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Top Complaint Management Software | 2014 Reviews of the Best ...

Find and compare Complaint Management software. Free ... web based case management software for managing customer service inquiries and complaints.

Customer Complaint and Corrective Action Tracking Software ...

Everest customer complaint management software and corrective action tracking software from Lynk Software, Inc.

i-Sight Service and Complaint Management Software - Customer ...

Customizable, Web Based, Complaints Management Software to Manage ... If you exceed their expectations they will be loyal customers for years to come.

Complaint Management Software | Customer Complaint Tracking ...

TrackWise can be used as complaint management software, providing an integrated approach to complaint handling.

Customer Complaints Management Software - MasterControl

Customer Complaint Management Software Systems Automates Customer Complaints and Adverse Events Reporting to Management.

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Customer Complaint Tracking Software ǀ IQS, Inc.

A streamlined customer complaint tracking software system is critical to improving customer retention rates and incident response times. IQS can help.

Customer Complaint Management Software by Intelex

Intelex's Customer Complaint Software provides a central online location to track and manage both customer complaints and related follow up actions.

Customer Complaint Management - HappyFox

With HappyFox customer complaint management software, handling cutomer complaint has never been this easy. Manage, track, solve customer issues with ...

Customer Complaint Management Software System by EtQ

Our Customer Complaint Management Software solution is a leading system for customer complaint management and is designed to facilitate you in creating ...

Customer Complaints & Feedback Management Software

Customer complaints & feedback management software. Gain real customer insight feedback to improve customer retention and protect online reputation.

customer complaint handling software - Coretec Solutions

Complaints Pro is a cloud-based customer complaint / quality assurance software that helps you handle every customer complaint timely and efficiently.

Complaint Management Software & Complaint Tracking Systems ...

Complaint management software is critical to business success. Improve customer satisfaction and productivity with IssueTrak's complaint tracking software.

Customer Complaints

Every business has to deal with customer complaints at some point. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone, and, no matter how hard you may try, there will always be a customer that feels your services were lacking in some way. However, establishing a strategy for customer complaint management will help your business continually improve.

Before addressing customer service complaints, it’s important to understand the commonalities that usually transfer from one unsatisfied customer to the next. Consider the following common customer complaints:

1. Unsatisfied customers complain that the person they initially spoke with wasn’t helpful, didn’t listen or understand what they need, or didn’t understand the product or service well enough to help.

2. Some customer complaint letters or emails may mention that they feel as though no one cares that they’re unsatisfied and employees pass them from one person to the next so that no one really has to deal with them.

3. Other common customer complaints include rude employees and dissatisfaction with the product or service provided.

Provide a customer complaint form

It may seem that providing a customer complaint form is simply asking for trouble. However, if handled correctly, a customer complaint form will both help your business and help the customer to feel like someone is listening. The best way to approach this is to provide a form that is for both customer complaints and compliments. For example, in addition to requesting the customer's contact information and what product or service she used, ask, "How can we improve our services?" as well as "What did you appreciate about our services?" Also, consider providing a number of items that the customer rates on a scale of one to 10, with one being the worst and 10 the best. Examples of rated items might be kindness of employees, speed of service and/or satisfaction with product.

Use websites for online customer complaints to improve your business

With so many people accessing the internet for all of their needs these days, it's important to appeal to the technology-savvy customer. There are a number of websites available that provide consumers with an outlet to review, compliment and complain about businesses they encounter on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, many of these websites provide resources for businesses to help resolve complaints and improve their services.

Learn the best ways for addressing customer complaints

There are essential guidelines for handling customer complaints that apply to every complaint and business, regardless of their basis. For example, it's important that your customer service team handle each complaint individually, avoiding the common mistake of treating every complaint in the same manner. Also, hearing the customer out completely, and letting him know you're really listening, are important guidelines.
  • Don't be afraid to admit when you don't have the answer to a customer's complaint. Assure the customer that you will find someone to help and follow through with that promise.

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