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Quickly find flat bed trucking companies and flatbed carriers who ship cargo, merchandise, or machinery nationwide. Review flatbed transportation and flatbed hauling rates and quotes from our list of flatbed trucking service providers.

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Using Flatbed Trucking

Using flatbed trucking affords you the ability to move large equipment or supplies across town, the state or even the country. From transporting construction vehicles to steel beams or piping for industrial projects, flat bed trucks can do it all.

Flatbed Trucking Key Terms

Familiarize yourself with flatbed trucking terminology, phrases and acronyms to better acquaint yourself with the field. You may already be a driver, you may be in need of a flatbed company's services or you may be planning to attend an industry event.

TMC Transportation: Flatbed Trucking - Flatbed Carrier

TMC Transportation is the largest privately owned flatbed trucking company in the United States.

Flatbed Trucking | E.W. Wylie Trucking

Leading Flatbed Trucking Services. At. E.W. Wylie, we don't simply meet customers' expectations, we exceed them. For more than 70 years, our reputation has ...

Flatbed Trucking Company - Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.

If you want a flatbed trucking company for heavy loads then ATS has been polled as the best there is. ATS offers worldwide heavy load haulage and shipping.

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Keim TS - Flatbed Trucking Company

Flatbed and Dry Van Cargo Trucking. We deliver over 40000 loads a year using the newest, most up-to-date equipment. And our 2-to-1 trailer to truck ratio ...

Maverick Transportation / Flatbed Division

Chances are you've seen those shiny maroon flatbed trucks traveling down the road with a ... We believe it takes a special breed of trucker to be a true Maverick.

Kaplan Trucking Company offers dependable, flatbed trucking with ...

Flatbed trucking service that's always on-time, on-target and worry-free. 600 trucks, and over 70 terminals throughout the eastern half of the United States.

PGT Trucking Truck Driving Jobs

Driving for PGT Trucking means that you will work for a driver focused ... We have built a reputation in the flatbed industry as the proud professionals for a reason ...

Flatbed Trucking Forum -

Flatbed Trucking Forum - Advice, tips and tricks for flatbed drivers.

Flatbed Trucking - Ryan Transportation

Flatbed trucking is a niche market filled with thousands of small carriers. Finding the right flatbed carrier to meet your shipping needs can be a challenge. Flatbed  ...

Flatbed Trucking contact DARYL THOMASON TRUCKING a ...

For Flatbed Trucking contact DARYL THOMASON TRUCKING, INC. a superior flatbed carrier since 1978 hauling building materials, steel, pipe, and paper in the  ...

Flatbed Trucking

A flatbed truck (more accurately, a semi truck towing a flatbed trailer) is easy to spot: it's that long trailer with a floor but no sides or roof. If your load is pretty weatherproof and also ungainly, a flatbed may be the way to go. Flatbed trucking is your best option when your shipment is:

1. A large or heavy load that needs to get on and off the truck quickly; a flatbed trailer is easier to load and unload.

2. Stored in standard shipping containers--such containers are designed to be carried by flatbed trucks.
3. An odd size or shape, as is construction equipment, that's difficult or impossible to wedge into an enclosed trailer but sits fine on a flatbed trailer.

4. Invulnerable to wind, rain and snow; tie-down tarps on flatbed trucks offer only so much protection.

Here are the most effective solutions for shipping by flatbed truck:

Choose a type of flatbed trailer

Not all flatbed trailers are alike. Different designs accommodate different types of loads. If you need a particular flatbed trailer design, you need to make sure the flatbed trucking company you choose has the right flatbed trailer on hand.

Know the class of cargo you will ship by flatbed truck

To calculate your quote, most flatbed trucking companies assign a class to each load according to the National Motor Freight Classification uniform standards. The cargo's density, ease of handling and liability of materials are all considered in assigning the cargo to one of 18 different classes representing the typical ease of transport for goods of that class.

Find a trucking company that fields flatbed trucks

Most major trucking companies have flatbed trucks in their fleets, along with the usual box trailers and such. Nearly all offer free quotes online.

Investigate a trucking company's reputation before hiring its flatbed truck

Once you have a quote or two you like, do a background check on the flatbed trucking companies to make sure they are solid citizens. Ask companies for their overall claims ratio, which compares damage claims with the number of shipments carried. Be sure they have registered their flatbed trucks, have proper insurance, and have drug testing programs for their drivers.
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, registers and compiles background and safety data on trucking companies, including those with flatbed trucks in their fleets.
  • If a shipment is unusually large for its actual weight, flatbed trucking companies may charge for a higher "dimensional weight," determined by size, instead of the real weight.
  • If you ship with a wrong size or weight estimate, the flatbed trucking company may stick you with a "reweigh" fee.
  • If your flatbed truck load looks like less than a full truckload, talk to your flatbed trucking company about whether you can share the bed with someone else's shipment to save money -- a practice known as less than truck load, or LTL. (A full truck all to yourself is a full truck load, or FTL.)

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