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Providers of content and document management software for document retreival, retention, and archival purposes. Browse vendors of document management applications and tools. Select a DMS system provider that suits your business needs.

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Content and Document Management Software Basics

Electronic document management software solves the problem of how to store and access the documents you and your staff need to do your work. The electronic aspect means that more and more of these files will be computer-based rather than taking up space in an overstuffed file cabinet.

Alfresco: Document Management | Enterprise Content Management

Alfresco is the open platform for business critical document management. See why over 7 million business users choose our enterprise content manage... ... Alfresco provides modern software built on open standards that unlocks the power of ...

Laserfiche: ECM, BPM & Document Management Software

Industry leading Enterprise Content Management software used by 34000 organizations to securely manage documents and automate processes.

Electronic Document Management Software EDMS – EverSuite ...

Discover EverSuite Content Management Software for Electronic Document Management System EDMS. Create a unique document repository and manage  ...

Document management system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term has some overlap with the concepts of content management systems. ... began developing software systems to manage paper-based documents.

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IBM - Software - Document Management

Document management software from IBM® enhances an organization's enterprise content management (ECM) system through seamless integration with  ...

Content & Document Management - Siemens PLM Software

Teamcenter content and document management software brings the authoring process into the same PLM environment that manages overall product ...

Document Management | Perceptive Software

Perceptive Content document management solutions including electronic document management, content management, document storage and retrieval.

docSTAR: Document Management Software | ECM System

Document management software systems and workflow solutions in use by nearly 8000 ... docSTAR's enterprise content management software creates resource ...

Top Document Management Software | 2014 Reviews of the Best ...

Sep 3, 2014 ... Find and compare Document Management software. Free ... easy-to-use enterprise document and content management software. Access your ...

Document Management Software - infoRouter

infoRouter document management software streamlines the day-to-day business ... and finding relevant content, routing documents for approval (workflow) and ...

Document Management & Workflow Automation Solutions

Business process improvement consultants, OnBase document management and workflow automation solutions integrator, & record storage and conversion

Content and Document Management Software Key Terms

If your business needs content and document management software to keep track of information in your company, honing your content and document management software key terms can help you make the best purchasing decisions. The role of content and document management software is very complex. This software is designed to help you archive, sort, organize, deliver, share, update and store your content and your documents. It is designed to help you improve customer service, productivity and many other business functions. Understanding content and document management software key terms can help you understand what various software vendors are offering with their software, so that you can choose the software that is right for your business.

Document and content management systems

Document and content management systems are systems, or usually software programs, that are designed to help businesses deal with content and documents. These programs track and store files and allow companies to share content and documents with workers around the world through on-line sharing. 

Web-based document and content management systems

Web-based document and content management systems are based entirely online, rather than on specific systems. This allows any worker or client to log into the document and content management system from any location and from any computer -- all that is needed is an Internet connection.

Content repository

A content repository is a content or document management system that offers the capabilities of storing, managing and accessing content. A content repository structures content hierarchically. Most electronic content management software programs and some document management software programs offer some form of content repository implementation.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the process of storing and retrieving customer information so that businesses can offer better customer service and personalized content. Many document and content management software programs offer some services or applications related to CRM. Some document and content management programs, for example, allow companies to store customer information and send different content to different groups of customers.

Knowledge management

Many document and content management software programs promise not only content and document management, but knowledge management as well. Knowledge management refers to the process of identifying intellectual benefits and assets in a business and converting them into usable assets for the company. For example, if a company has many unused and unread documents that might be beneficial, document and content management software programs can help with knowledge management.

Integration and systems architecture

Integration and systems architecture allows content and documents to be shared among different servers, websites and repositories automatically, without conversion or other hassles. Integration makes it faster and, therefore, less expensive to deliver and share information.

For more information about content and document management software, check out our business guides, "Content and Document Software Basics" and "How to Select Document Management Software."

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