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Wireless Email Service

For self-employed professionals and small business owners, staying connected to the office is critical, even during the summer when the beach beckons, the mountains call or you just want an afternoon in the backyard.   Whether on the road for meetings or on the shore for some hard-earned R&R, staying connected is easier than ever with today's advanced wireless technology.

Managing Email Overload

With email having taken over as the most common form of business communication in today's world, how can small business owners deal with an inbox that's run out of control? Here are a few guidelines to follow: Use multiple email accounts Practice good netiquette Practice regular mail housekeeping and management .

Pricing and Costs of Email Fax

Fax by email or Internet Protocol (IP) is becoming more popular due to the increasing digitization of communication methods. Sign up for one of the many online fax services to save money on paper costs and the cost of buying and running a fax machine.

Email Fax Basics

Internet fax services, sometimes called fax over IP (Internet Protocol) services, take advantage of the ability to convert visual documents into a digital form and back again. This allows you to send and receive faxes over the Internet, either attached to an email or uploaded to a website.

Email Post Office Protocol (POP3) Education and Training

Email Post Office Protocol (POP3) education and training defines usage of POP3 mail as well as pros and cons of POP3 versus other email services. Updates and refinements to the POP service provide better service for users.

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Anonymous Email Providers Advice and Ratings

Some companies make anonymous email available to allow employees the freedom to report theft or sensitive issues that they may not otherwise do in person. You can also use anonymous email providers to report employees of clients and business partners.

Email Encryption Key Terms

Businesses often send confidential and important information via email. To keep this information secure, many businesses opt to invest in email encryption options.

Email Marketing Tracking Software Key Terms

Email marketing tracking software is a program that will allow the sending of emails to a specific intended audience, then track and analyze the success of the emails. Through email marketing campaigns using these programs, businesses can send out news and promotional materials and provide inexpensive means of advertising.

Email Change of Address Services Key Terms

Email change of address services are an attempt to help people make sure friends and family can find them when they change their email addresses. Businesses attempting to use email marketing may use these services to try and locate their customers when their current addresses become undeliverable or bounce.

Email Hosting Key Terms

When it comes to email hosting, key terms such as server or protocol naturally appear. Email is a very useful form of communication.

Email Forwarding Key Terms

Email forwarding is a way to have many email addresses, but only have to check one. You simply set up email forwarding with your Internet service provider (ISP) or a web based email service so you get all your email delivered to one address.

Spam Prevention

Spam, or unwanted email, is one of the biggest problems facing Internet users today. And the problem is often magnified at a small business where your Web site and email address may be public, or because you have employees who also are inundated with spam.

Managing Small Business Email

The Utopian promise of the paperless office brought along an ironic result: instead of shuffling papers, we now shuffle email messages. Stemming the tide of electronic interruptions can be daunting, especially as wireless "all in one" products emerge that allow 24/7 access to the office.

The benefits of learning to manage email messages include:

  1. Increased productivity – the less "stuff" you have to shift around, the more time you have to concentrate on accomplishing key goals.
  2. More efficiency – the more organized your email system, the faster you can find necessary items.
  3. Stress reduction – never underestimate the relationship between stress management and productivity.
  4. Skill building – learning to efficiently and intelligently manage one facet of your work bleeds over to other areas, such as voice mail and paper filing.

Use a reliable service provider and streamline email accounts

No matter how great a system you develop, it's useless if frequent outages prevent email access. Find a reliable internet service provider (ISP) with consistent tech support and streamline email addresses and monitoring.

Choose the right software or interface for your business

Email can be managed in ways ranging form simple Web-based inboxes to bundled software featuring calendar, time tracking, and messaging capabilities. What you use depends a lot on the nature of your business and your email load.

Develop a system for managing and responding to messages

Get to know your software or Web-based interface and take advantage of its features. Use email filtering and folder systems to file messages by client or project. Make sure you back up email messages regularly in the likely event of a system crash.

Decide if you need to archive email and, if so, develop a system

Recent court cases have made email archiving mandatory for some regulated industries.
  • Email management does little good if you're vulnerable to computer viruses sent through attachments. Make sure your servers and computers are well-protected.
  • Be sure to quickly scan the contents of your spam/junk folder before emptying to ensure that important messages didn't land there accidentally.
  • Avoid the temptation to be too casual in email correspondence. Save the smiley faces and abbreviations for personal notes.
  • To avoid attracting spam, never use your business address to make purchases; create a separate "junk" address for this purpose.]
  • Calendar weekly time to discard or archive what you no longer need.
  • Throw off the yoke of instant gratification by turning off email notification and responding on your own timeline.
  • Strengthen that pinkie by learning when to use that delete key.