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Quickly find providers of business dashboards and executive dashboard software. Business dashboard vendors offer various applications, including financial dashboard software and information management dashboard programs.

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Using Business Dashboards

Executive dashboard software programs can help you manage your all your business projects and records with little effort. You can use dashboard software to integrate your business management techniques with others who are working on the same projects.

Business Dashboards News and Trends

Executive dashboard software is becoming more sophisticated all the time. As new research into new levels of executive management continues to be explored, business intelligence dashboard programs are being developed to streamline the processes.

Business Dashboards Key Terms

If you want a quick and easy way to monitor how your business is doing, then a business dashboard may be just the tool you're looking for. There are lots of software programs on the market that can help you with this aspect of running your business, so you don't have to invest the resources to develop your own.

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Sep 6, 2013 ... An Executive Dashboard is a visual representation, such as the image below, that gives executives a quick and easy way to view their ...

What is executive dashboard? - Definition from

An executive dashboard is a computer interface that displays the key performance indicators (KPIs) that corporate officers need to effectively run an en. ..

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Executive Dashboards | Dashboard Examples - Klipfolio

Business dashboards are a powerful tool that provide executives with at-a-glance awareness of their business performance.

Dashboard (management information systems) - Wikipedia, the free ...

It has been suggested that this article be merged with Dashboard (business). ... the corporate enterprise and otherwise unavailable to the senior executives.

Executive Dashboards

Executive Dashboards. iDashboards Executive Dashboard software provides a user-friendly and cost-effective dashboard solution that is an alternative to ...

Executive Dashboard : Driving Organizations to Excellence

A Web-based executive information system that provides executives with a dashboard view of a company's performance goals vs actual results. Powerful drill ...

Business Dashboards - Tableau Software

An executive dashboard is like a thermometer for your business. You don't need to go to the doctor every day, but you can take your temperature in a few ...

Executive Dashboard | Dundas Data Visualization

This executive dashboard displays financial metrics and sales metrics such as Margin by Month, Sales Distribution, Monthly Support Expenses, Monthly ... | Mobile Application - Executive Dashboard (ArcGIS 10.1)

The Executive Dashboard is an application used by local government leaders to proactively view critical metrics, identify trends, raise questions, and devise new ...

Small Business Executive Dashboards

When you peer at your car's dashboard, you can quickly assess how the vehicle is functioning and receive alerts when something's gone awry. Small business dashboards offer something similar to business owners: a consolidated view of key information about the business, including alerts when trouble looms.

Dashboards are essentially one-screen, customizable computer snapshots comprising charts and tables of your company's key indicators: sales reports (daily, monthly, year-to-date), cash on hand, profitability, back orders, inventory levels, payroll, accounts receivable and payable, etc. Costs range from about $150 to $1,500 for an off-the-shelf program, but there are also Web-based subscription models that start at about $150 a month.

If you're using Peachtree or Quickbooks, you already have dashboard capabilities (Peachtree doesn't use the word "dashboard," but the program's home screen serves that function.) Microsoft Small Business Accounting also has dashboard functionality that includes:

  1. Automatic company-wide updates when the program receives new data
  2. Customizable views for different employees
  3. Warning lights when indicators reach unacceptable levels

Test drive off-the-self software

If you don't already have the software, you can download free trial versions and check out their respective dashboard features.

Consider using Web-hosted software

Dashboard views are also available in online versions, such as the service from Quickbooks, and from Web-only packages such as NetSuite. The benefits of hosted accounting software include easy access from any Internet connection and automatic software upgrades.

Determine what you need to track

Once the software is installed, you'll need to figure out which business indicators you want to track. This may not be as obvious as it sounds. The most important number or ratio for your business may not be the one you think it is, and that all-important number may change over time.
  • Check to see if your current accounting software has dashboard capability.
  • Plan on two to three months to get up and running, both in terms of implementing the software and inputting the data.
  • Inquire whether the software you're considering has different views for different people: CEO, salespeople, bookkeepers, accountants, etc.
  • Your dashboard may need to change as your business changes. Make sure your dashboard can grow with you and your business.

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Receive tips, tools, and case studies with the Advisor, our weekly email newsletter

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306,241 Subscribers