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Email Subscription Management Software Types and Styles

When your business offers free email subscriptions, you'll need an email list management software that can keep track of the different subscriptions. By using email subscription software, you can keep track of the email subscriptions you offer, and the long lists of subscribers to these emails.


Unsubscribe with one click. After you sign up, see a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe instantly from whatever you don't want. Get Started ...

Subscription Management Software and Mail List Management ...

Subscription management and mail list management system. Fulfillment for magazine publishers and newspaper publishers that need circulation software.

LISTSERV Email List Management Software - L-Soft

LISTSERV is the original and industry standard email list management software. ... The software automatically manages all of your list subscriptions, sign-offs, ...

Atomic Subscription Manager

Atomic Subscription Manager is a software for mailing list management, a necessary tool to process out in / opt out requests with full integration with mass ...

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Atomic Subscription Manager - AtomPark Software

Atomic Subscription Manager (SM) is capable of removing or adding subscribers to your mailing list by automatically sending them proper notification emails.

Email Subscription Management Software Providers:

Business resources for Email Subscription Management Software. View relevant Email Software company listings, tips & advice, or describe your project and get ...

Email Newsletter Subscriber Management | MailerLite

Adding your subscribers couldn't be easier. Use our super intelligent email marketing software to swiftly import your contacts manually or via CSV, TXT, Excel ...

SendBlaster: Bulk email software - mass email software

The Best Bulk Email Software for managing your mailing list. ... as a free email sender software download and a professional one with no subscription needed, ...

Tutorial on email subscriptions and bounce-backs | SendBlaster

Sometimes we receive requests from users asking how e-mail subscriptions ... Configure "Manage subscriptions" dialog: select "TESTLIST" and enter ...

Can you recommend an eMail subscription management service or ...

Dec 12, 2010 ... I have been successfully collecting eMails, but am looking to find some software that I can download to manage the eMails that are sent out, i.e. ...

Manage Subscribers - AWeber

Create unlimited autoresponders and email campaigns to segment and target customers and prospects from one interface! Email list management is easier than ...

Email Subscription Management Software

If your business uses email to market itself or build relationships with customers, you need email subscription management software. There are far too many regulations involved in sending email messages for you to attempt email communications without the help of email list management software. Also, as the number of email addresses you acquire grows, it will become difficult trying to keep track of them without the use of some sort of email management software.

In general, any email list management software tool will assist you by doing the following:
  1. Provide an email subscription application, which subscribes customers to an email list using a simple form or advanced software to read incoming email.
  2. Perform email subscription list management, including storing email addresses and removing them when customers opt out of email communication.
  3. Offer optional email marketing subscription software features, such as tracking who sent an email, if the email was opened or forwarded, and whether any links in the message were clicked or accessed.
  4. Track opt-ins and opt-outs (whether the user has given permission to receive email or if they have requested to no longer be contacted). This is perhaps the most critical function of email subscription software as the laws against sending spam are very strict.
Email subscription manager software is available in a number of different formats. The first is software you manage yourself either with your current email program or on your website, the second utilizes autoresponders, and a third kind is a full featured email marketing company. The best courses of action will depend on which type of email subscription management program you are considering.

Consider self-installed email distribution list management software if you want more control

This was the first type of email list management software tool offered although it is primarily for the technologically savvy. This solution involves installing software that reads incoming emails and adds them to an internal database. Available scripts can be implemented to create forms on web pages which allow users to sign up and have their contact information automatically stored in a database.

Investigate autoresponders as your email subscription management system

Autoresponders have had a rocky history because they are often associated with spamming. However, they do have a number of legitimate uses which many internet and email marketers are now beginning to use to their advantage. Their most basic function involves collecting emails and then responding with a Thank You message or a short information packet. Additionally, autoresponders can be used for sending simple follow up email messages.

Sign up for a free trial of email list manager software

Some companies specialize strictly in email subscription management software and marketing. These businesses go beyond merely providing the basic functions of email management software to give savvy marketers the tools they need to successfully execute email marketing campaigns, as well as the reporting and analytical features to measure their success. Many autoresponder companies are moving towards this model, but there are a few companies which stand out as shining examples of email marketing service providers, and will offer free trials of their services.
  • It bears repeating that no matter who you choose for your email subscription management software, know your country's spam laws. Sending spam, even unintentionally, can cost your company thousands of dollars.
  • Know the difference between opt-in (customer gives permission to receive email) and opt-out (customer receives email until they say otherwise) mail lists. Some email subscription software services only support opt-in or even double opt-in email lists.
  • Most email subscription management software relies on a web form for people to sign up, so be sure you have a website available that can be used for this purpose.

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