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Providers of outbound telemarketing services and business telemarketing lists. Research telemarketing companies offering telemarketing sales services and other telephone marketing solutions for businesses.

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Making the Most of Telemarketing

Some businesses may find that their telemarketing results are lackluster. While it's true that telemarketing may send your company into new regions of profits, you have to know how to use it to its potential.

Working with Telemarketing

Many people may find the word "telemarketing" off-putting. In reality, telemarketing is a vital part of any business and can do more than just convince prospects to purchase a product.

Telemarketing Lists Laws and Regulations

The rules and regulations surrounding telemarketing directories have changed drastically in recent years, forcing small businesses that rely on buying telemarketing leads for most of their sales to rethink marketing plans completely. Cold calling a telemarketing list is not what it used to be, but telemarketing can still be effective if it is done in the right way.

Telemarketing Key Terms

Telemarketing is a business that provides a way to reach new customers by telephone. While some companies have moved away from telemarketing and into Internet marketing in order to reach out to more potential customers, there are still many businesses that use telemarketing as their main source of customer leads.

Telemarketing Lists Key Terms

Telemarketing lists help you make the most of your call center or sales team by providing you with the phone numbers and names of people you can contact. However, telemarketing lists vary widely in quality.

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Building Sales with Telemarketing

Many small business owners are surprised to discover that telemarketing encompasses more than just cold calling. In fact, telemarketing takes advantage of both inbound and outbound calls. Inbound telemarketing occurs every time existing or potential customers call your company, on your regular or toll-free lines.

Outbound telemarketing takes place when your company calls a prospect or existing customer. Small companies can use telemarketing in the following ways:

  1. To gather customer information
  2. To introduce new products or services
  3. To make a sale
  4. To complete a current transaction
  5. To add an incremental component to the sale

Evaluate the potential for telemarketing

Telemarketing isn't for every company or every customer. Before embarking on a telemarketing program, consider what you wish to accomplish and if your customer base is receptive to this marketing tool.

Follow the rules

Respect the Do-Not-Call Registries. Not honoring them can be costly, with fines up to $11,000.
National Do-Not-Call Registry and similar programs within your specific state.

Cross-sell and up-sell

Use the telemarketing customer encounter as an opportunity to both cross-sell (sell complementary products or services) and up-sell (sell a higher-level product or service).

Get script savvy

Most marketing experts recommend using scripts, but only when the telemarketer delivers the script with a natural voice and cadence. Encourage your telemarketers to learn about your products and services so it doesn't sound like they're simply reading from your script.

Hire the right telemarketers

Not everyone is cut out for a telemarketing gig. Finding the right people for the job can make all the difference in whether your efforts succeed or fall flat.

Obtain telemarketing lists

Use your existing customer database to create a telemarketing target list. You can also purchase names and numbers or cull names from a phone directory or other publicly available list.
  • For many customers, their only contact with your company is through telemarketing. For them, your telemarketer is your company. Make sure the image your telemarketers are portraying fits with your company image.
  • Telemarketing isn't all about the numbers; it's also about building customer relationships.
  • Telemarketing can be done from your office, from a call center or from someone's home, also called homesourcing.
  • Respect customers and their time.
  • Respect the word "no."

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