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Animation and Visual Effects Organizations

If you own a company in the animation or visual effects industry, you would do well to partner with an animation and visual effects to strengthen your business expertise and credibility. Industry organizations bring together professionals with similar goals and challenges.

Music Video Production Key Terms

It's important for filmmakers as well as pre- and post-production crew to understand music video production key terms to make communications on film sets productive and clear. Time is money so knowing these terms will save valuable time and money during production of music videos.

Film Production Companies in the United States Key Terms

Nearly all of the films made today are done so by film production companies in the United States, from big-budget major motion picture blockbusters to indie experimental films made on a shoestring budget. No matter the kind of film production your business needs help with, there will be the right production company to fulfill those needs.

Video Production Equipment Education and Training

There are many resources for learning the art and technology surrounding video production supplies. Since the technology changes constantly, it is essential that you get up-to-date video production equipment education and training.

Documentary and Nonfiction Film Production Companies

Documentary and nonfiction film production companies can translate your take on the real world, making it appealing to viewers. A documentary production company can help ensure that your cinema project lives up to professional standards and finds an audience worthy of its message.

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Film Production Equipment and Supplies

You have a story you want to tell on film, but how do you know what film equipment you actually need to tell it? Savvy Hollywood producers make sure that their film's budget is "on the screen" and not gobbled up by cast and crew perks or by unnecessary film production equipment. The novice filmmaker sometimes rents expensive camera rigging or pays for effects that may not be that important to telling the story.

Film Camera and Lens Equipment

Movie film camera equipment has been around since the late 1800s. Capturing motion on a fluid roll of tape at 24 or 30 frames per second instead of a fast series of stopped motion photos was a great catalyst for the movie industry.

Film Production Companies in the United States

If you're looking for film production companies in America to produce your film, don’t be surprised if you find them in your city. You can find many film production companies in the United States.

Film Production Companies in California

Are you in the market for film production companies in California? You’ve finished the script and now you're ready to start filming. Your next step is to look for that California film production company so the crew can start on your project.

Online Films

Advanced technology has made it possible for anyone with Internet access to watch films online. All it takes is a high-speed connection and a little knowledge of where to find an online movie.

Educational TV Distributors and Wholesalers

Educational television distribution is one of the final steps in launching an educational production. You need to know where to find distributors and wholesalers for your video creations.

Supplies for Film Camera and Lens Equipment

Filming camera equipment goes beyond just the cameras, lenses and film alone. Tripods, lighting and storage equipment are essential for any type of professional photography.

Diversion TV

An action sports video rental website that can deliver full screen, DVD quality video over the internet. BMX, Skateboarding, Surfing, and Motocross.
Myriad Media

Raleigh-Durham Video Production Company. Founded in 1993. Clients include IBM, BASF, Cisco & more.

Video Production

One of the best ways for a company to spread a message, promote a product or increase its number of sales is to market the information or product availability to a larger audience. Your method of presenting the information can greatly affect the way people respond to it, though. For example, a brightly colored flyer might catch someone’s eye and lead to a single sale, whereas a funny commercial can go viral and greatly increase interest in your business. For this reason, you may want to consider video production services when incorporating additional means of advertising. An understanding of how these services can affect your business and bottom line will help you decide if it’s the right method for your company.


Video production can benefit companies that use it as well as people who are interested in the video industry.

Create Interest

Television production companies can cast, film, edit, and distribute advertising materials. The commercials are also aired at specific times and on certain channels to reach your target demographic. You can advertise special deals, celebrity endorsements, and showcase your best product. These bit spots allow your business to generate a new consumer base and create community interest.

Online Awareness

One of the most important components to a solid marketing campaign within today’s market is an online presence. Creating a website is important, though what you elect to place on the site can make the difference between regular viewership and passive clicking. Adding video to an online business page can increase the amount of profile views, clicks, and calls by viewers. Production companies can write, produce, and direct quality content, which is perfect for an online homepage. Because most web pages also include advertising, this online content will create added passive revenue. Video production can increase the amount of time your visitors spend on the site, which increases the likelihood that the customer will click ads on the page.

Higher Salary

The United States Bureau of Labor concluded that the salary of employees within the film and print industry fluctuates. Variables include education, past working experience, the project type and length, and union affiliation. General workers within the film and print industry averaged around $627 per week in 2008. All industries combined only add up to $608, making motion picture and video industries a viable career opportunity.

Young Workforce

Emerging industries can foreshadow the future economy. According to the United States Bureau of Labor, there were 361,900 positions available in 2008 for motion picture and video production. Over half of these positions were held by workers under the age of 35. A total of 13% of these positions were held by people ages 16 to 20 years old. Progress in these industries by a younger generation will lead to larger profits and more job availability in the future.


Production Time

Videos take time to film and edit. If there are technical difficulties during filming or if specific things need to be re-filmed, the deadline is further extended. Actual distribution of the final product can also require more work and additional manpower.


Videotaping is considerably more expensive than taking photographs or presenting information through displays or paper. Depending on the quality of the film you seek, film costs can be very expensive. Higher quality films have a higher budget. Unexpected things can also happen during filming, which can increase costs or destroy the budget. Small businesses usually cannot afford the expense of large filming crews and high-quality productions. If filming is done on a small budget, it can look unprofessional and do more harm than good for promotions.

Privacy Issues

With the many issues concerning privacy and identity theft, you need to make sure that people are aware of the video when are taping them. Failure to do so could result in legal action taken against your company. When you tape someone, you should get them to sign a release form allowing you to use their video in the manner that you have described to them. Some sites that you would like to film may require a release, and other locations may not allow filming at all. Arrangements should be made ahead of time to avoid privacy problems.

Technical Problems

Video equipment usually comes with its own set of problems. The equipment can break down. Filming crews can drop the equipment. Equipment can stop working or video storage can run out of room. Operators can also forget to turn the camera on, which results in the loss of long periods of production. Technical issues can also set back production schedules and cause missed deadlines. This, in turn, can cost the company money.


Video production costs vary greatly depending on the type of service. Despite the cost, creating videos for the web as a way to advertise a business or service is an effective way to reach clients. Businesses can purchase video production services for as low as $650.


Borrell & Associates research reflects that over 40% of consumers watch online videos at least once a week, and over 70% of all consumers watch videos online each month. This means that advertising to consumers through online videos can have a significant impact on marketing and customer relations.

Online Video Spending

According to Borrell & Associates, out of all of the money put into online advertising, 1/3 of the spending goes to online videos. Local video ad revenues are expected to pass $1.5 billion by the end of 2012.


Video production services can benefit both small and large businesses by helping them reach a larger audience and connect with their target demographic. While these services can carry some risks as well as high costs, most of the potential pitfalls can be avoided with thorough planning and budgeting. Obtaining services from a reputable company also helps you avoid snags in the process. By weighing the benefits and drawbacks of video production, you can make an informed decision on your company’s advertising methods. Continuing to use other forms of advertising, such as print ads and radio commercials, in addition to videos will give your company a well-rounded marketing approach.