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Learn about the history and origins of 3PL. For people new to the supply chain management and logistics industry, the term 3PL is likely an unfamiliar term.

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GENCO offers a comprehensive suite of third party logistics (3PL) services that address the needs of your entire product lifecycle. The breadth and depth of our ...

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With space and capacity flexibility, Port Jersey Logistics can meet the requirements of most public or contract warehousing and distribution challenges.

A Guide to 3rd Party Logistics

Third Party Logistics (or 3PL) is a service provided by a firm other than the manufacturer to handle all storing and delivery needs.  A 3PL provider often customizes its services to fit the specific demands of its customer, by tailoring its shipping methods to the manufacturer’s products and market.  For a business owner of a certain size, it’s a necessary tool to optimize efficiency in the delivery process and keep costs down.  Let’s consider how they work, why they’re useful, and what you should watch out for if you’re considering hiring one.

How They Work

A 3PL provider expends all its resources to optimize how storage and delivery can work for its clients.  This can include a range of factors, from proper database management to quick and effective packaging.  They manage warehouse space, assure security of merchandise, and transport cargo to its destination along the quickest possible routes.

At their best, 3PL services can streamline the process of storage and delivery to limit damage or loss, present your products in the best light, and generally improve your reputation as an effective company – all while keeping costs down and enabling the manufacturer to focus on design and implementation.


The firms that handle 3PL are specialized in logistical operations across many different industries, and know how to make the most from space and time restrictions.  Their consulting team should be able to analyze your needs as a business owner and come up with a plan that will likely improve your supply chain management dramatically.

For a decision this big, you’re likely to be getting several quotes for these services.  But after you’ve settled on a provider, your logistics should see a marked improvement and your operation costs should go down significantly.


There are many firms available to you with a different range of services and specificity.  Some smaller firms don’t offer a customization solution for you as a single client – but this might be appropriate to your requirements if your operation is on a smaller scale.  Premium services offer more specificity, but they cost more, so be sure to line up your company’s needs with its assets.

Once you’ve settled on a 3PL provider, it’s a good idea to double-check their work now and then.  Stay on top of the way your products are shipped and delivered: remember, it’s often the most direct interaction your customers will have with the company, and you have to communicate to them that their needs matter.  Late or damaged shipments can drag down your professional reputation over time, so make sure the 3PL team is doing its job.


To a manufacturer of a certain size, there’s no question that third party logistics are necessary to the business plan. That said, you’ll want to make sure you’re operating at a scale that makes it worthwhile.  And once you start shopping around, be sure to choose a firm that’s right for you.

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