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Providers of customer service help desk software applications and hosted help desk solutions. Browse listings to find companies that offer web based help desk management solutions to help you to effectively organize technical support online.

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Help Desk Software

There are many ways to utilize software help desk solutions - whether your help desk software is web based help desk software or computer help desk software. Your help desk software should handle customers' online queries and problems when you're out of the office, and assist your employees in serving your customers.

Trouble Ticket Software

A help desk is an assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with technology within a business. A help desk can be a department within a company or outsourcers from another company.

Pricing and Costs of Help Desk Software

Help desk management software is a great addition to tech support companies and larger companies that have their own IT staff to handle problems. There are many help desk solutions on the market.

Help Desk Software News and Trends

There are many small businesses that would benefit from a help desk software application. Any business that runs and maintains its own server should be the first to invest in this type of software so that problems that do occur with individual computers or within the network can be easily solved by an in-house IT professional.

Training for Trouble Ticket Software

Having great trouble ticket software is only productive for a company if employees learn how to use it efficiently. Being knowledgeable with the tools and features and perfecting the process will help employees give the best service possible when working with a trouble ticket system.

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Incident Tracking Education and Training

Incident tracking is a popular system for recording any kind of event or issue and addressing it in an orderly way. Whether it's part of emergency response, customer service, maintenance, or any other system, incident tracking software or gear gives staff the tools to respond to the challenges found in any kind of work place.

Incident Tracking Key Terms

Every day, businesses have a to-do list in place and work to achieve goals on tasks and projects. They also deal with customer service inquiries and issues.

Trouble Ticket Software Key Terms

Trouble ticket software, sometimes called an issue tracking system or bugtracker, is a way for your organization to maintain a list of problems. These systems are usually used in a customer service center or help desk environment.

Incident Tracking for Beginners

Incident tracking covers a large landscape in relation to the business world. Industries from health care to technology, automobiles to electronics all need to have some form of incident tracking solutions. | Help Desk Software | Customer Service Software

Help Desk Software and Customer Service Software by Kayako. Improve customer satisfaction, increase sales. SaaS or On-Premise, from just $24 per month.

Help Desk Software and Ticketing Management System by Zendesk

Zendesk is a trusted provider of hosted help desk software. Our easy to use tools are fast, elegant, and trusted by over 25000 organizations worldwide.

Freshdesk - Online customer support software and helpdesk solution

Online help desk and customer support software that allows one to support customers over email, phone, the web, Twitter and a company's Facebook page.

Digital Nexus Technologies, Inc.

Supportacus Service request management system helping organizations manage and track service tickets, complaints, incidents, HR, sales and support.
Spiceworks: Free Help Desk Software for the World's IT Pros!

Spiceworks provides 100% free help desk software for IT pros in small to medium businesses. Simply download and install to free IT today!

Help Desk Software Key Terms

Help desk software is used by internal IT departments and dedicated technical support providers. It is also used by help desk staff and technicians to log and track customer calls. There are many choices in help desk software, including web based, server based and hosted solutions. Getting to know some of the key terms used in help desk processes and software can help you make a decision before purchasing a help desk software package.

Call logging

Call logging is the first step in creating a help desk trouble ticket. Accurate call logging is essential to solving problems and making the process easier for technicians and end users.

Trouble ticket

A trouble ticket is created when the help desk call is opened and follows the process until the problem is solved. Some of the fields to include on a ticket include the date and time of the call, names and user identifications, contact information and call priority. Updates to the problem are added by technicians as they work on the problem.

Knowledge base

Including a knowledge base, or at least a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) can allow end users to find answers immediately and save time for help desk and technicians. A knowledge base includes how-to information, solutions for solving common problems and other training and support data.

Asset management

Asset management is used to track inventory and resources like computers and equipment, software programs and other technology. Asset management is often integrated with help desk software.

Business critical

When setting up a help desk database, one task is assigning priority to incoming calls. One way to do this is defining processes that are business critical or mission critical; processes that, if interrupted, could cause the whole business to screech to a halt. These processes always take top priority in a help desk database.
Sacramento State Environmental Health and Safety provides a worksheet to use in identifying and prioritizing business critical applications.

Service level agreement

A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider and a customer that specifies how quickly technical issues must be addressed and fixed. An SLA is most often used between companies and contracted service providers. The warranties and guarantees in the SLA will determine the priority of the call and resolution.
Sun Microsystems offers a guide for creating a service level agreement.

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