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Manufacturers and distributors of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software designed for the automotive industry.

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CRM Software for the Automotive Industry Key Terms

CRM software allows an automotive company to track its contacts with its customers. The user can enter, access and store customer data, which employees in other department may then access.

CRM Software for the Automotive Industry Education and Training

Car dealerships are just one businesses that can profit from CRM software for the automotive industry education and training. This customer relationship software can enhance your business services tremendously.

CRM Software for the Automotive Industry News and Trends

Automotive CRM software, or customer relationship management software, helps dealers maintain good standing with their clients throughout the long life cycle of a car. Some dealers think they have the customer angle covered with dealer inventory management software, but that's not the case - inventory software tracks parts, not people.

DealerSocket: Automotive CRM

The end result of choosing DealerSocket CRM: more cars sold and serviced! Info DemoFollow ... Industry Trade show, Customers Summits and Charity Efforts.

CAR-Research CRM | Automotive CRM Software, Auto Dealer CRM ...

CAR-Research automotive CRM software is the industry leading CRM software application allowing auto dealers to manage their customer relationships ...

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The Auto Industry Gears Up for CRM - CRM Magazine

Today, the automotive industry is under pressure to take a far different approach to ... Despite the industry's size, there are few CRM software suites tailored ...

CAR-Research: Auto Dealer CRM, Dealership CRM, Dealer ...

Is Your Current Automotive CRM Software Right for You? ... created by Car Research XRM, is what you need to maintain your competitive edge in the industry.

Automotive CRM Software | Automotive CRM Company | Car Dealer ...

ELEAD is the leading automotive CRM and marketing provider in the industry, with over 30 years experience and over 1000 direct employees.

Automotive CRM Software Solution - Best Cloud CRM - Free Trial

Cloud Automotive CRM Software Solution. 100% on demand Automotive CRM application tailored to the Automotive Industry. Use this Car Dealer Software to ...

Automotive Industry Innovation | Software | SAP

... time to market, and cut costs – with SAP software for the automotive industry. ... country's top lift truck supplier – is using SAP CRM to improve sales visibility, ...

What is CRM in the automotive industry - WikiAnswers

There are few big name providers in the automotive industry each with their own version of a CRM program. It is surprising with the amount of subscription fee ...

5 Reasons to Implement Automotive CRM for Maximizing Sales

Oct 3, 2012 ... CRM in the automotive industry is complex and despite its size, there are very few CRM software solutions which can be tailored to meet the ...

Dominion Dealer CRM Software

For nearly 20 years, Dominion's auto dealer CRM software has helped car dealerships reach and exceed their business goals.

CRM Software for the Automotive Industry

Many industry experts are recognizing the need for customer relationship management in the automotive industry. In fact, the need may be greater than in many other sectors, because with so many vehicles on the market, distinguishing your company may come down to how well you interact with current and potential customers. Automotive CRM software can help you better identify car buyers' needs, and make them feel like your products are relevant to their lifestyles.

CRM in the automotive industry is designed to:
  1.  Analyze car buyers' purchasing decisions.
  2. Identify drivers' usage and needs through auto dealer CRM.
  3. Integrate the sales, service and finance activity of current customers.

Manage customer relationships and other business tasks

Some providers integrate CRM automotive software into business management software that includes accounting, manufacturing, subcontracting and supplier management. Using an integrated system allows you to more efficiently manage all aspects of your company. It also helps you stay on top of the automobile industry's aggressive and rapidly changing product development cycle.

Find automotive CRM software designed for small businesses

Major auto manufacturers have a wealth of tools and technology to provide them better insight into their customer base. This is key to the development of new vehicles, but other, smaller segments of the automotive industry can benefit just as much from implementing CRM automotive software. Through CRM for the automotive industry, even small businesses can be as advanced and competitive as the large manufacturers.

Consider general CRM software solutions

There aren't as many automotive CRM solutions as there are for other industries. However, there are plenty of general-use CRM software programs, which may be sufficient for your company.
  • CRM in the automotive industry can help you integrate customer relationship and marketing, by taking the information you collect through automotive CRM software programs and using it to develop a marketing campaign through the use of marketing automation software. With this approach, you can use your automotive CRM tool to more effectively target potential customers and automate your direct mail, email and other marketing efforts.
  • For the most effective use of your CRM software, track customer habits from their initial contact, not just after you make the sale. Because each buyer makes buying decisions differently, it's helpful to analyze their purchasing decisions and then follow up with information about their experience owning the car through CRM for the automotive industry.