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Medical Packaging Materials

Whether you manufacture medicine or medical devices, you can find a wide range of medical packaging materials to fit your needs. Medical packaging supplies come in a wide range of delivery styles, from individual items to multiple packs.

Medical Packaging Materials Types and Styles

You'll find a large variety of materials used for medical packaging, which comes in a range of types and styles. These include materials for packaging multiple items and those used for individual items.

Supplies and Equipment for Medical Packaging Materials

Supplies and equipment for medical packaging materials vary depending on the type of packaging required by the medical products. While the packaging differs from product to product, almost all medical products require sterilized containers.

Medical Packaging | DuPont™ Tyvek®

DuPont™ Tyvek® is used in virtually every form of sterile medical packaging, helping ... DuPont medical packaging materials, including DuPont™ Surlyn® and  ...

Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials - DuPont

DuPont brings applied science innovation and regulatory knowledge to medical and pharmaceutical packaging materials including structural resins, sealant ...

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Medical Packaging - Medical, healthcare and infusion liquid ... - Wipak

Wipak's medical packaging provides safe and reliable sterile barrier systems for ... packaging materials for sterilisation purposes in the medical device industry.

Sustainability in Medical Device Packaging - Perfecseal

Sustainability Today in Medical. Device Packaging. •Use of recycled materials unlikely for most primary medical packaging. •Recycling of used medical ...

Packaging for medical devices - Amcor

Packaging materials for urinary catheters, suction catheters, respiratory tubes, feeding tubes, ... Packaging materials for medical kits and procedure trays More >  ...

Medical Device - Amcor

Overview of flexible medical device packaging ... you manufacture and package your product and ensuring continuity of supply of your packaging materials.

New Developments in Medical Packaging Materials | Qmed

Dhuanne Dodrill, president of Rollprint Packaging Products (Addison, IL), will present “New Developments in Medical Packaging Materials” at the MD&M West  ...

Supplier Directory | Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News is a comprehensive resource for ... RFID Tags/Components(45); Tape(25); Temperature-Control Materials(38) ...

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Originally Published MDDI March 2005 NEWSTRENDS There is More to Packaging than Just a Box Up-to-date knowledge of materials, testing, distribution ...

Medical Packaging Materials Key Terms

A number of materials are used for medical packaging. The main concern when using these materials is the ability to keep pharmaceuticals and devices sterile. This can be accomplished through the combination of materials and packaging processes. The most common packaging materials are made from plastics, because they can be sterilized. Plastics can also provide room for air to surround a product that requires a modified atmosphere to stay functional.

Aseptic packaging

Aseptic packaging is a system that allows a sterilized product to be put into a sterilized package. This is performed under specific conditions to maintain sterility. Aseptic materials are often made from plastic.

Blister pack

A blister pack is plastic packaging that is heat formed to a specific shape. The back of the package is flat and forms a closure. Many pharmaceuticals are packaged this way, but medical devices can also be put into blister packs.

Microbial barrier

A packaging system that can prevent microorganisms from entering sterilized packaging has a microbial barrier. The microbial barrier can only be created under specific conditions and with specific packaging materials.

Modified atmosphere packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging is the process of inserting a drug or device inside a package filled with a specific type of gas.

Primary package

The primary package of a pharmaceutical or medical device is the sealed packaging that provides a microbial barrier, keeping the product sterile. Primary packaging is the only material that touches the device or drug.


Sachet packaging is a small, flexible pouch made by bonding together two layers. The sides can be bonded on three or four sides with a fine seal.