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Directory of security equipment and surveillance products, including security cameras for business and industrial security surveillance systems. Find links to companies offering design and installation of surveillance equipment.

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Using Surveillance Equipment

Whether you take advantage of vendors of surveillance cameras or you craft your own do it yourself surveillance equipment, you can easily set up video surveillance for your business interior or exterior premises. Security cameras for business can be purchased for inside and outside use, but knowing about such topics as employee rights, where to position cameras, how to archive files, etc.

Surveillance Equipment Key Terms

Surveillance equipment consists of cameras, software, audio transmitters, systems, videos and more, with varying degrees of sophistication, convenience and expense. These items are valuable for protecting your business, inventory, customers and employees.

Surveillance Cameras - Surveillance Equipment - Home Security ...

Surveillance Cameras - Surveillance Equipment - Home Security & Video Surveillance - Electrical at The Home Depot.

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Find outdoor and indoor security cameras, motion cameras and night vision cameras ... Surveillance Camera Type; Indoor Cameras (69); Outdoor Cameras ( 60) ...

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Buy Surveillance Equipment : Electronics products such as Night Owl Security Products 100' Camera Video and Power Extension Cable at a great price.

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Results 1 - 24 of 47999 ... Online shopping for Electronics from a great selection of Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Simulated Cameras, ...

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Swann, the world's no.1 in DIY video surveillance. Check out our range of home surveillance cameras and security cameras. We have outdoor and wifi cameras ...

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Electronics | Home Security & Surveillance | Security Camera Systems.

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Surveillance & Security. Surveillance Systems & Monitors; Internet surveillance cameras; Cameras; Security Systems. Video Recorders; Personal Safety ...

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home security cameras easy-to-install, connect and monitor your home over the Internet. Top home surveillance camera solutions.

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Tech CCTV: Security Cameras, Security DVR, CCTV DVR

Tech CCTV is a leading supplier of security cameras, security recorders, surveillance camera systems, CCTV DVR, security DVR, security NVR, IP Camera.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can be a business owner's best friend. They allow you to keep an eye on your premises when you can't be there and help you know exactly what's happening. With the advent of today's digital security camera systems, which record directly to Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), they capture higher quality images and no longer require you to swap tapes in VCRs. Some recording systems even show you surveillance camera video from the Web or from other PCs in your office. But as you can imagine, a good security camera system isn't cheap. To compute your return on investment, you need to understand the three primary uses of surveillance camera systems:
  1. Crime deterrent – Whether it's the break-and-enter robber, or the cashier who might want to swipe a $20 from the change drawer, just the presence of a security camera can keep people more honest.
  2. Crime investigation – How often does your memory fail you in remembering details? Many businesses have CCTV security camera systems to obtain actual footage of a crime and a time stamp, making your case more prosecutable in court
  3. Business tool – Increasingly, the surveillance camera isn't being used solely against criminals. Retailers watch how shoppers move through their stores; new software can even count customers by analyzing video. Your security cameras can be a business profit driver, too.
So let's talk technology to get you started. There are basically five types of security cameras:

Traditional fixed security camera

The less expensive option. These security cameras are "fixed" on one area and can be fitted with different lenses for a wide angle of view, an up-close-and-personal shot, or anything in between. Newer surveillance camera models record in full color and in higher resolution. Many security cam models are available, including day/night outdoor security cameras that can automatically adjust to the amount of light available. Some security cameras are known as bullet cameras, owing to their shape and low profile.

Dome security camera

A favorite, because the domes 1) can protect the security camera equipment from vandalism and 2) don't let your perpetrators know exactly which way the security camera is pointed. The basic dome surveillance camera is fixed and hidden inside a smoke-colored dome. Look up to the ceiling in any Wal-Mart, and you'll understand how popular this security cam can be.

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) security cameras

Typically housed inside domes, the surveillance camera can rotate about inside. Most PTZ security cameras are used as secondary security cameras and are controlled by your security staff, enabling them to move the security cam and zoom in on incidents of interest, but they can be set on a "patrol" to automatically follow a set path. Expect more cost for PTZ security cameras, plus the additional cost of the control systems and personnel to operate the security cam.

Infrared security cameras

These security cameras are for specialty applications, such as watching an area in complete darkness. They use infrared-emitting LEDs to illuminate the scene (the light is invisible to the naked eye), and are often rated for viewing to a particular environment. They're not typical at most businesses, but your needs may not be typical.

Network security cameras

Network security cameras function like computers on your business IP network, moving video around just like email. These security cameras reflect a very fast growing market now that many companies are fully wired for Internet access across their premises, and are steadily replacing the traditional security cameras that are connected using coaxial cable or specialty wiring.
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  • Many businesses use security cameras as a crime deterrent, but with the advent of smaller cameras, these devices may not be as noticeable as they once were. Put up signs to let potential criminals know: "These premises protected by security cameras."
  • While some smaller, off-the-shelf security camera systems can be self-installed, you'll probably want to contact a security cam systems dealer to properly set up the security camera equipment. They can work with you to determine proper surveillance camera placement and field of view, how long you want to store the video, and will provide the installation expertise to make it a tidy, quick job.
  • Today's digital surveillance camera systems can allow you to log in and check on your premises when you're on the couch with your laptop or PDA. Though these security cam systems tend to add more in cost, they're a great option for business owners who want to be in control 24/7.
  • When choosing the recording system for your surveillance camera, think about how long you really need to keep the video. It's a good idea to keep video for at least a week (sometimes you don't notice something is missing for a while), and as digital media prices have dropped, it's become cheaper to keep the video on file for longer periods – up to a point, of course.

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