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40 ft Shipping Containers | eBay

Find great deals on eBay for 40 ft Shipping Containers in Industrial Shipping Containers. Shop with confidence.

Intermodal container - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The bigger boxes have 60% more capacity than standard 40-foot (12.19 m) containers enabling shippers to consolidate more ...

40' Standard High Cube - Hapag-Lloyd

40' Standard High Cube. General Container Information ... Millimeters, 12,032, 2,350, 2,700. Feet, 39' 5 5/8", 7' 8 1/2", 8' 10 1/4" ...

Dry containers 20' and 40' for general purposes | DSV

Dry containers 20' and 40' are suitable for most types of cargo. Contact us today ... 1,172 cu ft, 67.7 m3, 2,389 cu ft. Internal length, 5.9 m, 19.4 ft, 12.03 m, 39.5 ft.


OCEAN CONTAINERS (Right click on image for a full size view.) ... 40' Collapsible Flat Rack ... 40 FT. STANDARD CONTAINER ...

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40 foot Shipping Container Dimensions | Addis Containers ...

Nov 24, 2012 ... 40 foot Standard Container Interior Width: 2352 mm Height: 2395 mm Length: 12032 mm Exterior Width: 2440 mm Height: 2600 mm Length: ...

Freightgate - Container Dimensions / Weight

Freightgate - Container Dimensions / Weight. EQUIPMENT.

NYK Line - Dry Container Specifications

Information about Dry Container Specifications. ... DRY CONTAINER - 40 FEET, Specifications for 8'6" / 30,480kg, Specifications for 8'6" / 32,500kg.

Container Specifications - Evergreen Marine Corp.

2,384 cu.ft. 74,960 lb, 10,490 lb. 67.5 cu.m. 34,000 kg, 4,760 kg. Cooling capacity , Air ...

Container Dimensions - S Jones Container Services

S. Jones Containers offer 10ft, 30ft, 40ft, and 20ft container dimensions to help choose the ... Detailed Container Dimensions for Standard 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft Containers. ... Standard, 348cu ft, 560cu ft, 1160cu ft, 1760cu ft, 2360cu ft.

40ft Storage Container - Container Technology, Inc

40ft storage containers are very popular and are the most abundant size throughout the world. The container is ... 40′ Standard Dry Container, 2,350 cu. ft.

40' Foot Storage & Portable Shipping Containers for Rent & Sale ...

Aztec Containers is a one of the leading providers of steel metal storage and portable 40'foot shipping containers. Call us at 800-399-2126 for a quote!

Business Guide to 40-Foot Containers

40-foot containers have many benefits and pitfalls. If you’re intending to purchase a storage container, you need to be aware of your choices and the budget you have to work with. You may wish to use your storage container for shipping or as an immobile storage facility. Storage units can help protect your items when they are not in use. You will need to make sure that you purchase the correct container so that you do not violate local laws and ordinances. You will also need to keep in mind how much space you have in which to store the container.


A 40-foot container can have many benefits, including space, waterproofing, and others. Shipping and storing items in these containers can help prevent damage and keeps items in a secure location. Around 90 percent of the world’s trade is moved and relocated with storage containers according to the Shipping Container Housing Guide.


A 40-foot container is the standard size for cargo. The dimensions of this container make it great for many purposes, such as international shipping and insulations.  A 40-foot cargo container has an approximately seven by seven foot door, making it easy to load items. This container has approximately 303 square feet, suitable for a large amount of goods.


Shipping containers can be created with different specifications. A 40-foot container can be waterproofed or insulated to suit the needs of a business. A plastic pallet floor can be added to help reduce the chance for leaks. A poly tarpaulin or canvas tarpaulin can be used to cover the storage container from the outside. This can prevent water damage by increasing the waterproof integrity of the container.


A shipping container is great for international shipping, rail travel, and cargo ships, but it can also be used as a stationary storage facility. The storage container normally can be latched or locked, keeping items secure and safe inside. If a company decides to move, this storage can then be loaded and moved without disturbing the items inside.

Easy Access

Storage containers have various types of doors. Double door containers have two doors on each end of the container. This allows access to items on either end of the container, making it easier to reach items that were placed inside first. Other containers may have single doors or doors that can be pushed upwards to the ceiling. Most doors lock or have latching capabilities for security.


Miscalculating Storage Needs

Your business has a range of size choices if it needs to use shipping containers. Deciding to use the 40-foot container can involve certain pitfalls that you should consider before finalizing your choice. The basic issue surrounding the choice of any storage container is capacity. You have to know your current needs and properly estimate any future needs. The use of these types of containers involves many logistical factors that make changing the size of the container after you have entered into a leasing agreement or received delivery of the unit very problematic.

Inadequate Delivery Space

Shipping containers are often delivered to your business so you can fill them up to store items at your location or to ship items to a remote party. One of the problems with a 40-foot container is that it needs much more than 40 feet of space to accommodate delivery. A 40-foot container requires twice the length of the container plus 10 feet for a flat truck to make delivery. You must have that much space available in a straight line to consider this size container as a viable option.

Legal Restrictions

If your business wants to use a 40-foot container at your location, local laws and ordinances may restrict the availability of this option. Some jurisdictions only allow shipping containers of a certain size to be placed on the streets. Some prohibit the placement of containers on streets entirely. Unless you have enough room on your own business property to place the container, you may be unable to use it in the way you anticipated.

Location Quality

A related issue in using a 40-foot container concerns the quality of the ground on which you set it. Uneven ground can prevent the container doors from closing or cause shifting of the items stored inside. Ground with improper drainage can cause the container to sink or flood the interior. Careful consideration must go into all logistical aspects of the use of this size shipping container.


According to professors at Hofstra University, container transportation can reduce transport costs by a factor of 20. A 40-foot container can provide the room you need to safely store and move your items.

Average Price

The average price you can expect to spend on a 40-foot shipping container is approximately $1,500.00 to $2,000.00. The price will vary depending on the type of container, the source of the container, the condition it is in, and the container’s size. Other costs to consider would be the shipping and handling costs, as well as any costs associated with customization, such as insulation, electricity, or waterproofing.


40-foot containers are suitable for numerous needs. These containers can be customized to meet the needs of your company or clients. Storage containers are great for shipping or holding a large amount of goods. These units typically have multiple access doors or panels for ease-of-use, and have latching doors for security. However, you need to make sure that a 40-foot container is right for your needs. You will need to make sure you have ample space to receive and load your storage containers, as well as a place to store it on your property. Improperly placing your container may violate local law and ordinances.

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