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Distributor of employee time clocks, masterclocks, and computerized time clocks. Also provides repair services, parts and supplies.

Time Clocks & Cards | StaplesĀ®

An electronic time clock records when an employee clocks in or clocks out on a time card, or sends the information to a computer. Many time clocks come with a ...

Time Clocks - Staples

Find Web-based time clocks so that you can check employee attendance online from any Internet device. Automatic Calculations Time clocks take the grunt work  ...

Employee Time Clocks, Traditional Employee Punch Clocks

Traditional employee time clocks are incredibly accurate and efficient. Punch clocks are often called traditional time clocks because they were the first time clock ...

Time Clocks & Recorders - Sam's Club

Results 1 - 29 of 29 ... Shop Sam's Club for big savings on Time Clocks & Recorders. ... Some employee time clocks can track other statistics as well including ...

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Time Clock Systems: Office Machines at Office Depot & OfficeMax

Items 1 - 24 ... A time clock system allows you to easily document employee work time. Visit Office Depot online for our full selection of time clock systems!

Time Clock Deals: Employee Time Clocks for Small Business

Expert advice, low prices. Time Clock deals offers time recorders, clocks, stamps, supplies, accessories, and more for small business. BBB rated A+.

TimeClock Plus Official Site - Employee Time and Attendance ...

Time Clocks. Take down that old time clock from the break room and replace it with one of our real time electronic timeclocks. Learn more ...

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Lathem's time clocks set the standard in the industry are designed with a ... They are ideal for small business employee attendance and can stand up to the ...

Online Time Clocks | Employee Time Clocks & Tracking | ADP

Employee time and attendance tracking is a critical component of human capital management, one that can offer a fast and significant ROI based on time and ...

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We offer the largest selection of Employee Time Clocks anywhere and you will find that Time Clock eShop.com provides the lowest prices and Best Value for ...


I have 2 of these time clocks in our Chevrolet dealership and they work great. Easy to set up and run. Used many times a day by several techs to punch in and off ...

A Guide to Employee Time Clocks

Employee time clocks are devices designed to help employees keep track of their hours. Time clocks have evolved through the years, ranging from simple time stamp clocks to sophisticated, automated time clock systems, capable of utilizing physical characteristics as identification. When purchasing an employee time clock, companies should consider which type fits their needs, along with various other requirements.

Types of Employee Time Clocks

Time Stamps:
Time stamps are one of the earliest forms of time tracking systems, using paper forms to denote employee hours. In addition to employee timekeeping, time stamps can stamp and verify the date on important documents, such as invoices, contracts, and bills. One of the disadvantages of time stamps is that documents can be modified and tinkered with; however, this can be deterred through tamper-proof methods.

Electronic Time Clocks:
The distinguishing point of electric time clocks is the ability to store in and out times of employees, replacing the need for timesheets or stamps. Electronic time clocks can internally store employee time data, and keep records for payroll calculation.

Biometric Time Clocks:
A biometric employee time clock is an automated system that can be integrated with time and attendance software. These digital attendance systems allow employees to log their hours by using physical characteristics as authentication, such as a fingerprint, hand print or retina scan. One of the major advantages of biometric time clocks is that it reduces the need for identification cards, timesheets or passwords. In addition to accurate employee time tracking, this also allows for increased security, as employees can only log into their own accounts.

Web-based Time Clock:
For companies that possess few employees or businesses on a tight budget, web-based time tracking applications are available. Some benefits of web-based time clocks are that they typically have little to no cost, and are easy to implement. In addition, they can be easily integrated to desktop and mobile applications.

Tips before Purchasing Employee Time Clocks

Before companies make a purchasing decision, they should consider different factors to decide which time clock is best suited for their employees. The following are a few examples of relevant questions when purchasing an employee time clock:

Companies should purchase an employee time clock system that best fits the needs of their industry. For high-tech, scientific, and research companies in need of safety and security, purchasing a biometric time clock system may best address their requirements. However, industrial or manufacturing companies may want to implement a less complicated employee time clock. 

One important factor is the number of employees in a company. For companies with large numbers of employees, employers may want to invest in time clock that is capable of supporting multiple users. However, companies will few employees may consider a web-based time clock or an alternative standalone time tracking system.  

Some employee time clocks are easy to install; others require specialists and advanced technical support. Companies should consider whether an employee time clock will be easily adopted by employees before making a decision. If companies make the mistake of installing an overly complicated system, this will result in lost time, money, and productivity.

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