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Directory of 360 degree feedback reviews for employee evaluations and management assessment. Find providers of automated 360 surveys with peer review and multi user feedback.

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Whether you’re conducting your own 360 employee review or are working with a consulting group to collect and decipher the data, it’s important to know industry terminology to ensure you’re on the same page when analyzing and discussing results. Not only will knowing terms like “competencies” and “XX” help you gather the data you need to evaluate an employee, it will also enable you to effectively explain the results and use it to create effective employee training and guidance.

360 Review

In 360 degree performance reviews, you track and assess your employee performance with the help of employee peers, management and other relevant people. A 360 degree peer review allows you to tap into the knowledge of those who work alongside your employees or otherwise observe your employees, rather than simply using your own limited observation of that employee.

Training for 360 Review

The 360 degree feedback refers to a full-circle employee development assessment. Recommendations born from 360 feedback are believed to lead to positive changes in performance and job satisfaction as employees acquire a cumulative awareness of their own strengths and a better view of how they are perceived within the organization.

360-degree feedback - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In human resources or industrial psychology, 360-degree feedback, also known as multi-rater feedback, multi source feedback, or multi source assessment, ...

What is 360 Degree Feedback ? - CustomInsight

360 Degree Feedback is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them.

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360-degree Feedback: Weighing the Pros and Cons

360-degree Feedback, or multi-rater feedback, was used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies last year (Carruthers, 2003). It is generally believed to be a highly ...

360 Degree Feedback: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

360 feedback is a process that provides each employee with the opportunity to receive performance feedback from coworkers. See what 360 accomplishes.

The 7 Reasons Why 360 Degree Feedback Programs Fail - Forbes

Aug 17, 2012 ... 360 degree feedback has been around for some time now. You know it's reached the level of common management practice when it gets ...

360 Degree Feedback Surveys and Coaching - DecisionWise

360 degree feedback surveys that measure the 12 most critical leadership competencies and derailers. View a sample 360 feedback survey and report.

360-Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback packages and process for individuals, teams or organizations.

Using 360-Degree Feedback in Organizations - Center for Creative ...

CCL No. 338. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Fleenor, John W. Using 360-degree feedback in organizations : an annotated bibliography /.

360 Degree Feedback Software | Reviewsnap

Reviewsnap offers a fully automated 360 degree feedback solution to capture a wide view of an employee's performance. This cloud-based software provides ...

Working with 360 Review

In order for 360 degree feedback to be truly successful, it should be applied as a tool to enhance employee development and as a means to realize the company goals. Management support and communication with the employees are necessary throughout the project to attain the maximum value for this initiative. In addition, selecting the right tools when working with 360 review based on your company culture and climate will make administration of the project much easier.

The 360 management and planning processes must consider the benefits and perceived risks of all involved. Employees and their reviewers may have concerns about the confidentiality of the reviews, how the 360 feedback will be used within the organization and what type of follow up can be expected. In addition to those concerns, addressing the following will help you while working with 360 review:

1. Will the 360 review data be used as an employee training and development tool or a performance appraisal tool?

2. Will automated 360 surveys or paper versions be the most effective for your firm?

3. Should the 360 feedback data be collected anonymously or as part of a facilitated face-to-face meeting?

4. Will the employee retain the 360 degree feedback reports or will the company control access to the data?

Employ 360 review survey services to develop your questionnaire

The 360 feedback survey is the basis for your project. The survey must measure various dimensions of employee performance in order to provide relevant results. The 360 review questions should address leadership skills, initiative, and communication skills. To achieve findings that have an impact, utilize a survey with the proper mix of rating questions and open-ended questions.

Utilize an online 360 review provider for easy administration

Online 360 review providers allow you access to tools that make 360 review administration user friendly. Online systems make it possible to control access to findings so managers can view results from their direct reports and the confidentiality of other departments is maintained. Other benefits of online tools include integrated reporting functions and easy user and rater administration.

Contract 360 degree feedback services for a complete consulting solution

Consulting firms can provide complete 360 review surveys - from design to implementation. They will help you design a complete customized survey system, implement the process, provide a full suite of reports and follow-up coaching to help you make the best use of the data.

  • Smaller organizations that are new to 360 feedback and have limited HR resources available should consider using an existing survey as opposed to creating your own 360 review form. You will realize a greater return on your investment and benefit from the expertise of those more experienced.