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Making the Most of Air Freight Tracking

Air cargo freight routing companies utilize various resources to move products around the world. The airlines used by companies to move their products keep track of the goods through standardized procedures with which a business must comply.

Air Freight Tracking for Beginners

Following your cargo from point A to point B can be a nerve racking experience if your air freight tracking is extremely time specific and you are anxiously awaiting the delivery of your product. To help put your mind at ease, becoming knowledgeable about air cargo tracking will put the power into your hands by allowing you to follow your freight along the way.

Air Freight Tracking Key Terms

Sending and receiving products through the use of air freight can be a quick and cost-effective option for shipping, depending on whether you choose airport-to-airport delivery using a major air freight service or charter cargo that takes your freight anywhere you need it to go. Air freight tracking is available regardless of the type of service you choose, and understanding the key terms for air freight tracking will help you get the best use out of air cargo options and make sure your package is delivered safely.

UPS Freight : Tracking

UPS Freight LTL/Truckload ... Track by PRO Number. PRO Numbers: Track by Reference. Shipment Reference (BOL or PO): Shipment Date Range: To.


Track parcels/shipments with companies like UPS, DHL, TNT and FedEx. ... Other tracking pages. 17111 ... Circle Delivery is now Central Freight Lines. City Link.

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Freight Tracking: LTL Freight: Tools & Pricing: Con-way

We offer Enhanced Multi-PRO Tracking for registered users, allowing you to track by PRO, your PO number, bill of lading or a custom reference number of your ...

Freight Tracking - Con-Way

Register to enjoy the many advantages and time-saving benefits of our enhanced Tracking! Benefits include the ability to track by any combination of PRO ... Shipping Tracking | Shipment Tracking | YRC

... your YRC Freight shipment? Use this tool to track and check the status of your shipment. ... Tracking Number, Origin Zip/Postal Code, Dest Zip/Postal Code ...

Track Shipment | - ABF Freight System, Inc.

To receive up-to-the-minute status information on your shipments, simply enter the shipment reference numbers, select the reference type, and click "Track ...

Freight : UPS -

logistics, tracking, shipping. ... UPS freight offers a full range of freight services for heavyweight shipments over 150 lbs. ... Track Packages & Freight.

Track a Shipment Track a Shipment

Please note that you must be logged in with your MY RRTS account and have proper permissions setup to view BOL images and freight charges.

Tracking Support, FedEx Freight

FedEx Freight - Tracking Support. View the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information on tracking with FedEx Freight. Frequently Asked Questions  ...

Air Freight Tracking

Air cargo freight routing can be a cost effective solution if you allow yourself ample time to send your gear from point A to point B. The air freight tracking that your shipper offers will help you make sure that package is well on its way, and it can help you account for it after it has left the shipper’s hands.

Air freight tracking is your best friend. You can watch your package progress to its destination, you can report back to bosses, clients, or end users, and you can help the recipient find the package by providing them the shipper provided arrival time and signature name.

To find the best air cargo tracking solutions:

1. Stick with a provider that is up with the times.

2. Select a company with an air cargo tracking system such as scanned bar codes on packages and online tracking options.

3. Make sure your provider also offers phone support for tracking freight, just in case the unexpected issue becomes your reality.

Start online in your air cargo freight routing search

Check out companies like ASTAR Air Cargo or Polar Air Cargo Worldwide, Inc. to service your cargo freight routing needs.

Choose a reputable air freight routing company

Schedule your air freight routing through a major shipping chain for fast and efficient air freight tracking information.

Review your air freight tracking choices

Looking at your potential shipper's tracking and proof of delivery (POD) pages may help you make a decision based on how clear, accurate and timely their information can be. You want to look for a company that has user friendly tracking pages with added contact information in case you question what you find once you track your package.

  • Always opt for insurance.
  • Look up your PODs, and be sure and note your case count. Verify it with your equipment order or pack list to ensure that all of the packages have made it there safely instead of just some of them.
  • Provide your tracking and proof of delivery information, including who signed for the package or packages, to your clients. It is very respectable and courteous to keep them in the loop on your air cargo tracking.

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