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Manufacturers and distributors of packaging labels for business products and shipping. Research providers offering wholesale shipping labels, packing labels and labeling supplies. Identify a packaging label vendor that suits your business needs.

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Supplies for Packaging Labels

There are a variety of packaging labels on the market today and whether you need business shipping labels, a fragile label or custom printed industrial packaging labels, it is important to know what supplies are out there and the best packaging label suppliers or supplies for your budget. Deciding whether to purchase label making supplies and print your own labels or work with a wholesale label making company to have your labels printed for you is a matter of budget and the type of labels you need.

Using Packaging Labels

Packaging labels, whether they are shipping labels, packing labels, industrial packaging labels or branding labels, are one of the most essential items in marketing and shipping a product. Without a label, a product has no identity.

Packaging Labels Key Terms

Every company that offers products for sale needs to have a good understanding of packaging labels and their uses. From food products to industrial supplies, labeling your product properly is essential.

Product Labels & Product Label Design | Vistaprint

Large Product Labels - Circle. Starting at $4.00 $3.39 for 1 sheet of 6. Save money by purchasing generic packaging and labeling with customizable stickers.

Custom Printed Labels, Tape, Tags, Custom Packaging - ULINE

ULINE offers over 14500 boxes, plastic poly bags, mailing tubes, warehouse supplies and bubble wrap for your storage, packaging, or shipping supplies.

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Packaging labels, Product labels from

Packaging and Product labels from Our blank self-adhesive labels are perfect for all types of Packaging and Product labeling. We manufacturer ...

Custom Food Packaging Labels - Printable and Adhesive

Food Packaging Labels U is the ultimate Internet resource for valuable information on food packaging labels. Here you'll find out the answers to questions such ...

Lip Balm Packaging | Lightning Labels

Let us print your custom lip balm labels on material formulated exclusively for lip balm packaging. Visit us, the lip balm label experts, online now!

Chicago Tag and Label

Specialists in manufacturing customized form labels, labels, forms and tags for your specific business needs.
Label Planet Ltd

Supplier of labels on A4 sheets for laser or inkjet printing, and rolls of thermal labels for thermal printers.
Industrial Labeling Systems

High speed print & apply labeling machines & printers, support, service, for cosmetics, pharm, foods, automotive, toys, baked goods, bottling.
LabelLab - Custom Labels

Exhaustive range of stock packaging and custom shipping labels. Get an instant online quote for your digital, flexographic or thermal printed labels.

Packaging Labels

Whether you sell your products in your own shop or in other retailers' stores, your packaging label needs to make your products stand out from the clutter. No matter what type of products you offer — food items, candles, household goods, beauty products, lawn and garden supplies — powerful packaging labels can:
  1. Trigger sales.
  2. Communicate the features and benefits of your product.
  3. Communicate instructions or other helpful information.
  4. Establish your brand identity.

Find label suppliers

An important step in creating packaging labels that spur sales is finding the right packaging label supplier. To find the perfect fit for your business, compare products, services, prices and turnaround times.

Choose a shape

Your packaging label doesn't have to be a traditional square or rectangle; it can take on a unique shape with curved corners and eye-catching angles. Note that custom shapes cost more than standardized shapes.

Choose your label material

Labels can be made from a variety of materials, including paper, film, vinyl, mylar, foil, polypropylene and recyclables. To determine which material is best for your product and to avoid labels that peel or wrinkle, consider if your label will be exposed to sunlight or if it will get damp or wet. Insist on a UV coating for labels that will be exposed to sunlight. Vinyl labels are a good option for products used outdoors.

Choose your label type

Pressure-sensitive labels, also called peel-and-stick or self-adhesive labels, are the most common. Expandable labels fold out so you can provide more information to shoppers.

Design your label

Your label's design must be compelling enough to entice buyers to pick it up and purchase it. When designing your label, consider your target market, the benefits of your product and your brand. If you're going to farm out the design task, provide direction to the designer with either a simple stick-figure rendering or emphasize keywords — for instance, "natural, healthy and fresh" — that express what you'd like your label to convey.

Label application

Once your packaging labels have been created, they need to be placed on your products with extreme precision.
  • To accurately measure curved products, photocopy a ruler and wrap it around your product.
  • Cut costs by reducing the number of colors in your label and choosing standard shapes and sizes.
  • Ask for a press check to review your labels for any spelling or grammatical errors or any other problems before they're printed.

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Receive tips, tools, and case studies with the Advisor, our weekly email newsletter

Thanks! We just sent your first issue

306,241 Subscribers