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Providers of pick and pack services. Research companies offering pick and pack fulfillment services for small to mid-sized businesses. Select a pick and pack shipping vendor that suits your business fulfillment needs.

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Verde Fulfillment is a 3PL eco-friendly fulfillment and warehousing business in Boise, Idaho USA who can pick pack ship your products.

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3PL value-added logistics services can be a cost effective strategy for large and small businesses in New Jersey. Glenway specializes in 3rd party fulfillment and  ...

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Weber Logistics is a West Coast fulfillment warehouse provider. Visit for list of companies and pick & pack services.

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In addition to creating greater shipping efficiencies, our outsourced pick and pack services leverage cost advantages due to the scale of our operations.

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Our pick and pack warehouses in Central or Western Canada will store your goods ... and cut costs with managed pick and pack services from Farrow Logistics.

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Is a one stop fulfillment center, offering pick and pack, warehousing, kitting, packaging, sorting and rework. You will receive personalized service, and we will  ...

Business Guide to Pick and Pack Services

To save time and money as well as compete easily with other businesses, you need to discover the most cost-efficient warehousing and shipping solutions for your business operations. Because a number of companies offer pick and pack services, you must carefully consider all your options to select the one that can serve your needs best. The types of services available vary from one company to another. While some businesses handle order fulfillment jobs that occur away from your location, others focus on finding the most effective approaches that will work in your warehouse. At any rate, make sure that you work only with dependable pick and pack providers that can also offer additional services.


Pick and pack services offer flexible warehousing and order fulfillment services for businesses of all sizes. If your business lacks the space and personnel to efficiently and cost effectively fill customer orders, then perhaps a pick and pack service is for you.

You Provide the Product, They Provide the Personnel

If you have business with a growing customer base, you may find yourself unable to meet customer needs without increasing the number of employees who are filling orders. Unfortunately, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you’ll pay nearly $30,000 per year for each warehouse employee. Pick and pack companies provide employees trained in fast and efficient order fulfillment at no additional charge to you.

Your Inventory Will Be Safe

Personnel working for pick and pack companies are specially trained in the handling and safe packaging of merchandise. They understand the best ways to ship your items so they arrive to your customers intact. Pick and pack warehouses also keep a stock of safe packaging materials, and many do not charge extra for their use. Finally, many order fulfillment companies offer tracking services. By tracking shipped packages, you ensure that your customers receive their orders quickly.

If You Don’t Have Space, They Do

One of the most important commodities for order fulfillment is space. If you lack adequate space, you will have nowhere to store your product. Also, renting or building warehouses for your inventory can be extremely costly, and may not even be an option for smaller businesses. For example, renting 15,000 square foot warehouse in Los Angeles can cost around $85,000 per year. This cost does not account for property taxes, utilities, or security to keep your inventory safe. If you choose to work with a pick and pack company, you send them your inventory, and they do the rest—for much cheaper than the cost of storing your products yourself.

If you decide that a pick and pack service will meet the needs of your business, be sure to research your options to determine which service is right for you.


Inadequate Capacity

Outsourcing your company's order fulfillment process can enable you to concentrate on producing and marketing your products. Before you select pick and pack services for your business, there are potential pitfalls that you should consider when making the final decision. It is important to select pick and pack services that ordinarily handle your order volume. If you select a service that caters to businesses with a much higher order volume, your company's orders may receive short shrift. If you select a specialty service with clients that have smaller order volumes, the service may not be able to handle your account properly.

Lack of Professionalism

Hiring pick and pack services to perform a vital business function means that the company you select must conform to the highest professional standards. The service acts on your company's behalf. Problems reflect on your business name, not the service. A significant issue can arise if you enter into a contract for services, only to find out that the way the service conducts business is incompatible with your company's advertised standards.

Poor Client Relations

Outsourcing order fulfillment places a third-party vendor between you and your customer. Your relationship with that vendor will often determine how happy your customers are at the end of the process. If the company you select to provide pick and pack services is unresponsive to your needs, the process may end up being more of a hindrance to your operations than a help. The other important issue about client relations that can create problems for your company is the way the service treats its own errors. Some services pass the damage and shrinkage costs that occur during the pick and pack process through to your company, without taking any responsibility.

Slow Turnaround Time

One of your evaluation standards for pick and pack services should be the time it takes them to complete their part of the order fulfillment process. Slow turnaround time can affect your company's relationships with its customers and, ultimately, your profit margins.


Choosing pick and pack services for your business will allow you to outsource your order fulfillment needs. This is a cost-effective means of both storing inventory and shipping orders to your customers, especially for small businesses that cannot afford costly warehousing fees—in fact, a warehouse of only 60,000 square feet can cost your business more than $1,000,000.

Fortunately, there are many pricing options for pick and pack services. Pick and Pack Logistics Inc. is a warehousing and order fulfillment company that specializes in small business needs. This company’s fee schedule for order fulfillment costs $1.50 per order plus $.10 per item within the order. Its warehousing service costs a base price of $100 per month plus $10 per 32 cubic feet—much cheaper than buying a warehouse of equivalent size.

This company is just one of the many that provide pick and pack services. Most companies will provide price quotes, so be sure to shop around before choosing one.


Saving money is the most obvious benefit that can be gained from hiring pick and pack services. In addition, this option will save you the trouble of having to worry about meeting deadlines as well as keeping the orders intact, because pick and pack company workers are skilled in handling and packaging merchandise. Before entering into a contract agreement with a pick and pack provider, make certain that the company’s professionalism and standards are commensurate with yours to avoid any glitches later on. Also, make sure that the company you choose is committed to take responsibility for any damage and shrinkage problems that can occur during the pick and pack process.

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