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Directory of vendors offering industrial packaging products and services. Suppliers of storage containers and other business packaging supplies.

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Food Packaging Basics

Understand food packaging basics to make the best packaging and marketing decisions for your food products. There are three basic types of food packaging: aluminum, plastic and cardboard.

Food Packaging Key Terms

Packaging often protects food from damage and spoilage. Packaging must also be designed to keep away anything that affects the quality of the food, such as extreme temperatures or excess moisture.

Making the Most of Food Packaging

Food packaging is not just a means to storing the food your sell, it's a marketing tool as well. A well designed food package will influence buyers to purchase a product and increase product recognition through image.

Packaging and labeling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Packaging is the technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation  ...

Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Packaging of the World is one of the most prominent package design website showcasing the most interesting and creative work worldwide.

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Packaging Digest: Packaging Materials, Equipment, and News

Makeup and beauty products might bring out your eyes or add some style to your hair, but the only addition to the environment is more packaging waste. And..

ULINE - Shipping Boxes, Shipping Supplies, Packaging Materials ...

Uline stocks over 29000 shipping boxes, packing materials and mailing supplies. Same day shipping for cardboard shipping boxes, plastic bags, janitorial, retail ...

Aaron Thomas Company

Aaron Thomas is a contract packager offering contract packaging services in Los Angeles, Chicago and Memphis. AIB inspected. NSF and QAI certified.
U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC.

Preferred Packaging Supplier For Companies Across The United States! Shrink Wrap, Stretch Film, Tape, Pallet Covers, Food Packaging, and More!
Assemblies Unlimited, Inc.

Assemblies Unlimited has over 20 years of experience in retail packaging solutions including blister, pouching, clamshell, food packaging, and more.
Bespoke Packaging - Project Packaging

Contact Bespoke Packaging today to if you need bespoke packaging designs from an expert team that is dedicated to your project.
ChemicalLabels - NFPA and RTK Labels

Find 1000's of chemical labels including in-stock labels for most hazardous materials. Designs include NFPA, DOT, HMIS, OSHA & MSDS compliant labels.
Metal Marker Manufacturing

Your Source for Custom Metal Tags, Nameplates, Decals, Nameplates and More. ISO 9001 AS9100 Certified. Award winning quality and delivery since 1923
MyAssetTag - Metal Asset Tags

Supplier & distributor of stock & custom metal asset tags. Aluminum metal asset tags feature embedded print for best abrasion and chemical resistance.
MySafetyLabels - Machine & Equipment Safety Labels

Exhaustive collection of in-stock and custom safety labels. Choose from 1000's of ANSI labels, OSHA labels, ISO labels and machine safety labels.
Online Packaging Shop

We can offer a range of packaging supplies to retail, industrial and home users. Shop online for packaging materials today. Based in the UK.
ShippingLabels - Fragile and Shipping Labels

Supplier of shipping labels & mailing labels. Find Fragile Stickers, This End Up Labels, Made in USA and Handle with Care Labels. All ship in 1 day.

SoOPAK are the knowledgeable packaging specialists, offering high-quality packaging solutions with fast turnaround time and competitive prices.
XpressTags - Custom Printed Plastic and Paper Tags

Free shipping on custom plastic tags, stock and custom metal tags and Tyvek tags - all direct from the factory. All colors of shipping tags, too.

Supplies for Boxes

Boxes are one of the basics of business. Just about every business uses boxes to receive inventory, pack up equipment, ship products and store paperwork. But whether your business uses shipping cartons, mailer boxes or corrugated boxes, you'll also need additional supplies.

A moving box, a shipping carton and a storage box all need help properly seal and protect the items inside. But in this time-crunched world, finding and ordering all those materials can be an annoying task. With that in mind, this guide will help you quickly find and purchase:

1. Packing materials to cushion and protect contents;

2. Packing tape to seal boxes shut;

3. And labels to identify contents.

Purchase packing materials for your boxes

If you are preparing cardboard boxes for mailing or delivery, you will probably want to include packing materials to cushion and protect the product that is inside the box.

Purchase packing tape for your boxes

Just about every cardboard box and mailing box will need to be sealed shut at some point, and the best way to do this is with packing tape. Boxes sealed with packing tape will hold together well, and the tape can seal off the edges of the box to protect the contents from the elements.

Purchase labels for your boxes

Once your boxes are packed up and sealed, you will need to label them. Common labels include a storage label, a "fragile" label and a blank label for mailing. Labels are usually sold in rolls or sheets in quantities ranging from a couple hundred to a couple thousand.
  • When ordering supplies for boxes, be sure to ask about the company's return policy.
  • If you are making a large purchase, call the supplier directly to see if you can get a reduced rate on shipping or a bulk discount.