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Time Tracking Software, Time & Attendance System, Time - Kronos ...

Kronos automated time-tracking software is the ultimate time and attendance system to help reduce risk of costly payroll errors and inflation.

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Top 10 Most Reviewed Employee Time and Attendance Software Systems ... Operated on a Windows system, the software provides an administration mode to  ...

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Easy Clocking Biometric Time Clocks and time attendance systems offer the only effective ... Easy Clocking offers low prices on all time and attendance systems.

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TimeForce time and attendance systems for business. Many time clock options including wireless, bar code, swipe card, and biometric systems. Optional ...

Time & Attendance Systems - Wasp Barcode Technologies

Wasp Barcode offers a wide range of time and attendance systems, including biometric, RFID, barcode, and HID time clocks. Compare our time clock solutions.

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15 Time-and-Attendance Systems for Small Businesses

Jul 2, 2014 ... To help ensure that the process goes smoothly and accurately, many small businesses use a time-and-attendance system. The system allows ...

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Jul 11, 2014 ... Experts provide tips on what businesses should look for in a time and attendance system.

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CruzPay is the enterprise time and attendance system for UCSC. It is a web- based system that will be used by UCSC employees for recording time worked and ...

timeQplus Time and Attendance Systems

A timeQplus system offers you unprecedented flexibility in time and attendance tracking to perfectly suit your business needs. This versatile computer time clock  ...

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Looking for the best time & attendance software? We have easy-to-read, expert unbiased reviews and feature comparisons of the best and cheapest programs.

Biometrics, Time and Attendance Systems, Bundy Clock

PeopleKey time and attendance systems are known throughout Australia and the world for their reliability and cutting edge biometric fingerprint technology.

Time and attendance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[edit]. Automated time and attendance systems can use electronic tags, barcode badges, magnetic stripe cards, biometrics ...

A Guide to Attendance Systems

Time is money. Benjamin Franklin said it first, and while it seems cliché, every small business owner knows how much truth there is in that simple statement.

Modern attendance tracking systems, also known as attendance management systems, have features and functionality vastly superior to their predecessors: handwritten timecards. The handwritten timecard attendance system was less than ideal for employees as well as business owners because it took both away from the real work that needed to be done. Inaccurate reporting, labor and payroll errors were understandably (and unintentionally) common.

Accurately tracking employee attendance with an automated attendance system can help you control labor costs by standardizing rules pertaining to work and pay, and minimizes compliance (FSLa, union) risk by enforcing and tracking requirements. The most valuable benefit of an electronic system is its ability to reduce time-consuming manual and administrative tasks (and paper records), resulting in more time for hands-on work and, ultimately, improved workforce productivity. Assess your company’s attendance system needs with the following criteria in mind.

Program (Software) Accessibility

Ideally your team will be able to access project information from multiple sources: internally on the company’s network server (non-Internet access), from remote locations via the Internet, and on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Off-site, or mobile, access is imperative if your employees are spread across multiple locations and time zones; each person must be able to update their activities on an ongoing basis. Think about whether you want, or need, to access to employee attendance from your own iPhone®, Blackberry®, or Android™ device.


The handwritten timecard’s day has passed, but many industries still need attendance tracking hardware – time clocks. Automated attendance system clocks do much more than punch an employee’s card with a timestamp. There are fixed and portable models on the market, many built to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial and outdoor job sites. Time and attendance records are accurate down to the minute, eliminating payroll guesswork. Other hardware tracking options are biometric and fingerprint attendance systems that collect, report and track employee work hours, breaks, and leaves with a simple finger scan.

Software and Reporting

Automated attendance systems will become an integral part of your accounting and payroll personnel, so they must be able and will to use the attendance system software. Study online user reviews and user forums to gauge how easy or difficult a particular system is to use. Many attendance management system manufacturers offer free trial use of their products. Take advantage of these offers and have your employees get hands-on experience with multiple software packages before you decide which one to purchase.

Work with your accounting department – or outside tax professionals – to see how much of your quarterly and annual reporting can be automated with an attendance tracking system. Having access to information throughout the year can reduce the stress associated with filing taxes.

Room to Grow

Be forward-thinking when you’re ready to automate your company’s attendance management system. What you need today could change as you grow in the coming months and years. Look for an expandable attendance system that’s expandable, able to process 25-50% more employees than you currently have.

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