Information

One of the major pitfalls of SEO campaigns is that SEO professionals have no intimate knowledge about the company’s business. Many times such professionals develop content that is full of inaccuracies. The company may unintentionally mislead its customers and other people if there is no strict supervision of the online content developed by the SEO service firm.

Search Engine Vigilance

Search engines such as Google are conscious of the fact that many SEO marketing service companies try to misuse the technology by resorting to tactics that may mislead the online searchers who depend on the search engine for information. Search engines continue to identify and downgrade such Web sites that are involved in undesirable SEO tactics to promote their business.

Longer Time Cycle

SEO campaigns are usually not designed to produce instant marketing results for a business. Sometimes, the company may be in urgent need to promote a product or service, and an SEO campaign may not serve the purpose in such a situation. In this case, the company may have to resort to more conventional advertising and promotion methods.


The cost of an SEO marketing campaign will depend upon the complexity and scale of the campaign. A comprehensive campaign may take a longer time to develop and the SEO service firm may have to use a number of technical experts to implement the SEO strategy. The cost of such a campaign may be substantial, and the SEO firm may charge a fixed fee for its services, or a percentage of the total amount spent on the campaign.

Search Engine Optimization is here to stay, and the sooner a business realizes its importance, the better its chances are to exploit this opportunity. A large number of people use the Internet to find out relevant information about almost anything. SEO marketing allows a business to reach out to potential customers who are already predisposed towards buying the company’s products or services.

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