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Providers of medical appointment scheduling software, medical case management software, and medical credentialing software. Find vendors of software used in the medical field for your medical software needs.

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For any business in the medical field, medical software is critical. Medical software covers all of the digital tools a medical practice may use -- from medical billing and coding software to patient accounts, scheduling, event logging, lab specimen IDs, and much more.

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Compare the best medical software programs to find the right solution for your practice. Free demos, price quotes and reviews.

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Medical software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The terms medical software and medical device software are undefined terms that can designate any software, software item or system used within a medical ...

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ABEL Medical Software Inc's patient portal, ABELMed Portal, is a secure Website where your patients can log in to view or update portions of their record or ...

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NueMD's practice management software helps simplify your workflow and produce accurate claims, letting you take control of your practice.

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Web-based medical billing software, electronic medical records, practice management, and integrated electronic claims processing.

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Offers medical practice management systems, electronic health records and radiology information systems for Windows. Includes product features, training ...

Epic: Software

Epic offers a wide variety of software to connect hospitals to clinics to homes.

Alcidion Corporation

Software products for healthcare that are built on a health informatics platform that includes a powerful clinical decision support engine.
Claricode: Medical Device Software Development

We can help you develop software for your medical device and assist throughout the 510K process.
Claricode: Medical Software Development

Focused on medical software development consulting for healthcare providers, medical device companies and medical software companies.
Home Care Software

Alora Home Health System integrates the many functions of a home care agency in one easy-to-use software solution.
NueMD Medical Scheduling Software

NueMD is a flexible, easy-to-use, cloud-based medical scheduling solution that lets you focus on the health of your patients. See Patients. Get Paid.
Web-Based Medical Scheduling Software

Easy and affordable web-based medical scheduling software and medical billing software for medical practices and medical billing companies.

Medical Software Basics

Medical office software makes running a doctor's office or clinic much more efficient. Medical computer software packages research has resulted in many new tools developed for the industry. Install medical software on a single computer or purchase software licensed for multiple users. Look for software you can use online or access remotely from another location. Such software allows quick access for better patient care and diagnosis.

Software used in the medical field can streamline many of your medical office needs, such as scheduling appointments, keeping patient records and managing your office finances. You can choose your medical software solutions based on the size of your practice, the services you provide, the equipment and medicines you supply and the number of staff you employ.

Many medical software companies design software used for different applications. Study the medical software basics before proceeding with selecting a software product.

1. Seek medical software used to manage your office.

2. Find medical software used for patient records.

3. Identify medical software used for billing.

Using the latest medical office software makes running a doctor's office or clinic much easier and more efficient. There are multiple kinds of medical software that can assist you with a range of tasks, from patient billing to scheduling appointments.

The software industry has created a variety of new tools with features developed specifically for the medical industry, and users have the choice to either install their software on a single computer, or use it throughout the clinic system.

While there are many great tools available with medical software, it can get expensive as these software providers are required to keep up with patient-confidentiality standards and provide users with information that is completely compliant. Here are some tips on how to looks for the right medical software for your office.

Latest Features in Medical Software

Software developed for the medical field can streamline many of your office needs, such as scheduling appointments, keeping accurate patient records and managing your office finances. Often, the software goes far beyond simple time and employee management, allowing you to offer your patients options they might find useful.

  • Look for software you can use online or access remotely from another location that is stored in the cloud. Cloud software allows quick access for better patient care and diagnosis and are often times less expensive, but be sure the connection you operate on is secure to protect your patient’s personal information.
  • Keep all information for each patient organized and accessible. Pulling and filing patient charts accounts for more than 20% of administrative time at medical practices in the U.S. Knowing quickly how a patient has responded to medications, healed after surgeries, or responded to therapy may make the difference in a critical diagnosis.
  • Make medical billing and insurance information simple by keeping track of patient accounts. Medical software keeps track of all fees, insurance deductibles, and payment history. Using the most up-to-date software will help you minimize error and even send patients automatic reminders about billing statements.
  • Some medical software is developed for specific types of medical practices. If your practice requires certain unique features or organizational methods, you will likely be able to find a customizable option.

Purchasing the Right Software

When shopping for medical software, it’s important that you have a firm understanding of the features you need and the features you don’t. Inclusive medical software will likely cost you more than a few thousand dollars, so be sure you find the company will provide the right tools for your company.

  • Choose the complexity of your medical software solution based on the size of your practice, the services you provide, the equipment and medicine you supply, and the number of employees you have.
  • Be sure to get real references of people who have used the software. Insist on contacting the “100% satisfied” customer yourself. Do the same with any implementation partners that might also be involved with the software.
  • Make sure you have a clear grasp of all licensing, implementation, and maintenance fees associated with the software before buying. Also take into account software upgrades as well as the time it will take to train your employees to use the new software correctly.

Medical software is a necessary purchase to make if your practice wishes to compete in this technological age. When investing in the right software for your company, be sure you have a list of all the tasks you will need it to perform, and make sure you don’t get stuck paying for any bonus features you won’t use. Be sure to do your research when shopping for medical software, as you will need to find a company that can provide you with support and assistance if needed in the future.

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