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Providers of air freight and air cargo transport services. Check air freight rates and air cargo rates from various vendors and select an air cargo freight service provider that suits your business needs.

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Making the Most of Air Freight and Cargo

As with any other industry, the smart air cargo transport buyer will take the time to make sure they're making the most of air freight and cargo purchases. This means, among other things, getting to know the companies you're dealing with and making sure that your goods are getting where they need to go, when they need to get there, and in good condition.

Air Freight and Cargo News and Trends

You'll get the most out of your air cargo connections if you stay on top of the latest industry news and trends. Knowing when and how air freight regulations have changed, or having a heads up on which companies have expanded their service to include more locations, can save you money and protect you from logistical or supply chain breakdowns.

Air Freight and Cargo Key Terms

Air freight and cargo key terms can help you whether you own a shipping company, are a pilot or employee, represent the company doing the shipping or are the sending party. Knowing pertinent terms, acronyms and phrases will help keep you up to speed in conversations out in the field, with colleagues and when you place your next service order.

Air Freight | Air Charter | Air Cargo | 1-800-Air-Freight operates as a global provider of premium freight services in a best -in-class segment of the expedited transportation industry. Services include: Air ...

Air Freight: UPS -

Meet your air freight deadlines with UPS's high performance standards, great air freight rates, and the flexibility to meet your changing needs.

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DHL | Air Freight | English

AIR FORWARD is a category of products that predominately use an air mode and offers a choice in delivery speeds to best suit customer requirements.

Air cargo tracking - track-trace

The air cargo tracking page lets you track air cargo for 177 airlines. A track-trace service.

Air cargo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Air Cargo is any property carried or to be carried in an aircraft. Air cargo comprises air freight, air express and airmail. Contents. [hide]. 1 Aircraft types; 2 History.

Cargo airline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cargo airlines (or airfreight carriers, and derivatives of these names) are airlines dedicated to the transport of cargo by air. Some cargo airlines are divisions or ...

International Air Freight Forwarding - FedEx Trade Networks

FedEx Trade Networks offers international air freight forwarding services connecting major global markets – inbound and outbound, intercontinental, and ...

Air Cargo & Courier Service, Freight Directory, Software & Information

Aircargo Communities Inc. is the largest network of air freight agents providing services to the airline and freight forwarding community in North America.

American Airlines Cargo - Air Freight, Cargo Shipping, and Air ...

Tracking, rates, facilities, schedules, and instructions.

Air Freight

Air freight services across Australia and to all corners of the world
Air Cargo Services

Air cargo services from and to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin. International air cargo from and to Australia.
Air Freight Charter

Air freight charter Australia wide and worldwide.Heavy air cargo specialists. Air cargo charters from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, & Adelaide.

Air Freight and Cargo for Small Business

For any small business, the killer is usually time and distance (either of which -- you guessed it -- equals money). Parts, supplies and materials need air cargo transport to get to your small business, and finished products need to leave and get to customers.

Air freight transportation can do lot to solve the supply chain problem, and there are more air freight options than ever for small business. Air freight and air cargo are generally the same thing -- an airline that does logistics either exclusively or in conjunction with a passenger business, an air courier, or an air cargo company that operates only cargo planes.

In this guide, you will learn:

1. How to find an airline air freight company, aka common carrier shipping
2. When to consider an air courier
3. Hiring help with air cargo industry logistics and air freight transportation
4. Getting across borders with air cargo and air freight
5. How to price air cargo transport and air freight rates

By definition, air cargo transport is a wide business category

Nearly every passenger airline has a air cargo company division these days (all that extra baggage room means more money) and there are hundreds of air cargo companies as well. Booking common carrier shipping space is first a matter of finding a company going your route, then getting bids.
air cargo listings at

Air cargo is, increasingly, a job for global parcel shippers

Once up on time, express air courier services focused mostly on letters and contracts, expecting to one-up the post office on speed. As competitors have poured in (and the Postal Service got more serious), they have branched out into domestic and international air cargo. Air courier companies now handle bigger packages, do customs work and provide all manner of tracking, insurance and logistics services.
air courier companies.

Hiring help with air freight and air cargo jobs

If your supply chain is global or complex, or even if it's domestic and hard to manage, you can offload a lot of the air cargo transport management to professionals who do third-party logistics and to freight forwarders who work to get your goods coming or going on time, in time.
third-party logistics and freight forwarders.

Sending cargo, air, land or ocean, often means crossing borders

The part of the air freight and air cargo equation that usually kills a supply chain -- and drains out profit -- is getting through stuff through Customs. Air freight transportation has definitely not gotten easier since heightened U.S. security restrictions after Sept. 11, either.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency. See a member directory at the National Customs Broker and Forwarders Association of America. Your courier or third-party logistics expert probably already has a regular Customs broker or provides the service. There's more information on customs brokers for air cargo transport at
  • Absolutely include a serious analysis of air cargo transport in any business plan that involves import-export. A weak analysis of air freight rates can sink a small business fast. Here's where common carrier shipping can make a difference on cost.
  • Air cargo and air freight operations have the market divided up pretty well. First, sort out how much business you are likely to really offer a given provider, then match your needs to their products.
  • Big couriers are really interested in small business, but an air cargo line specializing in your destination or product line can be a good choice too. Compare air freight rates first.

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