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Manufacturers and distributors of industrial honeycomb packaging.

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Honeycomb Packaging

If shipping merchandise to customers is a mainstay of your business, then you may want to buy honeycomb packaging to keep those goods safe while in transit. Because honeycomb packing material comes in so many different configurations, you are sure to find the best product to fulfill your needs.

Honeycomb Packaging Education and Training

Honeycomb manufacturers offer various types of honeycomb packaging, such as reverse slit score packaging, honeycomb cookie-cut packaging and die-cut packaging. If you want to buy honeycomb packaging, you will need to have some basic information on the different types of honeycomb packaging products and their applications.

Protective Custom Honeycomb Packaging from Hexacomb

HEXACOMB is the leading international producer of paper-based custom honeycomb packaging solutions.

Mid-States Packaging

Honeycomb packaging, paper honeycomb, honeycomb pallets or protective packaging.

Honeycomb panels for void fill in packaging and cargo securement ...

Located in Rome, Georgia, Honeycomb Products manufactures environmentally safe shipping and packaging products. Honeycomb Products is dedicated to ...

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Welcome to HonECOre Paper Honeycomb Solutions - Packaging ...

Providing a complete range of honeycomb core, doors & panels, packaging, paper honeycomb conversion machinery and turnkey solutions, HonECOre is a ...

Honeycomb Packaging on

Results 1 - 25 of 47 ... Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Honeycomb Packaging directory on the Internet. A broad range of Honeycomb Packaging ...

Honeycomb Products Inc.- Manufacturing Environmentally Safe ...

Sep 5, 2012 ... Honeycomb Products is a subsidiary of Southern Bracing Systems based ... Inc.- Manufacturing Environmentally Safe Packaging and Shipping ...

Hexacomb Kraft Honeycomb - Southern Packaging LP

Hexacomb Kraft Honeycomb Packaging Products. The Total Package: Flexible - Protective - Custom. Hexacomb® kraft honeycomb provides product protection ...

Carton | Shipping Boxes | Partitions | Honeycomb | Corrugated ...

If you are looking for corrugated plastic as well as corrugated pallets, honeycomb packaging manufacturers and corrugated plastic sheets, please visit our ...

Cascades - Industrial Packaging

Cascades SPG Industrial packaging, manufacturer of honeycomb paperboard protective packaging, food processing containers, recycled paperboard, ...

Honipack paper honeycomb packaging - HONICEL, paper honeycomb

Honipack Packaging consists of paper laminated Honicel paper honeycomb, is extremely light weight and widely used for packaging solutions. Honipack ...

Honeycomb Packaging Key Terms

Honeycomb is a very strong packaging material. You can use honeycomb packaging to ship the smallest products or to prevent damage of large products during transit.

There are a number of technical words that professionals in the packaging industry use while referring to honeycomb packaging products. Understanding honeycomb packaging key terms will help you make smarter business choices. This guide covers some of the common terms in the packaging industry, including honeycomb, corrugated and void fillers.


Honeycomb is a strong and rugged packaging material that consists of individual bands of kraft paper joined together in a series of continuous hexagonal cells. Honeycombs are useful for packaging pallets, inner sides of furniture items and signage displays.

Kraft paper

"Kraft" is a German word that means "strong." As the name suggests, kraft paper is a strong and sturdy paper. This paper is an ideal honeycomb packaging material, as honeycomb packaging is usually subject to high pressures.


A panel is the flat surface of a honeycomb packaging. Honeycomb packaging material consists of two panels and a web of hexagonal cells that lies between them.


A pallet is a flat structure that serves as a supporting platform for the goods. You can buy wooden pallets or custom-fabricated honeycomb pallets.


Corrugated material consists of two panels, liners and an arched layer of paper fluting between them. Honeycomb packaging is a sort of corrugated packaging.

Void fillers

You will come across this term frequently when you read about the applications of honeycomb packaging. While transporting goods, you will need to keep the goods stable. Void fillers are simply pieces of honeycomb packaging material that fill the gaps among the goods to form a balanced and stable load. Void fillers play an important role in the shipment of larger products.

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