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Email marketing tracking software is a program that will allow the sending of emails to a specific intended audience, then track and analyze the success of the emails. Through email marketing campaigns using these programs, businesses can send out news and promotional materials and provide inexpensive means of advertising.

Email Marketing Tracking Software Education and Training

Email marketing tracking software has revolutionized the way marketing is done today. Email marketing and tracking has allowed companies to gain access to and garner a whole customer or client base that before simply wasn't possible.

Setting Goals that Increase the Value of Your Email Newsletter

An email newsletter can be a high impact communication tool, especially for those editors who are always looking to improve their efforts and better serve their readers. This guide offers a quick overview of a measured approach to better aligning your email newsletter efforts with the goals of your organization.

Email Analytics | Email Marketing Tracking Software from AWeber

Collect and analyze your email marketing analytics with our powerful email analytics package. Track opens, clicks and other subscriber actions with AWeber.

Email Marketing Tracking & More Software Features |

Email marketing tracking software from EmailDirect provides beautiful and indepth reports on subscriber interaction so you can trigger future email campaigns ...

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Bulk Email Software, Newsletter Software & Email Marketing ...

Nesox Email Marketer is a newsletter software, bulk email software and bulk email marketing software for sending and tracking mass HTML email newsletters  ...

Email campaign tracking with Google Analytics - Smart Insights ...

Jan 20, 2014 ... A short how-to and example showing how to track your email marketing campaigns by tagging links in your email with Google Analytics I was ...

LISTSERV Maestro Email Marketing Software - L-Soft

LISTSERV┬« Maestro Email Marketing Software. For email marketing campaigns and newsletters with tracking, reporting and analytics. LISTSERV Maestro is a ...

MarketTraq: Email Marketing Software - Solutions & Services

MarketTraq is smarter email marketing software and a powerful marketing solution for companies of all sizes. We provide rock solid ... Email Marketing Tracking ...

OpenEMM - e-mail & marketing automation | Free Business ...

web-based application for email marketing and marketing automation. ... mail opening an link click tracking; bounce management; graphical statistics; realtime ... AGNITAS is a software developer and service provider for email marketing and  ...

email marketing software - Google

Automatically tag your email marketing campaign links with Google Analytics tracking so that your emails appear as a campaign source in your ...

Pricing and Costs of Email Marketing Tracking Software

Email marketing tracking software allows a business to send bulk emails to a target audience, track the results to determine its success rate and further segment the market. A business usually sends newsletters or promotional materials to a list of subscribers, but email marketing tracking software can also send and track unsolicited email.

The software tracks the emails to store contact information, statistics and message history in a database. The software is essential for running a successful email marketing campaign. When deciding whether or not the pricing and costs of email marketing tracking software are worth the investment, remember these unique features the software offers:

  1. Email marketing and tracking allows you to send personalized emails from a customer list on a regular basis.
  2. Software for tracking marketing campaigns usually can import contact information and customer lists.
  3. Email tracking software tracks how many people opened the email, how many unsubscribed and how many clicked on the links provided in the email.

Purchase the email tracking software for your budget


The price of software varies greatly and can even be free, so don't let a limited budget deter you from using this powerful marketing technique. You get what you pay for, though, and going with inexpensive software limits the features you can use and the quality of the emails sent out.

Subscribe to a monthly email marketing tracking software provider


Some providers of email marketing tracking software offer very affordable programs in which you can make payments instead of purchasing outright. You can choose monthly fees for limited services or pay as you go.

Track email marketing campaigns on a large-scale


Find software that provides the capability for major campaigns. Look for features like high security, flexible tracking reports, compatibility with infrastructure systems already in place and licensing for large corporations.

  • Make the most of the email tracking software by sending out frequent emails; once the base monthly rate or purchase price has been paid, the amount of emails sent out is free.