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The Container Store is the storage expert! You'll find the perfect storage containers, storage totes, plastic storage containers and everything in between.

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Shop for baskets, bins & containers at Target. Find baskets, bins & containers.

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Shop our selection of Storage Bins, Cubes & Totes in the Storage ... Best for easy access storage needs, kids, office, bathroom, or entryway storage ...

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Storage boxes and baskets are not just containers to throw things into. They're also a great way to complement your existing home furnishings. They come in a ...

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Plastic storage containers, bins, totes & drawers for everyday household storage.

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Glass food storage containers are safer than plastic - get jam jars and food storage sets at Shop for a Le Creuset® jam jar and other ...

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Control clutter with baskets & bins. Basket storage is stylish - try a storage rack then fill with a basket container for easy organization. Get a great tote from ... Baskets & Bins: Home & Kitchen: Storage Baskets ...

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Find Baskets & Storage Containers at Shop a variety of quality Baskets & Storage Containers and Storage & Organization that are available for ...

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The PODS portable storage container is one of the most secure and durable storage containers in the business today. Learn more about the PODS mobile ...

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Essentials Colorful Plastic Storage Boxes with Clip-Lock Lids, 2-ct. Packs. Unit Price: $1.00. Minimum Qty: 24 (1 case). reviews. Kids’ Plastic Water ...

Business Guide To Storage Containers

A big obstacle faced by companies that store or supply products is finding a means to accommodate the various supplies. Large amounts of items can take up a lot of valuable space, and transporting those items between locations presents another set of challenges. Using storage containers is one method of keeping the items organized and protected in the warehouse and during transportation. In some types of businesses, they are essential. It’s important that you evaluate your business’s needs as well as the different types of containers prior to purchasing them, however. While some containers and storage services may seem ideal at a glance, they could have a negative effect on your bottom line.


As of 2009, approximately 90% of non-bulk cargo is moved on container ships, so having to transport goods over any distance, or even storing them on-site, is a frequent concern to many businesses. Depending on the size and quantity of the products, storage containers can be a helpful, versatile option.

Security and Stability

One of the best things about quality storage containers sold by reputable firms is that they come with a security design and offer a clean, dry place to keep items that can get damaged by the elements. When you need to get your items safely indoors, oversized containers can be the perfect solution for documents or other materials.


With many storage containers, a vehicle brings the space to your door. Think of all of the fuel that you save compared to transporting all of your goods to a central storage facility. For those businesses that have room on their own properties, these intelligent storage containers can help save you lots of money and reduce fuel costs as well.


Lots of companies that offer larger storage options, such as shipping containers, allow customers to pay by the month. This means that when you no longer need your container, you no longer need to pay for it.

Portable Containers

Portable storage containers are an ideal storage option for your transportation and relocation needs. Because of their size and features, moving them is less of a hassle compared to that of moving large, heavier containers. They can also easily fit into smaller areas like parking spaces or driveways, which is helpful for small businesses.

Not only are these portable containers safe enough to store important materials and protect them from the weather, they are also very easy to load. They also have features that prevent them from slipping down sloped surfaces, which is important if you need containers for construction sites.


From corrugated boxes to freight containers, there are various types of containers available to fit almost any company’s needs. Despite the convenience of these containers, there are some considerable pitfalls you need to consider when deciding what type of shipping containers to incorporate into your business.

Size and Storage

Depending on the amount of shipping your company does, the size of the shipping containers may be their biggest drawback. If you are using corrugated boxes that can be stored flat, this isn’t likely to be an issue. However, if your items are large enough to warrant large or hard shipping containers, storage space may be difficult to find. For example, if you sell crate engines, you have to have enough storage space to accommodate those large crates, which will likely require a dedicated warehouse space.

Cost to Ship

Since the cost of shipping items depends largely on the size, shape and weight of the package, as well as the distance it has to travel, your shipping containers may prove expensive to ship. This is especially true if you have to use oversized boxes or containers to properly package products to avoid damaging them.

Lack of Customization

If your company sells irregularly shaped items, you may find that you have limited options for shipping containers that will work for your items. You have the option to either deal with what is available or to commission a company to manufacture custom shipping containers that will work for your items. This option is likely to be expensive, and it isn’t viable if you only sell a limited number of the items requiring a shipping container. Without custom containers, you will probably have wasted space in your container.


While many shipping containers are durable under normal use, there is a chance that the container won’t work for your needs. Oftentimes, heavy items and fragile items will require a very sturdy shipping container. Obtaining these durable containers will likely be more expensive than getting cardboard boxes for shipments. If the shipping containers you use are reusable, such as those for trains or trucks, you will have to pay for the upkeep if the containers get damaged.


Storage containers come in all shapes and sizes with a price to match. They can be leased or bought. Storage containers are always going to be in demand.

Cheaper Doesn't Mean Low Quality

All industrial storage containers must pass a thorough evaluation before being sold by a retailer. If you can find one that is cheaper than the rest that suits your business’ needs, you should buy it right away. Don’t wonder what the catch is, as all these containers must pass inspection.

Buy Used

You can find a lot of high-quality storage containers at a reseller. Given that, according to, the United States is responsible for exporting over 90,000 metric tons of goods annually, it is easy to understand how many of those will be available for resale. Storage containers must also be inspected prior to a resale. This means that you can save a lot by buying used.

Low-Scale Storage

Small-scale storage containers used primarily to store small quantities of goods that need to be kept at a local location for a while have a very large price range. Such containers vary in price based on the size and materials used.


While there are many benefits to using storage containers for supplies and product distribution, employing the wrong type of container can create additional problems for a company. For this reason, you should heavily consider the various storage options as well as the types of supplies you carry to ensure a proper fit. Doing so will help you find the most cost-effective means of storing and transporting items, and it will help you avoid any waste of space on your company’s property. This, in turn, can provide you with more money and space to devote to other aspects of your business.

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