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Top Ten Social CRM Enterprise-Level Solutions - For Dummies

Before deciding which Social CRM to go with for your brand, you might want to check out ... SAP has been able to meet the needs of enterprise-level clients with its ability to ... Salesforce is the leader in the downloadable software generation.

Enterprise software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Enterprise software, also known as enterprise application software (EAS), ... Enterprise level software aims to improve the enterprise's productivity and ... management system (CMS); Customer relationship management (CRM); Database.

Customer relationship management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For the best level of CRM operation in a B2B environment, the software must be ... Work towards long-term enterprise-scale implementation through a series of ... CRM and Cloud Computing To Grow Your Business

Customer relationship management (CRM) software & cloud computing from the leader in CRM solutions for businesses ... CRM solutions help ensure that your sales, marketing, and support efforts are all working toward a common goal, so you can take your business success to a whole new level. .... Enterprise Business .

The Top 5 CRM software systems and reviews -

Siebel Systems was the undisputed dominant CRM software vendor, ... Siebel is an impressive enterprise-level customer relationship management application.

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CRM Software - Full-featured CRM Platform - Pivotal CRM - Aptean

Pivotal CRM is positioned to get you to the next level by aligning your business ... Aptean, a global leader in enterprise application software (EAS), gives ...

CRM Software -

CRM Software Software. Free ... Mobile Application Development Platform for Enterprises ... VIENNA Advantage, an enterprise level ERP with DMS and CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP Business Solution Software

Find out how the innovative CRM and ERP solutions from Microsoft Dynamics ... Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) business solution software. ... Manage and exceed customer entitlements and service level agreements (SLAs).

Pinstripe CRM Solutions: Enterprise-Level CRM

Custom Software ... Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers very strong sales force automation and functionality in ... It is designed to create enterprise-level relational business applications adapted to fit the unique needs of users and businesses.

Zoho CRM Pricing & Editions - Sign up for Free

Affordable Web based CRM Software for managing organization-wide sales & marketing in a single system. ... ENTERPRISECRM for multi-level organizations.

Enterprise CRM - Web Services - GroupLink

GroupLink┬« EnterpriseCRM Relationship Software. Benefits of GroupLink's CRM Enterprise Level Web Services. As you expand the reach of your Customer ...

Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Social CRM and the Social Enterprise

Oct 2, 2012 ... While it is an excellent analysis at the technical level, it needs more balance ... Spending on enterprise CRM software will grow globally from ...

Enterprise Level CRM Software

Enterprise level CRM software helps even the largest companies coordinate multiple departments, from sales to accounting to human resources. With enterprise CRM, companies can integrate customer relationship management with other applications, such as management of inventory, product or projects.

Enterprise CRM software is more than just a tool for interacting with customers; it's a sophisticated system for integrating multiple departments and processes, and helping your company grow. Enterprise CRM applications can help your company:
  1. Better understand customer needs and tailor your products and services with them in mind.
  2. Ensure every department is centered around the customer.
  3. Decrease customer wait times.
  4. Give employees more time to focus on customer service, by automating other tasks.
  5. Manage customer service and other business functions with a single enterprise-level business system.

Manage customer contact and back office tasks with Salesboom enterprise CRM software

Salesboom's Enterprise Edition CRM software consolidates multiple processes, from contact management to sales force automation to resource planning, into a single solution that helps you monitor customer lifecycle management. This on-demand software also includes automated billing and invoicing, inventory management, and project management, and integrates with Microsoft Outlook. It provides a secure site for storing documents, and with its collaboration features, including an interactive whiteboard and instant messaging, makes it easy for employees to contact each other and share ideas no matter where they are.

Bring all your divisions together with on-demand enterprise CRM from Salesforce

The Salesforce Enterprise Edition is designed to coordinate multiple departments through a single, simplified program that standardizes customer relations throughout even a multi-level company. It supports everything from workflow automation to revenue allocation, and can be customized by individual users, even if they have little or no programming knowledge. And, it can be integrated with other applications.

Consolidate information for a better understanding of your customer with Onyx enterprise level CRM

CRM software from Onyx integrates customer information received from email, phone, Internet and in-person interactions, creating a more comprehensive view of a customer's experiences. This enterprise level software uses three portals to bring everyone together: the employee portal, which brings together sales, marketing and service, with a focus on the customer; the partner portal, which facilitates collaboration with strategic partners; and the customer portal, which coordinates your website and other methods of customer contact. By capturing multiple forms of customer data, you can better analyze and act on that information.
  • Most vendors of enterprise CRM offer small business CRM as well, which may offer fewer features but be more manageable for fledgling companies. As your company grows, you can easily upgrade from small business CRM to the more comprehensive enterprise level CRM software.

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