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Go Paperless Office | Digital File Manager & File Browser

Going paperless is easy with our file management software. Paperless electronic office systems save up to 20% on business costs & time. Try eFileCabinet.

Ultimate guide to the paperless office | PCWorld

Oct 8, 2013 ... To add a scanner to a crowded office, buy a multifunction printer, which has a scanner built in, plus accompanying software that can create ...

Would You Use It? Paperless Office Document Management Software

Jun 13, 2014 ... Drowning in paperwork? A paperless office can help businesses take control.

Best Document Management Solutions for Small Business

May 15, 2014 ... With the right document management software, you can banish paper .... We're just beginning to research a paperless office.documentoffice.

Document Management Software Review 2015 | Best Document ...

Jan 15, 2015 ... Looking for the best and cheapest document management software? ... out-of- office locations, the paperless office becomes more essential.

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Paperless Office Software | FileCenter - Lucion Technologies

The right paperless office software is easy to set up and easier to use. What paperless office software is best for you?

FYI: Paperless Office Technology--Scanners, OCR, PDFs, and ...

Scanners, PDF technology, optical character recognition (OCR) software, and document management software can be time saving organizational/storage ...

Paperless office - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Each of these technologies uses software that converts the raster formats ( bitmaps) into other .... Weekend Project: Create a Paperless Linux Office | Linux. com ...

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A Guide to Paperless Office Software

Once you’ve made the decision to have a paperless office, it’s important that you invest in efficient paperless office software. Once your documents are digital, you’ll need software to track, sort, archive, and categorize it all. This makes it easy for you to go through your documents just as you had when they were in your hands. To be sure you’re getting the right software, consider these features and what would work best for your office.

Having the right software will make a world of difference for your office. The lack of paper documents save you time and energy searching through hundreds of tabbed folders. Getting software that accurately indexes your information will increase productivity and efficiency within the office. A phone call can be smoother with documents right on the computer screen, and meetings will seem effortless when you can pull a customer’s information up without disrupting the conversation.

The most important feature for new software is the ease of use. Especially if the entire office has gone paperless; you want everyone to be able to access the documents, and get what they need when they need it. The point of getting the software is to make your lives easier not more stressful. Check reviews to find the best paperless office software. User reviews is the best way to find what has worked for others. This will give you a good inclination of how it will in your office.

Your employees are used to a certain filing system of other digitized documents. Finding software that allows you customize the organization and indexing process will make the transition fluid. For the paperless home office software user this will be paramount. If you’re including housing documents such as taxes, mortgage paperwork, etc, you need to have a succinct filing method. Having the most familiar filing system will allow your employees to make the best of the new digital system.

After adding all the documents, it will be important that you can add new information. Finding software that allows you to delete and add documents to the same file will make the introduction of new paperwork simple and efficient. It is necessary to continue building your digital library, so finding software that can do that will be of utmost importance.

Finally, to make the switch to a new filing system even easier is the thumbnail preview feature. In the case of a client meeting or important phone call this will be indubitably helpful. Thumbnail view allows you to scan through the various documents in the library or someone’s file to find the right information. This eliminates the need to tediously open and close ten documents before finding the right one.

Getting a quality paperless office software will make the task of switching to paperless much easier. Having a digitized library is only going to be efficient if your employees can use it with ease and efficency. Finding the right features such as thumbnail preview and customized document indexing will make this possible. Please see our approved vendors to get started.

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