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Try the #1 employee time tracking software free. Online timesheets simplify payroll, invoicing, time & attendance, overtime alerts, more.

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Add the time tracking component to your Intuit Online Payroll Service so you can start saving time and avoid errors from re-entering data. Fully integrated with ...

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Simple time tracking available anywhere - online, desktop widget or iPhone and Android. Team timesheets and timesheet approval. Get started for free.

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10 entrepreneurs share their tools for tracking employee time.

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Web timesheet and expense software made easy. ClickTime is the easiest way to track employee time and manage projects.

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Easy Online Employee Attendance Tracking Sav​es Time & Money! Employee attendance tracking shouldn't be an administrative nightmare. Say goodbye to ...

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Web-based software designed to help organizations schedule and manage their employees on projects. Offers features, seminars, support and how to buy.

TimeStation - Attendance & Time Tracking

Track employee time and attendance for your business; Track student attendance for your school; Track member attendance for your club or group; Track time ...

A Guide to Employee Time Tracking

For companies and businesses, time tracking is an essential requirement, as employers and managers need to be able to keep accurately track employee hours. However, difficulties can arise from the need to manage tens or hundreds of employees. Therefore, companies can integrate software and systems into their business functions to allow them to effectively manage employee time tracking.

Why Employee Time Tracking is Important

One of the main tools used in employee time tracking is a timesheet. Traditionally, timesheets were sheets of paper that employees would use to keep track of their hours. However, advanced timesheet software have been developed and implemented to help managers supervise employee time tracking. One of the main functions of timesheet software is to record and monitor the time spent by employees. Time tracking software is capable of advanced applications, such as delegating time to individual tasks or projects.

Employee time tracking software is important for a number of reasons. Time tracking software can help managers and employees understand exactly how their time is being spent. By recording time, they can view their past behavior, and how to work more efficiently in the future. In addition, time tracking software is extremely convenient and easy for employees of all technical levels to utilize. Finally, employee time tracking software can also help employees track time accurately, removing the possibility of human error. This accuracy allows employees to receive precise payments and managers to finely administer workflow.

Choosing Employee Time Tracking Software

Before deciding on an employee time tracking software, companies should consider a number of questions and factors.

1. Features:

Depending on the size of your company, employees may benefit from advanced features offered by many time tracking software. Employee time tracking software is available with a standalone timesheet system, or with numerous features and capabilities. Additional functions of time tracking software include: invoice creation, payroll management, and team and enterprise time tracking.

2. Users:

Does your company possess a large number of employees? If so, you may want to consider software that possesses multi-user support. For companies expanding in the near future, integrating a time tracking system can save time and money.

3. Integration:

Employee time tracking software is often offered with integration with various platforms. Advanced software is capable of incorporating accounting, project management and payroll systems. Additional features may include integrated platforms such as accessibility to desktop, web, and mobile applications.

4. Versatility:

One of the major questions that employers should research is whether the employee time tracking software is versatile. Can employees enter their hours from their work or personal computers? Or do they need to log in and out through a dedicated time station? Companies should consider if their needs are compatible with the requirements of the software.

5. Cost:

A major deciding factor in any purchase is the cost of the product. Web-based time tracking applications are relatively affordable and flexible, with free and subscription based versions available. However, larger companies may require time tracking software with more advanced capabilities. Many desktop and web time tracking platforms come with multi-user support, numerous features and integrated systems. However, as the product offers more features, the software tends to rise in cost.