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A Checklist Protecting Your Business

Download Tyco's latest white paper: "A Checklist Protecting Your Business" to learn more about business protection and where to begin in this process.

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Security Tools Can Help Your Business in Unexpected Ways

Download Tyco's latest white paper: " Security Tools Can Help Your Business in Unexpected Ways" to learn more about the opportunities of creating a competitive advantage as a result of your security system.

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Oversee your business from almost anywhere with ADT's video surveillance and loss control solutions. Learn about ADT's business security systems.

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Guardian Alarm's first accounts back in 1930 were Detroit businesses. ... Our security systems consist of only the most effective, top of the line equipment and ...

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Your business deserves quality protection from a potential threat. Find out how Protection 1 business security systems can be the best option for your company.

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Business Security Systems and Solutions for Your Needs. You work hard to make your business succeed, it's your livelihood, so it's crucial to protect it against ...

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CPI Security provides the most advanced business security systems offering CCTV, Access Control, Wireless Video Surveillance, and DVR Solutions. Call today!

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Business Security Systems | Bay Alarm

Business security systems. Providing commercial solutions to keep your products and employees safe and protected. Learn more about our security solutions.

Tyco Integrated Security: Business Security Systems & Security ...

Tyco Integrated Security is the leader in business security, with a passion to protect business and to advance the security industry. And, we are Sharper.

Business Alarm System | Office Alarm System | Commercial Alarm

Choose alarm systems for your business with help from BrickHouse Security. We guarantee the best service in business surveillance. Click here to shop.

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Jul 30, 2012 ... Protect Your Assets: A Buying Guide to Office Security Systems ... frequently about cybersecurity, discussing how to protect your business's data ...

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Honeywell Commercial Security Systems brings you comprehensive security solutions for your business.

Business Security Solutions | ADS Security

Protect your Business with Wireless Security, Fire Alarm, Video Surveillance, and Managed Access Control Systems. Call 1.800.448.5852 for a free business ...

Northern Group Locksmith

Available for service 24/7, Northern Group Locksmith is the most reputed emergency locksmith and security company operating in Toronto & the GTA.

Business Security Systems Business Guide: Video Surveillance, Access Control and Alarm Systems

Security has become an integral part of business, not only in protecting assets, such as computers and information, but personnel as well. Business security systems, such as video surveillance and alarm systems, have been used for decades, but with the advent of the Internet, security systems have reached a whole new level of ease of access.


For example, a company may use video surveillance to keep an eye on the entrance of the building or inside a warehouse, and employees can access the feed anywhere in the world using a computer and a secure access code or password. Access control mechanisms, such as key cards and even fingerprint or retinal scanners, make sure only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information and devices.




A business security system can save a company thousands of dollars or more in lost revenue by stopping and deterring criminal intent of theft, destruction, and even violence. There are many benefits of maintaining security measures.


Loss Prevention


Computer hardware, machinery, and warehouse goods can be sold for a considerable amount of money. Thieves looking for companies to steal from often look at the existing security system and then determine if it is worth their time and effort. The more extensive the security measures, the less likely they will try to break into a company. No company owner wants to think that his or her employees are dipping into the cash register or stealing products from a warehouse, but the truth is that employee theft happens. Video surveillance can also deter customers and employees from stealing or catch them in the act. The sound of an alarm is often enough to scare off most burglars.


Item Recovery


Business security systems keep a record of who enters and leaves a particular area. If something is broken or stolen, examining the video footage can provide possible identification of the perpetrator or, at least, a description. Police can also examine computer records to see exactly whose key card was used to open a specific door and when. This can lead them directly to the perpetrator and can significantly increase the chance of recovering the stolen property.




When shopping for insurance on a building, the business security system is a major factor in determining risk. A building with little security and with high income goods, such as computers, is of considerable risk for theft, and the company may have to pay larger premiums for insurance or be penalized with a lower insurance cap. The opposite is true of a building that has an extensive security system, as there is less risk of theft.


Peace of Mind


The world is not always a friendly place, and workplace violence is a concern for many employers and employees. Business security systems, such as metal detectors and alarms, give employees peace of mind knowing that if anyone wants to try to sneak in a weapon or attempt violence, precautions are in place to possibly discover the weapon used and ensure police are notified quickly if violence occurs. Employees that feel safe are more productive and happy in the workplace.




While security systems are important for a business, they cannot replace the senses and intuition of the employees. Large security systems can lead to some pitfalls.




A sense of automated security may cause employees to lower their guard, believing that the cameras and other security systems catch everything before it happens. They may miss important social and environmental cues, such as erratic employee behavior, that could help tip off security of a possible incident. It can also lead to overconfidence, making them an inviting target for thieves.




The more security systems that a company uses, the greater the risk for major malfunctions. The cost of repairing or replacing security equipment can be extensive and may lead to some systems not being repaired quickly, thus creating a potential hole in security. Also, malfunctioning security equipment can make it difficult for law enforcers to access important files and images for investigation.




The variety of business security systems is so extensive that the cost varies greatly depending on the types of security used. A basic surveillance camera setup can cost less than $500 for a single camera watching an entrance to a store or building. Security systems such as retinal and fingerprint scanners, electronic and magnetic locks, and multiple cameras and a security force can cost more than $100,000, taking into account the salaries of any security personnel.


There is no doubt that business security systems are a necessary part of any company, but the extent of the security depends on what needs to be protected and the budget of the company. Many can be safe with only a small amount of security, but sensitive information and equipment requires more elaborate systems.

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