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Directory of vendors offering industrial packaging products and services. Suppliers of storage containers and other business packaging supplies.

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Finding and Selecting Shipping and Packaging Supplies

When it comes to purchasing shipping and packaging supplies, sorting through the array of choices can have you reaching for the Tylenol. Everyone from the U.

Blister Packaging Materials

While product packaging evolved, blister packaging materials became a popular way to show off and package products. The simple plastic-bubble design of blister packaging provides protection without concealing what the consumer is buying.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment

Selecting pharmaceutical packaging equipment and machinery depends on the types of pharmaceuticals you intend to package. Pills, capsules and liquid pharmaceuticals all require different types of packaging and packaging machinery.

Packaging Materials for Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials packaging is vital to keep harmful substances contained. Hazmat packing and hazmat shipping supplies must meet certain criteria in order to be used to safely ship waste materials.

Bags for Food Packaging

People eat with their eyes first, so to speak, so attractive food packaging bags are an essential item for businesses. There are a myriad of food storage bags available to companies, including custom food bags, beverage packing bags and poly food bags.

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Safety Labels

Safety labels offer a constant guide to workers about how to manage themselves and their workplace surroundings. Accidents happen, but doing all you can to prevent them is beneficial to everyone involved.

BlackBerry 6280

Blackberry 6280 PDAs contain many simplistic features which appeal to business professionals. With the Blackberry 6280 PDA, you’ll get all the specs you need for conducting day to day operations off site.

Stretch Wrap

Plastic wrap film, also known as stretch wrap, is essential to have on-hand whether you are packaging toys or pallets of merchandise, There are a number of stretch wrap suppliers offering a variety of stretch wrap supplies including black stretch wrap and colored stretch wrap. Invest in stretch wrap machines and equipment to save time, money and hassle in the long run.

Paperboard Packaging Materials

Paperboard packaging materials come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are suitable for a plethora of materials. An eco-friendly way to package items, paperboard containers are also a cost-effective alternative to plastic packaging.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal labels are printed using the heat from a printer to lay down a specified pattern. There are two types of thermal labels, the thermal transfer label and direct thermal label.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labeling is a versatile means of identification and communication. Although they are inexpensive, they are available in bright colors and customizable sizes, and can be printed on a variety of materials like metal, plastic and paper.

Label Engraving

Almost every industry can benefit from label engraving services and products. If you're in the manufacturing industry, for example, getting your parts and products engraved with your logo can help increase brand awareness and future sales.

Aaron Thomas Company

Aaron Thomas is a contract packager offering contract packaging services in Los Angeles, Chicago and Memphis. AIB inspected. NSF and QAI certified.
U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC.

Preferred Packaging Supplier For Companies Across The United States! Shrink Wrap, Stretch Film, Tape, Pallet Covers, Food Packaging, and More!
Crownhill Packaging

Crownhill Packaging offers unmatched packaging services that provide your company with complete packaging solutions.
Assemblies Unlimited, Inc.

Assemblies Unlimited has over 20 years of experience in retail packaging solutions including blister, pouching, clamshell, food packaging, and more.
Bespoke Packaging - Project Packaging

Contact Bespoke Packaging today to if you need bespoke packaging designs from an expert team that is dedicated to your project.
Metal Marker Manufacturing

Your Source for Custom Metal Tags, Nameplates, Decals, Nameplates and More. ISO 9001 AS9100 Certified. Award winning quality and delivery since 1923
MyAssetTag - Metal Asset Tags

Supplier & distributor of stock & custom metal asset tags. Aluminum metal asset tags feature embedded print for best abrasion and chemical resistance.
MySafetyLabels - Machine & Equipment Safety Labels

Huge collection of stock and custom safety labels. Choose from 1000s of ANSI, OSHA, ISO employee and machine safety labels. Free downloadable PDFs.

SoOPAK are the knowledgeable packaging specialists, offering high-quality packaging solutions with fast turnaround time and competitive prices.
XpressTags - Custom Printed Plastic and Paper Tags

Find stock & custom tags in paper, plastic & metal. Broadest range of tags from low-cost Manila to high-strength Tyvek offered in a variety of colors.

Supplies for Boxes

Boxes are one of the basics of business. Just about every business uses boxes to receive inventory, pack up equipment, ship products and store paperwork. But whether your business uses shipping cartons, mailer boxes or corrugated boxes, you'll also need additional supplies.

A moving box, a shipping carton and a storage box all need help properly seal and protect the items inside. But in this time-crunched world, finding and ordering all those materials can be an annoying task. With that in mind, this guide will help you quickly find and purchase:

1. Packing materials to cushion and protect contents;

2. Packing tape to seal boxes shut;

3. And labels to identify contents.

Purchase packing materials for your boxes

If you are preparing cardboard boxes for mailing or delivery, you will probably want to include packing materials to cushion and protect the product that is inside the box.

Purchase packing tape for your boxes

Just about every cardboard box and mailing box will need to be sealed shut at some point, and the best way to do this is with packing tape. Boxes sealed with packing tape will hold together well, and the tape can seal off the edges of the box to protect the contents from the elements.

Purchase labels for your boxes

Once your boxes are packed up and sealed, you will need to label them. Common labels include a storage label, a "fragile" label and a blank label for mailing. Labels are usually sold in rolls or sheets in quantities ranging from a couple hundred to a couple thousand.
  • When ordering supplies for boxes, be sure to ask about the company's return policy.
  • If you are making a large purchase, call the supplier directly to see if you can get a reduced rate on shipping or a bulk discount.