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Directory of key card manufacturers and suppliers. Review listings links to providers of bulk key cards and electronic locks. Key card access is standard in the hotel and lodging industry.

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Key Cards Basics

Hotels are the most common users of key cards. However, more and more businesses that use multiple supply keys are choosing key cards to help their company run more effectively.

Supplies for Key Cards

Supplies of key cards are the items required to program the cards, unlock doors and protect the actual key cards. Key card manufacturers design the magnetic strips on the cards to be used in many different systems.

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There are several popular type of keycards in use including the mechanical holecard, bar code, magnetic stripe, Wiegand wire embedded cards, smart card ...

PLI - Products - Hotel Keycards

As the world's largest manufacturer of hotel keycards, PLI works with the top names in hospitality to provide guaranteed quality keycards at manufacturer- direct ...

PLI. The World's leading source for custom branded plastic key ...

PLI is the nation's largest plastic key card manufacturer of branded hotel Key cards, gift cards, Loyalty cards and membership cards.

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Guest Access - Your Source for Key Cards and Hotel Cards

Key cards are 100% guaranteed and compatible with all magnetic stripe guestroom locking systems. Stock key cards ship within one working day. Custom key ...

SAFLOK - Keycards & Credentials

Jun 1, 2012 ... Magnetic Stripe (Magstripe) keycards are the credential most commonly used in hotels today. Magstripe cards are available in low & high ... Hotel Key Card Identity Theft

Are hotel room keycards encoded with personal information?

Hotel Key Cards

America's largest hotel key cards manufacturer, hotel key cards printing for many large hotels and corporations. We manufacture key cards that work with all ...

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2015 Greater Grand Rapids KeyCard Discount Card & Coupon ... Unlimited Use Card Discounts Celebration Cinema $140 in ... Fundraising - Sell KeyCards.

It's Just the Key to Your Room | Computerworld

For example, last fall, an IT director at a travel club in Wyomissing, Pa., told Computerworld that he had found personal information on magnetic hotel key cards ...

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Find great deals on eBay for Hotel Key Card in Collectible Casino Hotel Room Keys. Shop with confidence.

Key Cards

Hotel keys have gone the way of rotary telephones, luggage stickers and luggage trunks—vintage collectibles. Taking their place are magnetic key cards, which let visitors gain entry into hotel rooms. Key cards have become commonplace in the lodging industry. Many other businesses and industries use security key cards to limit access to company buildings or to certain areas within company buildings. Key cards provide several benefits over traditional keys including:
  1. Cost effectiveness: Key card systems eliminate the need for re-keying locks when a guest or an employee has taken off with or lost a key.
  2. Security: In the hotel industry, security key cards are not marked with room numbers.
  3. Limiting Access: Security key cards can be used by companies that want to prevent non-employees from entering the premises or that want to restrict admittance to specific areas.
  4. Marketing opportunities: Advertising key cards enable you to print information on your key cards to promote your brand or advertise services.

Hotel key cards

Hotel key cards have a magnetic strip on the back that is programmed each time a guest checks in. Magnetic key cards work only on the guest's room lock and only for the duration of their stay.

Key card systems go green

Some manufacturers are offering key cards made using green manufacturing practices or key cards made from recycled or biodegradable materials.

Special event key cards

Hotels often partner with special events and conventions to offer custom printed key cards that commemorate the event. Sporting events and conventions can also use custom printed magnetic key cards in place of paper tickets.

Advertising key cards

Restaurants and businesses can partner with nearby hotels to offer co-op advertising on key cards.

Locks that work with key cards

Before you invest in key cards, figure out which key card locks to purchase. Most key card locks come with their own controllers, programmers and software that enable you to program the magnetic key cards.

Security key cards keep your business secure

Key card systems limit access to your establishment and eliminate the need to change the locks if an employee loses a key, resigns or is terminated. Security key cards come in magnetic stripe or proximity varieties. Magnetic stripe key cards are swiped through a card reader. Proximity key cards are waved in front of a key card reader.
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  • Make sure you get the right thickness for your key cards to fit in your key card locks. Most key cards come in 20 mil, 24 mil, 29 mil and 30 mil thickness.
  • Before you choose a provider for magnetic key cards, you'll need to make sure that they make magnetic key cards that can be programmed for your key card locks.
  • Hotels can offer customized key cards as an additional benefit to groups and events that use their space.

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