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Free Email Providers

Free email providers make it easier than ever to communicate electronically with business clients. Whatever the business type, free email providers strategically cater to their online needs.

Free Email Provider Key Terms

When it comes to free email providers, key terms can help you better understand the services offered by them. Email comes in two forms, either web-based email or email that you download to your email client.

Free Email Providers Basics

A free email account is one of technology's exceptions to the old adage that you get what you pay for. A number of websites provide very comprehensive and full-featured email for no charge, though most companies support the service by ads on the page.

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Making the Most of Free Email Providers

There is more than one way a free email address can benefit your business. Besides saving you money, your business can offer free email services on your website to attract other users to your site.

On the Internet, companies that provide most free products and services use some form of promotion or advertising to pay for the cost. Tips on making the most of free email providers include:

1. Consider the value of your email address including your domain name and whether it's worth paying for;

2. Look for ways that providing free email service on your site will benefit your business;

3. And decide the best choice for your business email: do you want to access it directly on the web or download it to a desktop email client?

Combine your free email service with a free email client

There are a number of choices if you want to download your email to a desktop application rather than check your email on the web. Several good choices are applications that you can download at no cost. These feature-filled applications save you money while making your email easily accessible and organized.

Protect your privacy with a secure free email address

Email is vulnerable to computer viruses, so any email service that screens for viruses is more secure than one that doesn't. Encrypted email utilizes a code to prevent people from reading it unless they have the ability to decipher the code. Unsolicited email, or spam, is another problem that free secure email providers try to address.

Become a free email provider yourself by offering email services on your website

Free email hosting can bring repeat traffic to your website. Give your users the chance to sign up for a pay-for or free email account, depending on your business model. Promote your business by adding a slogan or message to the end of every one of your user's email messages.

  • If you already have a website domain name, check with your web host to see how many free personalized email accounts come with it before purchasing more or signing up for free email elsewhere.
  • When you have multiple free email accounts, you can manage them by collecting them in one place. Many email client applications, as well as some web-based ones, allow you to check several different email addresses in one place, so you don't miss important messages.