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Quickly find makers and sellers of address verification software applications. Review listings for links to providers of address verification software and web-based mailing address verification solutions.

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Making the Most of Address Verification Software

Sending out emails and newsletters to an email address that is no longer working or is invalid will not only clog up your mailbox with non-deliverable addresses but will also cost you money in service charges. Last year, wrong address information cost U.

Address Verification Software Education and Training

As a business owner who conducts sales online, you probably think investing in address verification software is a great idea. You're right.

Address Verification Software Pricing and Costs

Address verification software programs are a useful tool for many businesses. These programs make it easy to stay in contact with your clients and business contacts through postal mail or email.

USPS Address Verification | Address Validation | Experian Data ...

Our powerful address verification tools validate addresses in real time before they are added to your database. Our address validation software provides a ...

Address Verification and Correction Software, APIs, Toolkits ...

SmartSoft offers address verification software solutions for you to capture, clean and correct your contact information.

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SmartyStreets: Address verification, validation and geocoding

Paste in a list of addresses or use our API to add real-time address validation to your website or app. ... Simple copy+paste process; No software to install.

USPS - Address Management

Verify & Transport · Track ... Tools and services to maintain accurate addresses in your mail list. ... CASS™ Address-matching software that evaluates accuracy.

Address Verification - Melissa Data

Melissa Data's international address verification, address validation and address ... Data Quality Tools, Mailing Software, Lists, NCOA, Data Enhancements.

USPS CASS - Certified Address Verification Software - AddressDoctor

The USPS offers an official certification process (CASS) for address validation software. Certification is an absolute necessity if you plan to post bulk mail at ...

Address Verification Software - CorrectAddress®

Online address verification software which references the latest USPS data. Verify & standardize all address data completely online. Learn More Now!


Egon is a data quality software that provides all-round operations for international postal address verification and geocoding. Free Demo available!
Address Verification

Verify or Correct any U.S. Postal Address real-time. Batch Verification is also available. Add this feature to any software or webware application.

Guide to Address Verification Software

Address verification software can prove itself as an important solution for any business owner. Businesses that rely on mailings for their sales will benefit from having the correct address on file.

When you put in place address verification software systems, the program will most likely perform several different functions for you. First of all, it corrects the addresses entered into your system and checks it against USPS standards. Mailing address verification software also removes undeliverable addresses from your database.

1. Decide between traditional and web-based mailing address verification software. With web-based mailing address verification software, you get real time solutions with the most up to date information from USPS. For traditional software programs, you'll use the preloaded information and rely on software updates to keep data current.

2. Look at the features of the different address verification services. You’ll want mailing verification systems that offer you the most comprehensive address verification solutions.

3. Find address verification software providers. After comparing the products available, purchase and install the address verification software system.

Compare address verification services

When shopping around for mailing address verification software, you need to compare the prices and the features of each program. You'll also want to look for an address verification solution approved by the USPS.

Get a web-based mailing address verification software solution

When you find address verification software providers with web based solutions, you know you're getting the most up to date mailing information possible. Web based programs get updated automatically to reflect zip code changes, route alterations and forwarded addresses.

Purchase address verification software with extra features

When you locate address verification software suppliers, you'll want to see the different things their systems offer to business owners. Besides address verification services, many programs offer postal presorting, automated addressing and corrections made to data at point of entry.
  • For bulk mailings, the United States Post Office estimates that about 3% gets returned to the sender as undeliverable as addressed. With postal address verification software, you'll save on the cost of postage due to the higher mailing accuracy.

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