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Making the Most of Food Packaging

Food packaging is not just a means to storing the food your sell, it's a marketing tool as well. A well designed food package will influence buyers to purchase a product and increase product recognition through image.

Food Packaging Basics

Understand food packaging basics to make the best packaging and marketing decisions for your food products. There are three basic types of food packaging: aluminum, plastic and cardboard.

Food Packaging Key Terms

Packaging often protects food from damage and spoilage. Packaging must also be designed to keep away anything that affects the quality of the food, such as extreme temperatures or excess moisture.

Packaging and labeling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Packaging is the technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation  ...

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Packing normally refers to the process of packaging and labeling. It can also refer to: Contents. [hide]. 1 Logistics; 2 Engineering; 3 Mathematics; 4 Other uses ...

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This month's column underscores the fact that identifying, analyzing, and understanding the risks associated with producing safely packaged foods is a daunting.

Aaron Thomas Company

Aaron Thomas is a contract packager offering contract packaging services in Los Angeles, Chicago and Memphis. AIB inspected. NSF and QAI certified.
U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC.

Preferred Packaging Supplier For Companies Across The United States! Shrink Wrap, Stretch Film, Tape, Pallet Covers, Food Packaging, and More!
Crownhill Packaging

Crownhill Packaging offers unmatched packaging services that provide your company with complete packaging solutions.
Assemblies Unlimited, Inc.

Assemblies Unlimited has over 20 years of experience in retail packaging solutions including blister, pouching, clamshell, food packaging, and more.
Bespoke Packaging - Project Packaging

Contact Bespoke Packaging today to if you need bespoke packaging designs from an expert team that is dedicated to your project.
Metal Marker Manufacturing

Your Source for Custom Metal Tags, Nameplates, Decals, Nameplates and More. ISO 9001 AS9100 Certified. Award winning quality and delivery since 1923
MyAssetTag - Metal Asset Tags

Supplier & distributor of stock & custom metal asset tags. Aluminum metal asset tags feature embedded print for best abrasion and chemical resistance.
MySafetyLabels - Machine & Equipment Safety Labels

Huge collection of stock and custom safety labels. Choose from 1000s of ANSI, OSHA, ISO employee and machine safety labels. Free downloadable PDFs.

SoOPAK are the knowledgeable packaging specialists, offering high-quality packaging solutions with fast turnaround time and competitive prices.
XpressTags - Custom Printed Plastic and Paper Tags

Find stock & custom tags in paper, plastic & metal. Broadest range of tags from low-cost Manila to high-strength Tyvek offered in a variety of colors.

Food Packaging Design

Picture a supermarket shelf. There are two products on the shelf—same price, same quality. Which one will customers purchase? Most likely, they’ll choose the one with the best packaging. Great food packaging can influence buying decisions and increase brand recognition. That’s why you should spend as much time developing your packaging design as you spend on your pricing strategies, recipe preparations and marketing efforts. When packaging food:

1. Choose food packaging that showcases your brand.
2. Include nutrition labels.
3. Highlight the features that make your product unique, such as organic, whole grain or low fat.
4. Choose food packaging boxes and containers that stand up on the shelf.
5. Pick the appropriate packaging material for the type of food you sell.

Packaging food for takeout

If you sell fresh food or gourmet-to-go that is made in-house, packaging food in the appropriate takeout containers is essential.

Food packaging equipment

Sealing and packaging food on-site can be achieved in a number of ways. Heat-seal food packaging equipment removes most of the air from packages, such as salad bags, to reduce spoilage and extend shelf life. Other food packing options for your assembly line include lidded containers, standup pouches, lamination roll stock and bags.
food packaging equipment at

Food packaging boxes

Sometimes your food packaging can be as simple as a box imprinted with your company logo—for example a pizza box.
ood packaging boxes and cartons, check out

Unique food packaging options

There are times when it’s good to think outside the box for food packaging options. If your product is one that won’t be consumed in one sitting, consider resealable food packaging. Other foods and beverages require tamper-resistant packaging.
beverage filling and bottling equipment dealers.

Hire a food packaging designer

The colors, images and copy that appear on your packaging can make the difference between a sale and no sale. Take the DIY route on food packaging design and you risk making costly mistakes. This is where professional packaging designers come in. They study the marketplace and know what sells and what doesn’t in package design.

Food packaging labels

If you plan to sell your goods at retail stores other than your own establishment, there are two important labels your food packaging must include. One is the FDA-regulated nutrition label, the other is a UPC barcode.
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition website. Get help from the pros by having your food products lab-tested for nutritional content. Intertek tests food for FDA compliance to assist food manufacturers from pricey recalls for incorrect nutrition labeling. Learn how to obtain a UPC barcode for your products by checking out’s guide to “Using Barcodes in Your Business.”
  • Have your food analyzed by a professional lab that has expertise in FDA nutrition guideline compliance to prevent costly recalls and/or fines.
  • Check with your local health department for county guidelines on food packaging, manufacturing and shipping. Regulations differ from county to county and state to state.
  • If you’re packaging food within your restaurant or store, cut costs by purchasing generic food packaging boxes and bags and by simply placing a label with your logo on them.

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