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Call monitoring companies offering quality phone monitoring solutions. Call monitoring is a call center feature that lets managers listen in on agents' calls in order to improve agent performance.

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Using Call Monitoring

Recent changes in state and federal regulations have caused more companies to invest more time and money in using call monitoring software. New liability concerns and federal and state compliance requirements are two driving factors of increased usage of call center monitoring equipment.

Call Monitoring Education and Training

Call center monitoring is important for any company that does business over the telephone. Call monitoring equipment serves multiple purposes.

Call Monitoring Key Terms

Many businesses that have not previously used call monitoring are now required to do so by state or federal regulations. If your business is among these, keep in mind that while call monitoring requires a financial investment, the benefits to your company may outweigh the costs.

Voice Recording, Call Recording, Call Monitoring & Reporting ...

TriVium Systems is a leading provider of Voice Recording, Call Recording, Call Logging, and Quality Monitoring Solutions for phone systems – IP, digital and ...

Quality Monitoring by Verint - Verint Systems Inc.

With this innovative solution, contact centers can move beyond traditional quality monitoring and random call sampling toward an insightful, focused quality ...

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VPI QUALITY™ | Call Center Quality Monitoring Software System

VPI QUALITY is the most powerful call center quality monitoring software solution available today. This powerful call center quality monitoring software system ...

Call Center Recording & Monitoring Solution - Versadial Solutions

Call Centers in need of a call recording software application have found Versadial's Adutante Call Recording product to be easily operated, maintained, and ...

Quality Management | NICE Systems

Transform your call center quality management focus from agent performance to ... NICE Trading Recording Solution Receives Microsoft Lync Qualification.

Call Recording Software | Quality Monitoring | Compliance | OAISYS

OAISYS provides easy-to-use, practical and affordable call recording solutions in support of regulatory compliance and quality monitoring requirements.

Call Center Recording Software - Contact Center Call ... - Telrex

Call Center Recording Software - Enghouse Interactive Call Recording (formerly CallRex) is the monitoring solution for IP telephony and unified communications ...

Call Recording | Call Logging | Call Monitoring Solutions - VoiceGate

VoiceGate call logging / call monitoring solutions for mission critical liability recording. Our solutions are compatible with most business telephone systems.

Coordinated Systems, Inc.

The Best Value To Price In The Call Monitoring Industry ... Established in 1972, Coordinated Systems, Inc. has consistently evolved our solutions over time and ...

Call Monitoring Solutions

If you've made a phone call in the past decade, you've surely heard the words "this call may be monitored for training purposes." Business owners who want to ensure that their employees follow proper sales and customer service procedures sometimes record conversations to evaluate employees' interactions with customers. By listening to these calls, or hiring an outside company to listen to them, business owners can:
  1. Find out which sales approaches bring the best response.
  2. Reward helpful and efficient employees.
  3. Retrain or remove employees who can't help customers.

Install an automated system

You could walk around your office taking notes on employees' calls with pen and paper, but that's hardly an efficient way to work. Instead, install an automated monitoring system that scales to fit your needs and lets you either record calls or listen in on calls as they happen. Many come in versions specific to industries ranging from health care to finance to law.

Hire an outside evaluator

Listening to employee calls yourself can be a bad idea because (1) you have better things to do with your time and (2) you are emotionally attached to the business and might not have the right perspective. An outside monitoring service can objectively evaluate how employees handle calls, typically by using a check sheet to make sure that employees give their names, ask the right questions, remember customers' names, speak courteously, and do whatever else you ask them to do.

Be the customer

You can monitor random calls from customers, or you can quiz your employees on exactly the topics you're most curious about by hiring "mystery callers," who work the same way as mystery shoppers in retail environments.

Follow a customer's tracks

You can monitor calls to learn how customers discovered your business. By tracking leads, you can learn which of your advertising and marketing campaigns work best, helping you save money in the future and direct campaigns where they are most effective.

Call monitoring on a larger scale

If you have ten or more employees answering calls, then you may want to establish a "call center" (or "contact center" if these employees also answer e-mails and web requests). Building a small call center from the ground up will cost$1500 to $2000 per employee, including software and phones – but keep in mind that most call center software performs many functions, including call monitoring.
  • Tell employees that they're being monitored, and explain the goal of your program. They may not like it, but they should know about it.
  • Inform callers that your company monitors or records calls.
  • Focus on in-coming calls, not outgoing ones. If employees are allowed to call friends and family from work, they shouldn't have to worry about their calls being monitored.
  • Give employees some leeway. You want their personality to shine through to the customer since he or she will appreciate personalized, empathetic service.

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