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Business intelligence solutions and business analysis services to uncover internal trends, opportunities and problem areas, or analyze the competition with one of these business intelligence providers.

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Training for Decision Support Systems (DSS)

Many managers and business leaders might be thinking about setting up training programs, software systems and resources for getting Decision Support Systems into the mix at their companies. DSS is all about wedding the natural intelligence of humans to new technology that assists in pin-pointing quantities, projecting for the future, and generally helping out with decision making.

Business Dashboards Key Terms

If you want a quick and easy way to monitor how your business is doing, then a business dashboard may be just the tool you're looking for. There are lots of software programs on the market that can help you with this aspect of running your business, so you don't have to invest the resources to develop your own.

Decision Support Systems ( DSS ) Applications and Uses

As one of a variety of new tools coming out of modern computing and data modeling, DSS is getting a lot of attention from many businesses as a way to promote better projections, management and analysis within a company or business. DSS comes in many forms, and the term basically refers to a computer-aided system that helps managers and planners make decisions.

Bonding Services for Small Business

Getting bonded gives your business an edge over the competition. A bond, or surety bond, is a three-party guarantee insuring that a product or service is made or delivered, and that specific rules are followed.

Business Management Software Education and Training

Business management software is an essential part of any business, yet small business owners may not know how to use it to its full potential. Business management software education and training will help you to decide which software is right for your business.

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Using Business Dashboards

Executive dashboard software programs can help you manage your all your business projects and records with little effort. You can use dashboard software to integrate your business management techniques with others who are working on the same projects.

Business Dashboards News and Trends

Executive dashboard software is becoming more sophisticated all the time. As new research into new levels of executive management continues to be explored, business intelligence dashboard programs are being developed to streamline the processes.

Business Performance Management Basics

Pay attention to the key points in business performance management basics. This entire field of study came from a business driven request to determine how to improve the performance of a business, regardless of industry.

Business Bonding Insurance Basics

Learning about business bonding insurance basics can help you protect your company’s reputation. Business bonding insurance provides protection for employers in the event of loss of property or money due to employee wrongdoing.

Business Performance Management Key Terms

Business Performance Improvement, also known as BPI, is a strategy for assessing business performance using technology that can measure and manage performance against strategic goals. As with any theory, business performance management uses terms not commonly used in everyday language.

Business Bonding Insurance Key Terms

Business bonding insurance helps owners protect their assets from employee wrongdoing, as well as any catastrophic events that might arise from construction projects that the company may embark on. There are numerous types of bonds available on the market today and when the bonding insurance industry is struggling, the government can intervene to protect the business owners.

Business Performance Management Education and Training

You can design a company program that will train your employees in business performance improvement solutions. Many HR professionals today believe there is simply no other way to significantly drive business results.

ActiveReports Server

100% web-based, rich, self-service reporting solution for rapidly deploying ad hoc reporting to business users.
Performance Management and Employee Engagement

PeopleStreme provides performance management software aligned to organization strategy including Objective Setting and Change Communication services.

Competitive Intelligence (CI)

If you don't fully understand what's happening in your competitive marketplace, it's difficult to make good strategic decisions for your business. Or, if you are simply getting your butt kicked by the competition, it may be time to find out why and what you can do about it.

Accurate competitive intelligence can be an invaluable asset. Here are some things you should know about competitive intelligence:
  1. It can make or break up-and-coming companies. Many successful entrepreneurs make an ongoing commitment to business research about their market and their competitors.
  2. Business intelligence can provide you with early warnings of both threats and opportunities — and of ways to improve your bottom line.
  3. It has both short- and long-term uses. You can use competitive intelligence for immediate decisions such as how to price a product or place an ad, or you can use the same information to help with long-term market positioning.

Leverage the power of the Web for business intelligence

As the Web continues to mature, great business research is becoming more accessible than ever. is a free, business-specific search engine designed to help you find the companies, products, services you need to make smart decisions.

Access public records information for a business background check

Public records can be a great place to do business research on companies, people and assets, and to understand the critical relationships among them.

Engage professional services to conduct competitive intelligence

D&B offers excellent business intelligence services.
providers of competitive intelligence  and business background check services.

Consult the experts on business intelligence

Every year, more and more people make a career out of the creation and management of business intelligence.
  • Competitive intelligence means different things to different parts of your business. A product development person seeks heads-up on a competitor's R&D, while a salesperson wants insight on how best to bid on a new project. As a business owner, you might consider it a long-term view of your marketplace and rivals.
  • Not all competitive intelligence is actionable, but even the best information is useless if not disseminated to everyone involved with your business who needs it.