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Harbor Freight

Retail hardware company Harbor Freight started selling products in 1968 via a mail order catalog. The company now offers more than 7,000 products for purchase through its website.

Harbor Freight Key Terms

Harbor freight terminology affects a wide number of people. Whether you are someone who works at the harbor, a captain of a ship, or simply someone working in the ocean freight industry, harbor freight terms are key to your business knowledge and communication with your customers, colleagues and with anyone in the industry.

Saving Money on Harbor Freight

Harbor freight, also commonly referred to as ocean freight, is the price quoted by a shipping or freight forwarding company to move goods or products on the open seas. Harbor freight rates take into consideration the size and weight of what you are shipping as well as the distance involved in getting the product to its destination.

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Harbor Freight Pricing and Costs

Computing harbor rates has got to be one of the most tedious and confusing tasks confronting shippers. To get a true picture of harbor freight pricing and costs, you must weigh many factors that make up the complete package when moving products through ports and harbors throughout the U.S. and internationally.

These charges can include everything from storage and warehousing to security. In order to to get a true picture of harbor freight pricing and costs, you must ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are there any additional fees for security?

2. How much with the port or harbor charge for warehousing or container storage?.

3. Are there any additional fees you should include when estimating how much it will cost to ship your cargo?

Get an estimate on harbor freight security fees

Many ports throught the U.S. and Mexico have instituted security fees for all cargo moving through or warehoused at their ports. These can range from 5% of the total calue of the cargo to $250 per day for a 40-TEU container.

Consider harbor freight fees for warehousing and container storage

Most warehouse at ports and harbors are privately operated and are used to store bulk cargo destined for shipment from the port by rail or truck. Bulk cargo can include anything from coal to grain to liguids. Container storage fees are usually charged by the terminal operator and are based on weight. None of these companies post their rates online.

Check for "hidden" harbor freight fees

All ports can charge tariffs and additional import/export fees for shipping cargo into and out of their facilities. All ports are required to publish a stetment of tariff fees, which often include pilot and dockage fees