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IVR Platforms | IVR Hosting | IVR Development

Top vendor of IVR platforms and IVR hosting for enterprises, call centers, and IVR developers. Voxeo offers easy, free trials, excellent customer service.

Cloud Hosting | Voxeo Products |

Cloud hosting offered by the top vendor of IVR platforms and IVR hosting for enterprises, call centers, and IVR developers.

IVR | Hosted IVR Solutions & Services | CenturyLink Business

Optimize your communication channels with hosted IVR solutions from CenturyLink. Hosted IVR helps give customers an experience that exceeds expectations.

Hosted IVR | Ifbyphone

Ifbyphone's hosted IVR (interactive voice response) enables marketing, sales, and support teams to build and update their own cloud-based IVR applications in  ...

IVR | Interactive Voice Response | IVR System | CallFire

Manage phone surveys, inbound calls, appointment reminders & more with IVR. Save precious time and money with CallFire's interactive voice response.

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Hosted IVR | Secure Cloud-based IVR Solutions | Plum Voice

1000s of companies trust Plum Voice hosted IVR tools to automate critical business and contact center processes.

Plum Voice | Hosted IVR Experts | Advanced IVR Systems

Provides IVR systems and software with full support for open standard VoiceXML scripting. Enhancement options include various speech recognition and ...

IVR, Cloud IVR, IVR System & Hosted IVR Software Solutions

IVR Technology Group - a leading provider of IVR services & software; also offers cloud IVR solutions, hosted IVR services, IVR phone system & more. To get a ...

IVR Systems | Hosted IVR Solutions | Angel - Genesys

Angel provides enterprise IVR solutions, custom call center and IVR system development. Increase customer satisfaction. Improve your bottom-line.

IVR Development & IVR Hosting Services By Vcare Technology

Vcare is a provider of IVR development services solutions which includes IVR application development services & IVR hosting. We take pride in our IVR and its'  ...

IVR Hosting - Pronexus

For a flexible turnkey solution for the deployment of both inbound and outbound IVR solutions, Pronexus' hosted IVR service is designed for mission-critical ...

IVR, Hosted IVR, IVR Hosting, Cloud IVR, VoiceXML & VXML

IVR programs for patient compliance, locators, and event registration with integrated marketing support.

IVR Hosting

Interactive voice response hosting (IVR hosting) is one of the more recent advances in customer-facing marketing touch point technology. IVR hosting solutions blend computer programming and basic call center functions into an automated, cost effective system that will allow you to both push and pull information to and from your customers. 

A number of different activities fall under the umbrella of IVR hosting, but at their most fundamental, interactive voice response hosting solutions let customers and potential customers call a phone number and interact with your company. What the customer hears differs based on your needs and the capabilities of IVR hosting service providers. 

Typically, IVR hosting products include:
  1. Taking a poll using IVR hosting services
  2. Giving a list of locations near the caller
  3. Hearing a prerecorded message
  4. Placing an order
Some IVR hosting solutions will also make warm transfers (transferring the call to a live call center representative), marketing campaign planning, and a host of reporting solutions. The choice of interactive voice response hosting services is not something that should be taken lightly, as an effective IVR hosting service can make or break the success of a marketing campaign. Consider these actions steps as you review IVR hosting service providers.

Compile a list of companies with IVR hosting systems

This is a fairly easy task. Many companies claim to have interactive voice response hosting services. At this stage, make a good list of potential hosted IVR solutions providers. These providers offer different approaches to IVR hosting. Only with a good list can the best choice be made.

Consider IVR hosting services companies that offer VoiceML support

VoiceML is a programming technology that offers easy integration between IVR hosting products and other applications. This may not sound important, especially if you are new to IVR hosting or do not plan on having custom software development. Still, VoiceML can be important at a later date when you want to have your IVR hosting solutions connect to other applications or if you decide to switch IVR hosting. VoiceML can make it easy to transfer data from the old company to the new.

Make sure any hosted IVR solutions have good international support

Telephony laws and what is considered proper phone etiquette vary country to country. If you know you need to support one or more countries other than your own, talk with potential IVR hosting companies to make sure they understand the legalities and customs of those countries.
  • Never forget business longevity when choosing an IVR hosting solution provider. IVR hosting technologies are not cheap and only businesses that have been around for a while or have a good influx of cash can afford top-of-the-line equipment.
  • Consider companies that offer features other than just IVR hosting. Companies like Protocol offer many marketing services, not just IVR hosting and call center support.
  • IVR hosting is not a replacement for live customer service. Make sure that as you plan your IVR campaigns, you take good customer service into account and have people available to answer questions.

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