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Making the Most of Container Leasing and Rental Services

Container leasing companies are facilities that rent or lease small and large portable storage spaces. They are usually made of steel and delivered to your home or business.

40 Foot Container Applications and Uses

Buying a shipping container, 40 foot or other size, can be a great benefit to a company if used wisely. Besides the obvious shipping uses, a 40-foot container can also be used to store items, create extra workspace and even be considered a home.

Container Leasing and Rental Services Key Terms

Leasing or renting a container, either for storage or transportation, requires the understanding of several key terms. Containers vary by size, the point of entry, the type of transportation they are geared for and even the type of product that will be housed within them.

Metal Containers Key Terms

Gone are the days when shipping containers all looked alike. Today, there are a broad range of metal containers suitable not just for shipping, but also for storage.

Metal Containers

Business primarily uses metal storage containers to keep equipment and supplies temporarily on a construction or business site and to store excess inventory while on a job. This type of steel container may be 10 to 50 feet long with double doors, frequently at both ends.

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Container Leasing and Rental Services

It's time to contact a container leasing company when: Your excess inventory, equipment, files, supplies or tools drive you crazy every time you see them without a proper home. .

40 Foot Container

Whether you are actually shipping cargo across the ocean or just want a sturdy, large storage facility, a 40 foot container is surprisingly easy to find for your business. Typically, a container 40 foot long is actually about 39 feet and 4 inches long, 7 feet and 6 inches tall, and 7 feet and 8 inches wide inside.

Shipping and Rating Software

When your business has large amounts of inventory to send out, you’ll want to install shipping and rating software for use in your warehouse. Once you download the rating software, you can calculate the amounts you’ll have to pay to ship out a product and then pass that cost onto your customer.

Shipping Cases

When traveling with expensive, sensitive or fragile equipment, look for a shipping cases manufacturer or supplier that carries cases to protect your valuables. Your work may entail industrial, sports, electronics, military, medical, commercial or government applications that necessitate traveling with items that can break with excessive jarring or exposure to the elements.

Using Metal Containers

Metal containers come in a variety of shapes and elements. Tin, steel and aluminum make up the most frequently used items.

Metal Containers Basics

While the most common products use for storage or packaging are cardboard or plastic, a considerably appealing alternative is metal containers. Consider items such as the classic round tin, often seen during the holidays in festive colors.

Pricing and Costs of Container Leasing and Rental Services

Container leasing and rental services let you choose the size and type of container you want, along with any extras, but these options can cost you more money. How much you'll end up paying for storage container rentals varies greatly.

Eagle Leasing

Eagle Leasing is the Northeast's supplier of storage containers, shipping containers, trailers for leasing, and office trailers. 1-800-Get-Eagle.
Haulaway Storage Containers, Inc.

Haulaway Storage provides steel portable storage containers for rent. Great for construction storage, residential storage. Serving the United States.
Universal Relocations INC

Universal Relocation helps shipping to India from USA. Baggage/TV /Full container Shipping/Door to Door service. please feel free to contact us.
Pac-Van, Inc. Shipping Containers

Pac-Van leases & sells storage containers such as connex boxes, shipping containers & jobsite trailer/combo units from 27 U.S. & Canadian locations.
Pelican Case Midwest

Distributor of shipping and carry cases including Pelican, Storm, and Hardigg. Including laptop cases, waterproof cases and Micro cases.

Storage and Shipping Containers

What would the world be without the omnipresent shipping container, aka, "the box"? Probably a lot poorer. Shipping containers have taken over world trade, and although industrial and invariably ugly, they do serve a long-needed purpose: total storage container control over goods in transit, come high water or heavy weather.

Working with shipping containers is a matter of shopping according to your company's very specific needs. In this primer on cargo containers, you'll learn:

1. Basic shipping containers types and uses
2. Using a plastic plastic shipping container or storage container to protect goods
3. How thermal and refrigerated cargo containers work
4. Choosing among shipping container manufacturers

Choosing the right shipping containers

These days, most cargo containers for sale must conform to International Standards Organization (ISO) shipping container measurements.
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Shipping containers vary according to industrial need

A storage container known as a flat rack or platform shipping container is open on the sides and can carry heavy machinery. Open top shipping containers carry oversized, heavy cargo and bulk items, like steel pellets, coal, grain or sand.
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A plastic shipping container is the choice for fragile or odd-size goods

Before it can go in the big metal box, a lot of items should be packaged separately, often in plastic cargo containers. These are often custom-made shipping containers or designed for specific industries, like agriculture.
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For sensitive goods, use thermal or refrigerated shipping containers

Shipping containers come with thermal lining for frozen or sensitive goods, like fresh flowers and fish. Such shipping containers are not necessarily refrigerated, but refrigerated shipping containers can be bought or leased as well.

  • Most shipping companies supply shipping containers for their customers, although there's no guarantee. Increased world trade has squeezed the supply of steel for new shipping containers from shipping container manufacturers.
  • Shipping containers are built to international standards in order to accommodate what's known as intermodal -- train, truck or boat -- transport. If the small box shipping container seems too big, time to take out partial space.
  • Using a shipping container for storage can be pricey -- unless you buy a used one from a shipping container manufacturer. This can be easier than you might guess. Shipping containers get beat up on long voyages and quickly must be recycled, refurbished or sold off. There's even an architectural movement dedicated to recycling shipping containers for developing-world housing.