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Data cleansing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Data cleansing, data cleaning or data scrubbing is the process of detecting and ... in software) or where inappropriate data-capture technology was used (e.g., ...

Data Cleansing & Data Standardization Solutions | Trillium Software

Learn about Data Cleansing and Data Standardization Solutions from Trillium Software.

Best Deduplication / Dedupe Software | Data Cleansing Software

Provider of list and data cleansing software, together with a bureau service for verifying, correcting and enhancing both consumer and business data.

Data Transformation, Data Cleaning, Data Cleansing Software

KDnuggets Home » Software :: Data Transformation, Data ...

Deduplication / Dedupe Software | Merge Purge, Address Validation ...

Batch and real time data cleansing software solutions. Fuzzy and phonetic matching, record linking and merging, address verification. Single Customer View.

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DataCleaner: Open source data quality, data profiling, data ...

open source software for data quality, data profiling, data warehousing, ... We're specialized in Data Integration, Data Cleansing, Business Intelligence and Data ...

Address Data Cleansing | Finalist | Pitney Bowes Software

Using our address data cleansing solutions, you can optimize address quality to comply with strict USPS® standards. The address data software integrates ... Data Cleansing Software, Data Correction ...

What is ActiveDataTools? ActiveDataTools is a huge collection of tools for working with data. ActiveDataTools helps you manage, convert and cleanse your data ...

Data Cleansing Software - Aquire Integrity

Aquire Integrity provides the tools your organization needs to quickly and collaboratively locate anomalies, cleanse data, and maintain data quality.

Data Cleansing & Address Correction: SQL Power DQguru | SQL ...

The SQL Power DQguru helps you cleanse your data, validate and correct addresses, identify and remove duplicates, and build cross-references between ...

SAS Data Quality | SAS

SAS Data Quality. Data cleansing. Correct nonstandard or duplicate records as well as unknown data types. Data profiling. Better understand your data by ...

Product Data Cleansing | Requisite Software

The Requisite Software® Product Data Cleansing tools allow data stewards to streamline and automate product data de-duplication and standardization in ...

Data Cleansing Software

Wrangle data inconsistencies with data cleansing software to lower operation cost, reduce error and improve your product value. Even a fraction of bad quality data can delay more than half of corporate management decisions. A quality data cleansing program can automatically find hidden database problems, eliminate duplicates, establish standardize data formats and enrich databases for accuracy and completeness.

Consistent, reliable data quality requires proven architecture. Get customized integrations solutions for maintaining data quality on your existing applications and systems infrastructure. A good program identifies and corrects duplicates and error issues, matches for validation, standardization or geo-coding and can automatically monitor and flag potential issues daily.

1. Upgrade your data quality with a clean sweep.

2. Buy data cleansing software for your specific needs.

3. Hire professional services for data cleansing software information.

Get standardized quality data with a data cleansing upgrade

Data cleansing solution services clean data to standardize information before merging with other systems. Automated functions like comparison, matching, deduplication, deletion and summary lists prepare data fast so it's ready for customized integrations or publication.

Find data cleansing software

Data cleansing application programs provide data cleansing for problem areas like matching, merging and integrating multiple databases, acquisition of new information systems and data entry from multiple sources. Basic data quality programs employ software development kits for custom application to your specific data quality and integration requirements.

Work with a data cleansing software provider team

Data quality providers work within various industries for professional strategies on all kinds of data problems from incomplete records and misplaced values to poor integration and contradictory inputs. Get reliable data quality with data cleansing program services like profiling, automated cleansing and standardization as well as regular auditing with data summarization and warehousing.
  • Use data cleansing computer workstations for auto-monitoring your new quality data.
  • Consider energy saving strategies to offset upgrade costs.
  • Stage data cleaning projects with long term integration goals.