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Supplies for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging supplies are abundantly available if you know the right places to look. From foil for blister packs to pharmaceutical boxes for casing to bottles, jars and syringes, safe, quality pharma packaging and packaging supplies give you a multitude of options.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Basics

Pharmaceutical packaging and vitamin packaging comes in many shapes and forms. From ampules to blister packaging to bottles and jars to capsules, tablets and more, your product is identified and often branded by how it appears, is labeled and is packaged.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News is a comprehensive resource for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals.

Pharma Packaging Solutions: Packaging Design and Innovation

Who We Are. Pharma Packaging Solutions is an agile, compliant and innovative contract packager and folding carton producer, serving the healthcare and ...

Pharmaceutical packaging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pharmaceutical packaging has to be carried out for the purpose of the safety of the pharmaceutical preparations in order to keep them free from contamination, ...

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Flexible Pharmaceutical Packaging - Amcor

Amcor is a global manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging, including barrier laminations for pharmaceuticals packaged in sachets, stick packs, strip packs and ...

Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging - Old Values. New Ideas.

Company Profile. Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging is an independent, privately held contract pharmaceutical packaging company located in St. Louis, ...

Healthcare Packaging: News, trends and analysis of ...

Discover the latest pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, and nutraceutical packaging strategies including serialization, validation, and pack ...

Aphena Pharma Solutions: Pharmaceutical Packaging ...

Aphena Pharma Solutions provides turnkey pharmaceutical packaging, repackaging and manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical, OTC and dietary ...

Pharma Packaging and Labeling USA 2015 - Arena International

The 7th Pharma Packaging and Labeling USA conference (PHPL) is the pharma industry's key invitation-only event, giving you a platform for discussion, debate ...

Pharmaceutical Packaging, Healthcare Packaging, Medical ...

A global operation with a local touch, Chesapeake Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Packaging has over 20 strategically located manufacturing facilities in the US ...

Annex 9 Guidelines on packaging for pharmaceutical products

The quality of the packaging of pharmaceutical products plays a very important role in the ... The requirements to be met by pharmaceutical packaging and pack- .

Pharmaceutical Packaging Key Terms

Pharmaceuticals are used by people on a daily basis. To keep consumers safe, pharmaceuticals are packaged in sterile containers that prevent contamination through environmental elements or human tampering. There is a variety of products used in pharmaceutical packaging, including a range of glass and plastics. These materials are easily sterilized to accommodate pharmaceuticals that cannot come in contact with other materials. Pharmaceutical packaging also provides expiration dates to avoid the use of outdated medicines.

Aspetic processing

Aspetic processing is the process of creating packaging for pharmaceuticals that is sterile and will not degrade the contents in any way. Glass and many types of plastic are commonly used in aspetic processing.

Blister pack

A blister pack provides unit dosing for medicines, with a single dose contained in a formed plastic cavity. Single blisters are often attached to a large sheet, providing multiple doses.


In pharmaceutical packaging, ingression is the act of moisture or oxygen entering the packaging, which can result in contamination.

Child safety

Child safety in pharmaceutical packaging often refers to bottle caps that require a complicated motion to be opened, preventing children from obtaining the pharmaceutical. Child safety measures have also been implemented in other types of pharmaceutical packaging as well.

Expiration date

An expiration date on pharmaceuticals is the date that determines how long the product can safely be consumed. Expiration dates vary depending on the contents of the packaging.
Harvard Medical School offers a discussion on expiration dates.

Tamper evident

A tamper evident feature on pharmaceutical packaging allows a consumer to be sure that a package is in its original condition and has not been opened.
Penton Media's PPFC Magazine provides information on the many products that use tamper evident packaging and the different types of packaging available.

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