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Providers of business recruiting software, including both general HR recruitment software and focused executive recruiting software. Download online recruiting software that best serves your employee recruiting needs.

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Using Recruiting Software

Using recruiting software simplifies the hiring process. With business recruiting software, employers can easily store key qualification information such as resume details, college degrees and applicant contact information in a recruiting database for easy access and categorization.

Recruiting Software Education and Training

Recruiting software providers are a primary source of education and training for companies that become clients. HR recruiting software is typically customized to fit the needs of the business it services and tends to require training that enhances the implementation of a particular package.

Recruiting Software Key Terms

Recruiting has become just as automated of a human resources function as staffing or entry level career management. Recruiting software can assist with extracting essential data from hundreds of resumes to identify the most qualified job applicants, maintaining confidentiality of personal information on applications, and preparing for applicant calls.

Top Recruiting Software - Reviews of 2014's Best Tools

Research and compare top Recruiting Software Systems. Customer reviews, free demos and price quotes of online recruiting tools and resume management ... Recruiting Software and Applicant Tracking System

Recruiterbox is the easiest way to track applicants in one place with our online recruiting and resume management software, applicant tracking systems and ...

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Jobvite: Recruiting Software - Applicant Tracking System

Jobvite is the leading social recruiting and applicant tracking system for companies with the highest expectations in recruiting software.

Best Recruiting Software | 2014 Reviews of the Best Systems

Find and compare Recruiting software. Free, interactive directory to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors.

PCRecruiter: Recruiting Software and Applicant Tracking System

The most trusted name in online recruiting and resume management software; applicant tracking systems, recruitment systems, and recruiting software.

Recruiter Software | Bullhorn

For the past decade Bullhorn has been the recruiting software of choice for top recruiters and staffing professionals looking for an edge over the competition.

Recruiting Software Comparison | Bullhorn

At a time when most businesses are trying to do more with less, investing in a recruiting software solution is an ideal way to recruit high-quality candidates both  ...

Newton Software: Recruiting Software and Applicant Tracking System

Newton recruiting software is a complete applicant tracking system designed to boost recruiting productivity. Try our web-based hiring software today.

Workspace to Find & Hire Great People. Go Beyond Your Recruiting ...

The new way of hiring. One-stop shop recruiting software - far more than just an applicant tracking system - empowering smart businesses to hire great people.

SilkRoad Recruiting Software

Attract, screen, track and hire the best talent with SilkRoad OpenHire Recruiting Software––a simple, secure and affordable recruiting solution.

Getting the Most from Recruiting Software

Recruiting software is a great tool – if you understand how to use it. Whether you use general HR recruitment software or focused executive recruiting software, find recruiter software that enables you to catch on quickly and get to work immediately filling current (and future) openings at your small business.

The top three things to know about recruiter software are:

  1. Choose a recruitment software system that has a minimal learning curve so you (and everyone in HR) can immediately use the system.
  2. Take advantage of recruiter software that comes with automatic and customizable tools. This can help you compare candidates based on their skills and on how well they’ll fit with your organization.
  3. When beginning a candidate search, use the auto-match tool (or similar tool) to immediately connect details of a job description with experience/skills listed on applicants’ resumes.

Use recruiting software to spot the top candidates from your resume-filled inbox

The cost of unfilled positions – especially for a small business – can mean the difference between success and failure. Your recruiter software should be able to immediately access the best resumes from your email or files, with simple keyword/name/date searches.

Automate — and save time — with executive recruiting software

Some executive recruiting software system vendors offer you a valuable system that not only automates the recruiting process, but makes it so much easier to do everything at once – search resumes, collect candidate data to ensure your compliance with laws, post jobs to the “big” Web sites, and more.

Executive recruiting software should sort and verify facts on incoming resumes

Résumé, a resume-counseling company, recently conducted a 6-month study of more than 1,000 resumes, and found that 42.7% of them had “significant errors.” Find a recruitment software (or an add-on to your software) that can help you with background checks and fact-checking – saving you time, money, costly and perhaps dangerous hiring mistakes.

Use executive recruiting software to find internal leaders

One of the best resources of a small and growing business is the ability to offer current employees the opportunity for advancement – if you take the time and effort to recognize their innate leadership qualities. Find HR recruitment software that assesses all possible job candidates; if they’re already on your staff, you’re almost there – now all you have to do is groom them for the future job.
  • Find an established recruiter software company with a strong client base – and equally strong recommendations or case studies.
  • Look for recruiting software that uses online resuming processing (not Web forms, which are often too time- and effort-intensive).
  • Make sure the recruiting software can grow and adapt to your business’s future needs.
  • Always call to verify references – even when your recruiter software also does some screening.
  • Use Web-based HR recruitment software – or recruiter software for private networks.

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