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Global Logistics Key Terms

If you're in the manufacturing business and you're looking to expand into a global market, you'll benefit from learning global logistics key terms. Whether you'll be shipping by air, sea or land, you'll find global logistics has a language all its own.

Global Logistics

When dealing with worldwide transport logistics, you want to work with a company that is experienced and up-to-date on all of the customs and country-by-country regulations of your destinations. Your global logistics company will be your main contact for both exporting your product out of the U.

Global Logistics News and Trends

Global logistics companies are constantly faced with political and economic changes that can turn the process upside down overnight. As shipping routes open and close, new software comes online to streamline global transportation logistics and new markets open for trade, you must keep up with the most current news to stay competitive and to keep your products and services running smoothly through the logistics chain.

Global Logistics, Inc.

Global Logistics, Inc. - Your Transportation Management Company.

Echo Global Logistics: Home

Echo Global Logistics is a leading provider of technology-enabled transportation and supply chain management services, offering clients efficient solutions ...

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Global Logistics Network: GLN

Founded in 2003, Global Logistics Network (GLN) is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization that encompasses leading independently owned and operated ...

Global Logistics Associates: GLA

At its AGM held in Dubai in March, the Global Logistics Associates network, which was founded in 1989, celebrated its 25th anniversary. GLA was happy to ...

Global Logistics Services

Welcome to Global Logistics Services (GLS), a leader in the wholesale cargo industry! Service--Performance--Technology. Our experienced customer service  ...

Network Global Logistics

Network Global Logistics is the preferred third party logistics company (3PL) specializing in mission critical transportation, next flight out, service parts logistics , ...

Global Logistic Properties: Global Website

one of the world's leading providers of modern logistics facilities,operating across 62 ... Global Logistic Properties Leases 23,000 sqm (248,000 sq ft) in China.

Tandem Global Logistics: Home

Home. Tandem Global Logistics is a comprehensive international network of independent logistics operators - serving the worldwide trading market under a ...

3PL Links

3PL Links is a professional third party logistics company that specializes in effective global logistics solutions.

Global Logistics Education and Training

A global logistics company works with manufacturers throughout the country and also the world to provide the best solutions for trucking, air, and ocean freighting. Global transport logistics works with the supply chain to get products from the factory to the warehouse and finally to consumers. Global logistics companies need to work with the latest transportation technology as well as having good management skills to organize logistics services.

Those who work for global transportation logistics companies will have to learn how to assess risk, manage multiple types of employees, and keep ahead of the latest changes in the industry. Global logistics education and training can come from:

1. Seminars hosted by global logistics services experts.

2. Attend training courses to learn about many topics related to global logistics.

3. Earning a certificate through an accredited program.

Attend seminars to learn about the latest trends in global logistics firms

Because global logistics covers a wide range of topics, there are many seminars each year that can be specific to one type of transportation system, or sessions that cover a topic affecting overall function on global logistics systems. These seminars are often hosted by global logistics associations and organizations.
U.S. Commercial Service is another source of global logistics seminars covering tax, shipping, and other international issues.

Take training courses to learn how to work with global logistics management

Companies with expertise in global logistics can provide training courses for those who want to explore different areas of this field. Common topics for global logistics training courses are industry basics, customer development, and supply chain management. These courses are available in person or online and only take a few hours to a few days to complete.
California State University offers a program that teaches all aspects of global logistics and management.

Study for certification in international logistics

While not all positions with a global logistics firm will require certification in global logistics, it is an asset to those who want to work as managers in this field.
  • Those looking to work with international transportation logistics companies should also seek additional training in topics such as international logistics, trade law, and customs issues.