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Lists vendors offering billing database resources.

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Time and billing database - Templates - Microsoft Office

Track and manage billable hours devoted to clients' projects and cases with this powerful Access database template. Maintain client vital details as well as ...

Desktop time and billing - Templates - Microsoft Office

Manage your organization's client cases and projects, including billing , invoices and balance sheets using this robust ... Desktop Product inventory database.

Database Model - jBilling

Most of your users (if not all) will have contact information necessary for billing. However, contact information is not directly associated to a base_user .

billing software database free download - Softonic

billing software database free download - Excel Invoicing Template 3.0: The Excel Invoicing Template stores product, customer and order details with inventory ...

USA ePay : Customer Billing Database

Customers these days usually carry multiple payment methods they use to pay for products and bills; this is why the Customer Billing Database allows the ...

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help building a db for monthly billing? - Microsoft Access / VBA - Bytes

payments, as well -- splitting out just a "billing database" is trying to be "too granular". And, unless your business requirements are trivially simple, perhaps even ...

mysql - Conceptual data model for a billing system - Database ...

Mar 21, 2014 ... I am working on existing MySQL database, my task is to create a new data model for a billing system on that existing application, I have created ...

sql - Recurring Billing Database Design - Stack Overflow

It's difficult to tell what is being asked here. This question is ambiguous, vague, incomplete, overly broad, or rhetorical and cannot be reasonably ...

MS Access Invoicing and Quotation Billing Application - YouTube

Mar 19, 2008 ... An easy to use application suitable for home and the small business, clubs etc. The system requires MS Access ...

Accounting and billing database schema - IBM

The accounting and billing database schema is provided so that you can use a structured query language (SQL) reporting tool to audit and sort data. This tool is  ...

Accounting and billing database schema

The accounting and billing database schema is provided so that you can use a structured query language (SQL) reporting tool to audit and sort data and to ...

How do I move my Billings database from one ... - Marketcircle

Professional time billing for anyone. ... To move the database to another computer, do the following: ... How can I restore a Billings database from its backup?

Billing Database

The right accounting and billing database, whether you use on-site billing software or one of a number of available outsource billing companies, can streamline your billing practices with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Accuracy and efficiency are vital to the billing needs of your business. The more accurate your billing records are, the easier you'll find day-to-day functioning, not to mention getting instant access to billing reports when it's time for quarterly and annual reports. You can simplify daily operations, even tax time, with the right database billing. First, make some informed decisions about the billing process to match your business needs by considering:

1. Billing software vs. outsourcing

2. Integration with other business software applications

3. Customization options for time billing database management

Determine which billing database system is right for your business

Many companies offer billing database management services. Finding the right one for your company is important. Request a detailed report of the services offered, the programs used, the confidentiality agreement, the price per service and record accessibility.

Try time and billing database software before you buy

There is time and billing database software available no matter which system you are running, PC or Mac. For PC, Microsoft Office is the most popular choice. If you use Mac, there are versions of Microsoft Office available for purchase at Amazon.

Customize your billing database solutions

Billing database software is only as good as it is relevant to your business needs. If outsourcing, choose a company with many billing database solutions. This ensures you are getting what you need, not a generic answer as applied to many businesses.
  • Meet with a representative of a billing database management company before signing a contract to make sure all of your needs and concerns are addressed.

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