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Providers of construction software solutions. Research vendors offering various construction management software applications, including construction estimating software and, construction contracting software, and construction scheduling software.

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Construction Accounting Software Key Terms

Construction accounting software does much more than just track where the money goes. With today's technological advances, construction software can track jobs, create invoices, take care of payroll, track documents and much more.

Contractor Software Key Terms

These days, there is software to help contractors manage every aspect of their business, from invoicing and payroll to equipment and supply management. Different software programs contain different features, so it is important to get a handle on what what each offers.

Construction Project Management Software

Is there any undertaking more logistically complex than putting up a building? Workers of vastly different skill levels come and go, supplies and materials have to arrive on budget (and on time), inspectors drop in and out. Never mind the sheer mathematical and physical complexity of construction itself.

Choosing Contractor Software

In today’s world, staying a step ahead of the competition means streamlining your business operation to provide quality service in a timely format. Contractor software programs can automate tasks and save you time and money.

Construction Accounting Software

The field of construction is extraordinarily demanding on your time and effort. You don’t need anyone to tell you that.

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Construction Cost Estimation Software

Today’s construction companies are running on tight deadlines and even tighter budgets. Any project manager will tell you that one of the top three complaints from the client is a project going over budget or that the estimate given to them did not include some features they wanted for their project.

Exterior Doors News and Trends

Installing the right exterior doors into a home you've just constructed can, in some cases, add over $20,000 in value to that home. Exterior front doors are among the first things potential buyers see when looking at homes; a March 2008 Real Estate Agent Community Trends (REACT) survey shows that nearly 90% of agents state the appearance of a front entry helps them sell homes, and two-thirds say the overall appearance of exterior doors and windows is important.

Pricing and Costs of Contractor Software

Contractors have a lot to keep up with on each and every job site, so software for contractors comes in handy. The right program can help you take care of the day-to-day tasks dealing with payroll, budgets and purchase orders.

Pricing and Costs of Exterior Doors

If you're a small business owner in these tough economical times, you'll need to do whatever you can to attract customers, and one way you can do so is to to upgrade exterior doors. Since front doors are what customers will see first, giving the front of your store or business office a facelift might help to increase traffic to your building.

Using Construction Cost Estimation Software

Construction cost estimating software can help you manage your costs of construction with little effort. You can use construction estimation software to minimize errors in construction estimation and provide your subcontractors with accurate information to make for timely results.

Construction Software News and Trends

Construction estimating software continues to evolve as costs of construction increases and builders look for ways to reduce their budgets and be more accurate. Construction management software is more critical than ever and construction scheduling software can help builders refine their overall operations and save money.

Using Construction Software

Construction estimating software can help you manage your costs of construction with little effort. You can use construction management software to minimize errors in construction estimation and provide your subcontractors with accurate information to make for timely results.

Roofing Software - AccuLynx

AccuLynx roofing software was created with roofers in mind; it was built to help roofers run their business better.

Construction Software Business Guide: Estimating Costs Before Placing A Bid

Technological advancements have led to the creation of software for nearly every type of business. Construction software has been developed to help owners and operators of construction companies, both large and small, enhance their workflow, purchasing tendencies, and management.




Construction software brings with it many ways to streamline all aspects of the construction process, making your business operate more efficiently and increasing its cost-effectiveness.




The value of construction software comes from its ability to automate different phases of your construction company’s operations and projects. These automated processes are designed to provide insight into the most efficient way to undertake any given project, saving you time, money, and manpower. Both developing and working a site can be automated.


Construction Programs


These programs consist of an application that includes a database of contractors. This database can be further divided by different projects and tasks on any construction project. Important information is also included within the program about the contractors, their companies, and their terms and conditions for payment. It even tracks bids. This means that all you need to do is set the parameters of your search and the program does the rest, saving you hours of searching through phonebooks or the Internet to find the right fit for your needs.


Cost Estimation


Construction software has also been developed to estimate costs for various types of projects. As budgeting and accounting are critical to any construction project, you will be able to appreciate an automated program capable of outlining the total cost of materials, work orders, contractor rates, and other fees, like inspector and engineering costs and equipment rentals. This is sure to save a lot of time in the planning process.


Project Management


Construction technology has come so far that programs now exist that are capable or tracking a project from its very beginning to its end. The program begins by dividing the project into separate tasks. It is then able to estimate a beginning and ending time for the different tasks and the project as a whole. Using this information, adjustments can be made where you believe they will be necessary, for work delays or finishing ahead of schedule for example.


Report Generators


Another useful feature of construction software programs is the ability to produce various kinds of printed reports. As a business owner, you can appreciate the simple power of a list or report and the work that goes in to drafting and finalizing them. These reports include accounting reports, project charts, and contractor lists as well as inventory lists, purchase order reports, cost estimation reports, and invoicing. By using a retrieval language built into the program, you can also create templates for new reports and lists as you see fit. These make compiling necessary information, formatting it, and drafting it, much less tedious and time consuming.




In addition to the construction project and process costs seen to by cost estimation programs, businesses also need to keep track of the flow of capital through the business itself. Accounting programs keep track of payroll, purchasing, investments, tax estimation, and savings. This program provides overall maintenance of the business’ entire accounting system, easing the woes of financial tracking and management in addition to project planning and management.




Though this software can be incredibly useful, it is not without its share of dilemmas.


Loss of Control


If you are the type of person who likes to oversee each and every detail of your business’ growth and the development of each project, then you are probably less inclined to use any construction software. Relinquishing control over part of your business’ operations can be an intimidating concept. Construction software exists only to accommodate your needs though, not to supplant you. This software is a proven way to increase productivity and efficiency in the construction world.


Data Loss


In the event of any hard drive failures or data corruption, any data not backed up will be lost. This could severely hurt your business in the present and the future. Due to this glaring problem, it is always advisable to utilize some sort of data backup. Often an external hard drive is enough to provide the necessary security from this kind of data loss.


Not Mac Friendly


If you use a Mac computer for your construction company, chances are finding reliable construction software will be a difficult task. Most construction software is only made for PCs and Linux-based operating systems.




Construction software is not a cheap investment. Many companies are willing to offer their software for free during a trial period. These trial periods rarely include all of the features of the premium, full-price software, but these may provide enough insight into what this software is capable of to convince you that the purchase is worth making for your business. Premium construction software costs up to $500. This software comes with every currently available feature.


The high cost of construction software is worth the investment in the long run when you consider the amount of time, money, and effort that you will save from all of the tasks that it is capable of streamlining. Its construction, cost estimation, reports, accounting, and project management programs are all designed to make your construction business more cost-effective and efficient.