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Providers of video walls and related products used in meetings, events and conferences.

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Rent Video Wall Displays | AV Event Solutions

Video wall rental now available from AV Event Solutions. Rent seamless lcd video wall displays for corporate events, meetings, trade shows and conventions.

Rent Video Wall Displays | SmartSource Rentals

Rent video wall displays from SmartSource a national leader in seamless led video rental for corporate events, meetings, trade shows and conventions. Request ...

Video wall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Screens specifically designed for use in video walls usually have narrow bezels in ... the nearby observer enough resolution to read about upcoming events.

Clarity Matrix | Planar

Planar's Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System is the world's leading ... power supply module provides continuous operation even in the event of a power failure.

Seamless Video Walls | Video Wall Display | Video Wall Systems ...

Seamless video walls: An ideal solution for a Superior Image Quality display in any trade show, theatre presentation or event. Contact AV Dimensions for ...

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Video Walls | Christie - Visual Display Solutions

Christie provides purpose-built video wall display solutions for a variety of command and control environments. ... Live Events · Media · Medical Innovations.


Digicast can assemble high-tech, seamless video walls of any size. These walls go far beyond the possibilities offered by run-of-the-mill event solutions.

Video Walls Unplugged | Digital Signage Expo

Feb 11, 2014 ... "Video Walls Unplugged," like its European counterpart in May 2013, is a thought -provoking event, highly technical in nature, full of quick-fire ...

LED Video Walls for Rental and Staging - Euro Display

These LED Video Walls are used by Audio-Video Rentals companies, for service and staging purposes during event and shows of any kind (eg. concerts, ...

iPad video wall rentals | MeetingTomorrow

Nationwide iPad video wall display rentals for trade shows, conferences, & events. Delivery, setup and full-service support. Call 1-877-633-8866. We're the ...

the interactive marketing event toolkit: multi-touch video walls

Mar 3, 2014 ... Because like many of the events you've attended recently, nothing ... They are excitedly changing the pictures on a multi-touch video wall, ...

Mobile LED Video Walls | LED Screen Rentals - Indoor / Outdoor ...

LED video screen rentals for indoor and outdoor events. Whether you call them Jumbotrons, LED Walls, LED Screens or video walls Video Roadshow can ...

Video Walls for Events

A video wall consists of large screens pushed together. Video walls often make use of one projector mounted behind each screen or a number of projection modules mounted together. Businesses commonly use information video walls to project presentations for meetings, although they can also be very effective advertising mediums or to provide concert or sporting event attendees with a front-row seat view from any venue vantage point. event

LCD video walls and LED video walls are both great for reaching many customers, since their relative size makes images clear across distances. If you want to buy video walls or rent them, consider:

1. The environment in which you plan to use the walls;

2. How many people need to see your message;

3. Whether you want to run one wall to wall video or show several images concurrently.

You may need a digital video wall processor if you want to display more than one picture concurrently from your PC or CCTV generated files. Another option you need to consider for your video wall rental or purchase is size. Video walls for events come in several basic sizes –- 2 x 2 through 5 x 5 –- or are customizable.

Use LED video walls for daytime events

If you need video walls for events in the daylight or for events where you plan to use smoke or lasers, LED video walls are your best choice. LED video walls are very bright and project light instead of reflecting it, so they do not look faded in bright sunlight or when used with spotlights, smoke, or other special effects at an event. An LED video wall rental is ideal for an outside show, a concert, or a sporting event.

Acquire an LCD video wall for meetings, trade shows and conferences

When you cannot mount a very thick monitor in the space available, an LCD video wall -- which is often 6" in total depth, including a wall mount -- is ideal. LCD video walls are great for meetings, trade shows, and conferences, where bulky equipment is impractical.

Buy or rent a large DLP video wall for marketing

A DLP video wall offers a cube or TV style screen that is about 36" to 44". Best of all, a DLP video wall can make use of multiple panels for your big-picture needs and the space between panels is just 3/16" on many models. A DLP video wall is an excellent choice for marketing and advertising, since the large format allows more potential customers to see your ad.
  • Keep in mind that most video walls are meant to capture a giant image or video stream and, therefore, these products are less about resolution than image size. A few manufacturers now make HDTV giant screens, but so far only the largest companies are able to customize these products.
  • When planning what to put on a video wall, select your marketing message carefully and do not choose any ads that require a high resolution to be effective.